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Basic Info
Name: Athena Heinkel

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Full Amestrian
Age: 30 (as of 1917)
Base World: Amestris
FMA Version: fusion FMA/FMAB (FMAB takes precedence on conflicts)
Works they appear in:  The Sphere of Justice.

Background Basics:
Date of Birth: 15/8/1887
Place of Birth: Pendleton, Amestris
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single (non-committed).

0-12 years Pendleton, Amestris
12-18 years West City, Amestris
19-23 years Central, Amestris
23- Ishbal
23-30 Between Central and South City
Current Residence as of 1917: Southern Command Military Headquarters
Occupation: Aide-de-camp/CO’s Bodyguard 82nd Mounted Infantry Regiment: Special Operations Division.

Pendleton West Primary School
Jasper Watanabe Secondary School – South City
Amestris Military Academy

Hair: Brown long, normally worn in a bun when on duty, with bangs framing either side of face
Eyes: brown
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 5"6'
Weight: 132lbs
Body type: A curvy athletic body which despite being chiselled by close to a decade of military service, has still managed to retain a feminine quality to her; most noticeably her generous bust and hourglass shape.
Scars/Tattoo/Markings(s): nil
Clothing style: When in uniform, she wears a black tank top under her uniform, when not in uniform, she tends to wear dresses and otherwise stylish articles of clothing as a way of countering the defeminising appearance of the State Military Uniform. While she has a sense of fashion, she is equally able to be seen wearing rather casual clothes including slacks, skirts and jackets.

Overall: Compared to her superior Azrael, Athena is cheerful and still manages to retain a level of innocence about her; while she is exceptionally proficient in firearms, and has a kill count almost as impressive as Captain Hawkeye's she somehow manages to keep it to herself; while Riza and herself share a number of similarities base on their occupations and have regularly been considered 'sisters' despite this not being the actual case; Athena is more inclined to speak her mind and point out when things are not making sense. While she will follow orders, she will voice her opinion about the orders; either positive or pointing out just how crazy or suicidal they are.
(Post Ishbal War): To never have to use her skills in the wide scale murder of people again
(Post Promised Day): To do what she can to bring about the changes that were promised following the coup

>Competition shooting.  
>Being known more by her kill count than any other deeds she has performed

Personality Strengths: She is loyal to Azrael, and those that she believes to be doing the best for the State, she is also strong willed to the point of being stubborn; particularly in regards to issues that may be suicidal or may risk the ideals she possesses.
Personality Flaws: Despite serving during both conflicts in a limited capacity, she still holds an innocence to her. As her military service has her looking down the sights of a rifle more often than not, she has limited exposure to seeing death in person, this has on occasion made her squeamish when having to witness her handiwork up close.

To be unable to protect those she cares about and to be manipulated into taking the lives of further innocents.

Reading trashy novels


Mother was killed in border skirmishes with Drachma, Father lives in Ancestral family home with Brother
Father: Douglas Heinkel
Mother: Emily Heinkel (Deceased).
Brother: Vincent Heinkel (Age 17)
Family Note: There is no relation between the Heinkel Family of Pendleton, and the Chimera known solely as Heinkel.
Personal Friends: Doctor Madeline Baxter, Captain Riza Hawkeye, Colonel Azrael Gotha, Major Douglas Harding
Professional Allies: Captain Riza Hawkeye
Love Interest/Interests: Colonel Azrael Gotha 82nd Mounted Infantry Regiment (they flirt regularly but have never acted on their feelings)
Enemies: Nil.

Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Weapon/s: Carries Berretta 9mm on belt holster, is proficient in State Military Bolt Action Rifles/Sniper Rifles/Sub-machine guns
Affiliations: Mustang Faction, Special Operations Division, 82nd Mounted Infantry Regiment.

Fun Facts: Both Athena and Riza have won the Fuhrer’s Challenge Shooting Competition a total of eight times, while Riza’s victories have primarily been in Rifles, Athena has won the competition in Pistols, Rifles, and the overall biathlon event.
Graduated the Military Academy in the same class as Riza Hawkeye; however was tasked to a Training Battalion instead of being sent straight to the Ishbal Front.

Noticeable Career Achievements:
Attended the Military Academy during the Ishbal, against the wishes of her father; who didn’t want to lose another family member to conflict (Her mother was killed in a border skirmish against Drachma) She quickly developed a proficiency in small arms and was selected for marksman/sniper training, alongside fellow cadet, Riza Hawkeye thus beginning their friendship. At Graduation, Athena was assigned to the 512th Training Battalion for one year while Riza was sent to the front to train the following class of sharpshooters. She was attached to the 82nd Mounted Infantry Regiment after this point to provide overwatch capabilities and artillery support. While in this position she saved the life of the interim Commanding Officer, Major Gotha, from an Ishballan sniper, which resulted in her being assigned to be his personal bodyguard.

