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I didn't expect to receive so many birthday wishes, mostly because I'm not really active on DeviantART anymore, BUT WOW!
You made me blush, really! I love you, guys! :heart:

Anyway, I'm using this journal as a status update because it's been a while since I posted one.

  • For the 5 or 6 commissioners who've already booked a commission, don't worry! I will finish them all within August!
  • I will proably reopen commissions later in November and probably in USD. 
  • I'm currently publishing Outwards 3 through Patreon (link below), 2 pages a month.
  • CyberSteel webcomic on Tapas will probably stop soon, since we're trying to get it published by a real publishing house.
  • I'm working on another project named 'Whoever fights monsters' and I will try to get it published OR publish it on Tapas.
  • I will try my luck and book a table at the Y/CON 2019 (Paris). Hope to see you there! :D

Thank you, guys! See you around!

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Mon May 14, 2018, 7:21 AM

Hey guys!
Finally my new store with personal domain is live!
Grafica Wendigostore by DocWendigo

You can find all my sketchbooks and Ebooks, CyberSteel and Outwards series in Italian
PLUS you can subscribe to my MAILING LIST at the bottom of main page.


By subscribing you will get coupons and discount codes up to 3 each month.
Merchandise is coming SOON too!

Furthermore, +7$ Patrons  have a perpetual 10% discounts over all products.

If you just want to get an email notification whenever I open commissions
or when I'm attending a convention
, you just have to subscribe to my blog:

I will reopen commissions in April so be sure to subscribe! :D

Love you, people! 


Tue Mar 6, 2018, 4:19 PM

Cartoomics 2018 Grafica2 by DocWendigo

Anche quest'anno, dal 9 all'11 marzo sarò al Cartoomics alla Fiera di Milano, nel Padiglione 16 - Self Comics -Tavolo 63 - Wendigo.

Porterò con me Heavy Cargo, Samurai ArtbookCyberSteel (#1 e #2) e Outwards Yaoi Comic (#1 e #2) .

Vi aspetto!! 

Heavy Cargo ENG 2 small by DocWendigo
Dangerous by DocWendigo  City Outwards by DocWendigo  Anger Killer by DocWendigo  Prospettiva Nuvat by DocWendigo
If you're coming to Cartoomics 2018 please do NOT preorder this book!
I will have a lot of copies with me at the CON.

+16 | 60 pages | A5 | Full colors
Metal spiral binding

Signed by Wendigo

Finally, guys, here's my first printed sketchbook!
It contains 50 illustrations and sketches realized between 2014 and 2018.

¤ ¤ ¤

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario PREORDER HERE! Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

¤ ¤ ¤

14USD + shipping worldwide
Books will be shipped after March 12th 2018 

¤ ¤ ¤

For questions concerning this sketchbook, please contact Wendigo via note or at:

Hey there, guys!
Grafica Sdozza Yaycon by DocWendigo
I'll be guest at YAYCon, in Amersfoort NL next Sunday!
I will bring some SAMURAI 2 artbook and WICKED GAME with me,
along with A3 and A4 posters.
See you there. :D

Info and location:…


T54452 by DocWendigo


Fri Nov 24, 2017, 9:39 AM

[F2U ] Commissions by NeSoMi


[F2U ] To Do by NeSoMi

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario LIST HERE Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

Speech Star Emoticon by GasaraRULES

I decided to open discounted commissions for Black FridaySlots are limited and they are not customizable.
I'm only accepting 1 type of commission for each person (1 sketch, 1 digital art, etc. not 2 sketches or 2 digital art!)
I'm accepting only USD and upfront payments through Paypal
Read the rules below before reserving a slot!