Following the war, Athena and the 82nd Mounted Infantry Regiment was assigned to the Inspector General's Office to investigate individuals from the campaign unwittingly assisting Bradley in the Purge. Athena directly assisted Azrael in the investigation and capture of rogue alchemists, often at times using herself as bait to distract them to allow Azrael the opportunity of capturing them. She stayed with the regiment in the South to assist the Regiments XO Major Harding when Azrael travelled to Eastern Command during the Scar Crisis, and when Azrael returned, she shifted her focus to monitor Ishballan movements in the area.
The 82nd along with Athena was assigned to the Special Operations Division while in the South. A platoon from the 82nd assisted in the rescue of Alphonse Elric/Capture of Greed (Wrath) in Dublith under Bradley's orders. While Athena was the best shot in the regiment, her request to join the rescue was rejected. When Gotha contacted Central to determine when Bradley was returning he was informed that King Bradley hadn't even left Central. This revelation coupled with the stories from the soldiers who returned from the operation sparked the Colonels investigation into Bradley, leading him to the Mustang Faction. Prior to the Promised Day, Athena would regularly travel to Central to meet up with her long-time friend Riza, during these times, she would be used as the conduit of intelligence between the Central and the South. When Azrael was briefly transferred out of the regiment, he ordered her to remain and assisted in the capture of the second manifestation of Lust, occupying the body of former SOD Officer Colonel Camron Shelby. During the Coup, Athena assisted in the smuggling of Briggs Company troops into Central, and provided observation capacities to Mustang’s forces.
Id2 by docwinter 

A Support OC from my Fullmetal Alchemist Fic The Sphere of Justice located here: here

Submitted for critiquing

Fun fact: Gotha and Heinkel Bombers are both German bombers used in the bombing of England. Gotha's during World War One, Heinkel's in World War Two
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Karasunokazu Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Personally, I would like to see more about her personality, and not just how it's different from Riza's. In fact, comparing her to Riza Hawkeye actually has the effect of making them seem more similar and not less, IMO. I don't think she seems Sue-ish at all, but she could certainly do with a bit more in the way of "character".

I would suggest that reading trashy novels (or romance novels) is kind of an over-used hobby, and doesn't really say much about the character. Maybe it would be better if you specified that she likes Science Fiction or Mystery stories perhaps? Something that gives us an insight into how her mind works. Is it for escapism? Because she has a really strong imagination and can't exercise it much somewhere as regimented as the military? Because she loves puzzles and guessing "whodunnit"? Maybe she likes thinking about the future (for scifi) because she is an idealist or optimist?

Good going!
SugarplumTits Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Alright, let's see here... o3o

First of all, you're off to a good start, your basics are very good, and it seems you know quite a bit about the military to help write this. Which is good.
Now, let's start with her figure. You say she has an hourglass figure but at the same time you say she has an athletic body, does this mean she sprouts a bit of muscle? Meaning it would be hard to maintain a hourglass figure since she'd become a bit thicker in other areas, her bust might be intact, but there might be change near the waist and the hips... either way, with research I found out that someone who is 132lbs is actually considered to be quite skinny for someone of her height. [link]

For her overall personality, it seems good at first, but it could use a little more. You say she manages to keep some innocence, but her kill count is very high. Usually something like that is bound to kill all innocence someone has, if not, it would surely affect them deeply. After all, you do mention she really dislikes taking lives of others, so surely that would've traumatized her and changed her in some way. It would be good to add this, it would be good to note how this affected her personality and emotions, how she deals with it. So far, I've gotten that she's incredibly loyal and cheerful, which is fine.
Her strengths and flaws are good for starters, but she could use a little bit more, you mentioned she can be stubborn, that can often be seen as a good flaw.

She could also use a bit more likes and dislikes, I like that you connected it with her job, but you could also try to connect them with her as a person. For intense, you added she likes reading and writing, that's something that could count. For likes, why don't you try putting what kind of food she likes? Judging by her wardrobe, she could really like fashionable clothing or at least good clothing. For dislikes, she could probably dislike a certain type of animal, or bug, or just small things like that.

Same goes with her hobbies, though sewing and reading trashy novels are fine, though why does she like reading trashy novels specifically? Is she secretly a pervert or are they for some other reasons? This could be another good thing to add onto her personality.

I'll merge her family and backstory, her families and backstory are pretty good, but we could know a little bit more about them. In your backstory, or family section, you could take the time to shows us her relationship with them, and show us how she's good friends with Riza and the others. So far, your backstory only gives us an insight of her military life, but we see nothing of her life before that. Like her childhood or her life with her family, basically it gives us more info of her present, rather than her past. You could also mention what inspired her to join the military in the first place.

All in all, it's pretty good, but the only thing you need to do is develop her beyond the military, let us know about her personal life more, rather than her work life. I can get that maybe she spends a lot of time working, or it revolves around her life, but even then, she would've still have a life outside it and would still like a few things outside it as well.

Hope this helps! =]
docwinter Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it actually helps a lot, the issue ive had is athena essentailly existed to serve a purpose but i agree she needs work.

my biggest concern was she would appear sueish
SugarplumTits Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Student General Artist
She doesn't, she seems pretty fine to me. Just that you need to tell us about her personal life before the military and all, as well. =]
docwinter Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this input helps me make athena better, i just hope madeline will be as well recieved
SugarplumTits Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Student General Artist
If her info is up, I can take a look at it. =]
docwinter Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its not completely finished
SugarplumTits Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Alright, I'll take a look at it once it's up.
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