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario HALF FIGURE SKETCH MONO - $15 $25  Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

  1. Vensauro - Nero  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  2. Fictionalistic - Avelle  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  3. xLucile - Astraeus  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  4. RaikaiRan - Nicolai Kozlov  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  5. CreativeRed - Agnivesh Baasu  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  6. scillacariddi - Baba legba  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  7. multieleonora96 - Castor  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  8. FabulousErik - Houjin  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario SKETCH BUST FAST-SHADING MONO - $30 $50  Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

  1. FaolNaGael - Vazkor y Vazquez  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  2. Kammin fb - Katsu (signed)  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart
  3. Gemma Moore fb - Idonia (signed)  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  4. BlackKitty05 - Nathanaël (signed)  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario SKETCH WAIST-UP COLORED - $60 $80  Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

  1. viinyls - Agares   Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  2. DoctorYuri - Grim "The Hunter"  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  3. KaptainKalico - Grace Arthur   Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  4. Space-Moose - Draizl   Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  5. aetheldeviant - Darius   Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario TAROT CARD + DECO BACKGROUND - $100 $160  Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

  1. mig2107- Mig   Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  2. viinyls - Vulcan   Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 
  3. FactoryKat - Jonathan Faulkner   Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart 

Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart = Paid
Unpaid Button by RoyalBlackheart = Not paid
THINKING by 8-BitSpider = Waiting for references

Smol crower [F2U] by Corvith

Happy by Drawn-Mario I CAN DRAW:

  • OCS or FANARTs
  • KEMONOMIMI - FURRIES (but I'm not a Furry artist, so consider it)

 Not-amused by Drawn-Mario I CAN'T DRAW:

  • PORN
  • WEIRD or MECHA (unless you have some detailed references of it and you pay an extra)

Star Mood Icon by Gasara IF YOU WANT TO COMMISSION ME...

Send me a NOTE here on DeviantART, compiling this form:
• Type of commissions
• Total amount in USD
• Your Paypal email
• Name and visual references (5 pictures max) of the character
• The character's creator
• Character description (5 rows is enough) and character's outfit
• Character position
• Details, expressions, background, and other requests

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara PLEASE NOTE THAT:

  • It may take me up to some months to finish your commission, so be patient!
  • I will send you the ultimate work in JPEG/JPG 300dpi, downloadable through or WeTransfer.
  • My works are only available in DIGITAL format.
  • There's no preview of the work included in the price. If you want to get a preview of the work, you must pay a flat fee of +$20. 3 massive changes of the sketch are included in this price.
  • I don't usually sign digital commissions, but if you want yours to be signed please let me know.


Speech Question Emoticon by GasaraWhat I can do with a commissioned work? 

A: Sharing it on the web or re-posting it in your dA Gallery but do not forget credits, using it as a signature, avatar on the web, coloring it, editing it but credits are always needed).

Speech Question Emoticon by GasaraWhat I can't do with my commission? 

A: You absolutely can't sell it or upload on a private site where you must pay an amount to enter, pretending it was made by yourself, claiming it as yours (in short, STEALING), removing or cropping my signature from the work.

Speech Question Emoticon by GasaraWhat are your rights over my commission, then? 

A: I reserve the right to share the finished commissions, WIPs, process videos and finished sketches on Social Medias (dA, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Furaffinity, Instagram...). I reserve the right to share the commission as a raster JPG, layered PSD or process video of the commission with my Patrons on Patreon and to print the commission to show it in my portfolio.
Henge 2 - F2U by BionicBandit

SAMURAI artbook is recruiting!

Tue Oct 31, 2017, 7:52 AM
Untitled by DocWendigo

SAMURAI ‘a tribute to men’ is recruiting artists!

Your art can be featured in the book.
The book is profit and will be published by Yaoi Revolution in 2018.

30th November 2017

September 2018

Samurai artbook is a collection of illustrations showing the beauty of males.

Send just one finished illustrations to Wendigo within
the 30th of November 2017.

If you're selected, you must provide all 6 artworks
within September 2018

We're going to select one artist or more, depending on the quality of your works.

The artwork used for this selection can be old, but other artworks to be featured
in Samurai 3 must be new!

Star! 2668x3626 pixels x 300dpi 
Star! vertical orientation only
Star! color profile RGB or CMYK (fogra 39)

DocWendigo via NOTE or Email Wendigo at:

• WE ACCEPT OLDIES (old art)
• Men, male demons and creatures, as long as they have human features.
• Middle aged men are fine.
• Backgrounds are not required but appreciated.

• Soft boys love is okay.
• Animals are allowed if they’re mascots.
• We accept digital traditional and mixed media. Figurative art only.

• Black and white art
• Clearly underaged characters, female characters, nudity and NSFW art, furry and anthro, heavy gore
• Figurative art only, no pixel art or bad quality pictures.

The works will be selected on the basis of:
Star! Visual impact
Star! Style
Star! Technical skills 
Star! Originality
Star! Accuracy

Thank you everybody and good luck!! 

Hey there!
22137077 817939451702054 7897039200041151824 O by DocWendigo
I'm currently offering A5 pencil commissions like the one above, for 20€ or 30€ depending on the character, artbooks and signed prints on my Tictail store.
I will probably unable commissions later in November due to several deadlines,
so grasp the chance!

Changed nickname on Social Networks.

Sun Aug 13, 2017, 2:23 AM
Hi guys! I'm receiving messages from worried people asking me if I'm having problems with some of my social network accounts. Don't worry! I just changed nickname.


Also you can now send me Anon messages through
I really want to improve my art so each constructive comment, critique, whatever, is more than welcome. I am a dummy! 

Launching a new webcomic!

Fri Jul 28, 2017, 9:02 AM

Preview by DocWendigo
Oh yeah! It's time to announce a cool new project! 

I've started an humorous webcomic along with my friends CassDoubleME , multieleonora96  and Soe.

The project is named HoG - Hotties On Grass and it's a LGBTQ crossover set in a world similar to ours, where our main characters like Nuvat, Mark, Stefan, Jeff and Marsia must face the 'hard' life of high school students, sorting through teen drama, quirky teachers and…TURKEYS! 

We just launched the first page on our Facebook and Tapas accounts and we'll try to update the comic weekly (this time we're four, we can do it!).

It would be amazing if you could help and spread the word, or either like our new pages.

Facebook Page
Read the comic on Tapas

This project means a lot to me, since it's my first time in ages I did something just for fun. So thank you in advance for any share or like! That would be really appreciated. ^__^
Beware, reading this comic can produce negative side effects! 

Script: CassDoubleME, MultiE, Wendigo & Soe
Pencil: CassDoubleME
Inks: Wendigo 
Colors: Wendigo & MultiE
Beta reader: Soe


Thu Feb 2, 2017, 4:17 AM

forest divider by bulletblend

This list is for paid commissions only!


Unpaid commissions will not appear here and I will not work on them.

Delivery schedules:
  • 1/4 places: one month
  • 5/8 places: two months
  • 9/12: over three months

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara FAST LANE  - Delivery in 1/2 weeks (Patreon's and Commercial works)

  1. StarEyedOcelot (email) - Velkan & Sydney (NSFW colored sketch full body + add. character)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist
  2. Fred (email) - Zane & Jude (digital drawing bust + add. character + commercial use + fast lane)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist

Sun Mood Icon by Gasara TO-DO LIST (Deviantart, Tumblr and email commissions)

If you want to jump on the FAST LANE, you can pay a €20 fee anytime.

  1. Jenny (email) - Zale (digital drawing - bust)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  2. Emily (email) - Hikaru (celshading - waist up)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  3. Ágnes (email) Nikolay & Ezekiel (digital drawing - waist up + add. character + colors)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  4. whisperinghoof Daegel (digital drawing - waist up + colors)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  5. Hatchy-BridyGlavihan & Vaylun (digital drawing bust + add.character)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  6. Joshua (email) - Flowrian Lerik (digital drawing waist up)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  7. Karine (email) - Katsuro Wakahisa (soft shading full figure)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  8. Adam B. (email) - Mark & Blecher (NSFW cel-shading full figure + add. character)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  9. BuryTheMaid - Kylo Ren (digital drawing bust)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  10. James (email) - Mark Koch (NSFW Digital drawing with outline mono + 1/2 add. character + sketch preview)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  11. Barb (email) - Ram & Zarina (Soft shading bust + add. character + commercial use)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  12. Torin Otter - Ranulf (NSFW soft shading commission in colors full body)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 
  13. Claine - Adael (cel-shaded waist up)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist 

  1. azurielle1 - Darien (soft shading bust)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist THINKING by 8-BitSpider

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara GUEST ARTs (Artbooks And Guest Artworks)

  1. 5 illustrations for SAMURAI 3 (November 2018)  PB Red - Inking by Oceannist 
  2. 1 illustration for BOUND (15th June/15th November 2018)  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist
  3. 1 illustration for CIRCUS (5th October sketch - 1st December def)  PB Red - Shading by Oceannist

Sleep Mood Icon by Gasara LOW PRIORITY (Requests and Prizes)

  1. Request for E. Pecchioli - Eison  PB Red - Starting by Oceannist

THINKING by 8-BitSpider = Waiting for Payment

PB Red - Starting by Oceannist = Not started
PB Red - Inking by Oceannist = Sketching
PB Red - Shading by Oceannist = Coloring
PB Red - Finished by Oceannist = Finished!

001 by piedrecitas


Thu Jan 12, 2017, 7:46 AM
Hey there, guys!
How're you doing? It's been a while!

So many things happened at the end of last year.
Here's a brief summary.

I've been guest at Y/CON5 in Paris, and I had the best time with the awesome guys of the Staff and supporters. I really hope to come again this year or maybe next one.

My comic CyberSteel  won the Italian Indie Comic Award 2015 as 'best sci-fi comic'. WOAH! Totally unespected! Thank you to the Anime Click's staff, Alex Ziro in particular, and to all the people who voted for CS. Love ya!!

I've been in Nice (France) to sign a contract for an important show to be announced sooner than you expect, and I'll be working on a comic to be sold at the Premiere. WOAH²!!

So it happened. Now I have my VAT number and I'm finally a legit professionist. This means I'm gonna open commissions soon, on Patreon, Facebook and DeviantART. 

Plus, from the 15th of this month,
I'm gonna open a Patreon raffle accepting waist up requests like this one.
You just have to be a Patron to enter.
[JPG] Worick by DocWendigo
Worick from 'Gangsta'

Anddd, last but not least, a little gift for my followers. A PSD file of the drawing above. :D

Love you people. Be good! 
Yours, SirWendi

Vote for CyberSteel!

Sat Oct 22, 2016, 9:55 AM

grafica CyberSteel dark by DocWendigo

Hey there CyberSteel followers!

If you like our comic CyberSteel, please consider voting for us
at Italian Indie Comic Awards 2015!

We're running for Best European school comic:

For Best Self-production:

And for Best Sci-fi comic:

You just have to login  with Facebook and Google to vote on the site (try with Google translate if you don't understand Italian) and you can vote for more than one comic.

Thank you so much in advance!! <333
Thiefmarine & Wendigo

Lucca 2016 by DocWendigo
Hi guys!!
I'll be at Lucca Comics & Games from October 28 to November 1st 2016.
You can find me in SELF AREA with Duckie and Ezombie.
Remind that the SA pavillion moved to CHIESA DEI SERVI. 

The titles available are:

CYBERSTEEL #1 and #2
OUTWARDS #1 and #2

Artbooks and Sketchbooks

New A3 posters and pencil commissions

See you there!! 


Thu Sep 8, 2016, 1:53 AM
The judges :icondocwendigo: and :iconthiefmarine: are proud to announce the winners of CyberSteel contest 2016!

SirWendigo will contact the winners shortly to mail the prizes and he remains at your disposal for questions or explanations.


Winner 1st Place Winner
♦ 2000 Points 

♦ Your illustration printed in CyberSteel #2, Italian version (release October/November 2016)

♦ CyberSteel #1 and #2, in Italian, signed by the authors

♦ A digital commission of one characters of your choice (OCS or fanarts): half figure in colors

♦ A signed A5 traditional sketch of a SirWendigo's character of your choice

♦ A caricature of the winner, portrayed between the authors, that will appear in the credits

♦ Feature on CyberSteel FB page and SirWendigo's FB page and a feature on DeviantART 

Winner 2nd Place Winner
Until the end by SasuArt-SW
by SasuArt-SW

1000 Points

♦ Your illustration printed in CyberSteel #2, Italian version (October/November 2016)

♦ CyberSteel #1 and #2, in Italian, signed by the authors

♦ A digital commission of one characters of your choice (OCS or fanarts): busts in colors

♦ A signed A5 traditional sketch of a SirWendigo's character of your choice

♦ Feature on CyberSteel FB page and SirWendigo's FB page and a feature on DeviantART 

Winner 3rd Place Winner
♦ 500

♦ Your illustration printed in CyberSteel #2, Italian version (October/November 2016)

♦ CyberSteel #1 and #2, in Italian, signed by the authors

♦ A digital commission of one characters of your choice (OCS or fanarts): busts in black and white

♦ A signed A5 traditional sketch of a SirWendigo's character of your choice

♦ Feature on CyberSteel FB page and SirWendigo's FB page and a feature on DeviantART 

Then you can cheer up again!
Now that the contest is over and summer has almost ended, I had a (silly) idea again.
I've just created a new Facebook page to share my Boys love stuff with you. I'm not sure if you're interested or not. Whatevur, dunt care, just sayin'. :°D
The page is brand new and I may show my Boys love related sketches, warm-ups and doodles there.
Here you go. I promise I'll keep it SFW, no nudity or sex in there. >…
The title is courtesy of the amazing and close friend Ilman-Lintu

P.S.: We will chose the winner of the contest VERY soon. Stay tuned!


Fri Jul 15, 2016, 8:40 AM

Cybersteel Contest Cut by DocWendigo

The purpose of this contest is the realization of an illustration of 16,8x24cm (plus 0,5mm of bleed for each side - you can find the template below), that represents the main character from 'CyberSteel', a story created by SirWendigo and Thiefmarine

3 illustrations will be selected among the participants and printed in the Italian version of 'CyberSteel' #2, self-published by the authors. 


AUGUST 29th 2016 00:00 (GMT +1)



   ▪ TEMPLATE ENG 16,8x24
   ▪ TEMPLATE ITA 16,8x24






‘Cybersteel’ is a wide-ranging urban and sci-fi thriller, created by SirWendigo and Thiefmarine, and set in future Europe where   è un urban thriller fantascientifico di ampio respiro, creato da SirWendigo e Thiefmarine, e ambientato in un’Europa del futuro, where the subtle order balances are secured by legitimized killer protected by international organizations and governments.


2021 - Munich

Jacques Lemaire, better known as Anger, a worldwide wanted killer, weeps over the graves of his wife Irene Keith and his son Jared. Europol, through the British agents Caldwell and Rhodes, tries to understand if the man has killed his family in the midst of a murderous rampage, or if it's a misdirection to protect his family. Years go by and the 'Jared Keith' case is filed for lack of incriminating evidence against Lemaire.

2035 - Bologna
Kevin Stone, 21, is an English student not exactly exemplary, a terrible liar and a hacker when the sun goes down. The boy has no job and he can't find one... this is an excellent opportunity to implement an historic hit! Taking advantage of his computer skills and using the anonymity of university computers, he steals a million euro from suspicious accounts of a German organization disguised as a charity. Just when he thinks he's safe, he makes a misstep that immediately directs the owner of the money on his trail.



To participate in the contest and being elegible as winners, you should respect the following rules. 

  • Create a drawing or an illustration with the same size, proportions and orientation of the template.
  • The artwork can be in colors or black and white, created with digital or traditional media or mixed media. 
  • The image size should be the same of the template ones and the color profile should be RGB. 
  • If you use a texture, it should be free for private and commercial use and no attribution. 
  • The artwork can only include the characters appeared in the first 2 chapters of CyberSteel, and that appears in the Characters sheets list. 
  • In your drawing can appear just one characters or more, up to 7. 
  • The characters cannot be represented in an alternative world, nor can differ from the descriptions included in the comic or in the sheets. If you have questions, feel free to contact DocWendigo in private. 
  • The characters can be drawn only in settings similar to the ones of the first two chapters of CyberSteel. Backgrounds and environments are not required but appreciated. 
  •  The collaboration between artists is permitted but you should select a contact person for the group. 
  • The creation of comic pages is permitted, with text or without, but it has to be one page per artist and self-contained.
  • Parodies are accepted.
  • Groups or individual can participate with more than one illustration (just one comic page per artist), but only one can win. If other artists who take part in a group also participate with their own artworks, they're elegible as winner or semi-finalists just ONE TIME!


It's strictly FORBIDDEN


  • To put big signatures or watermarks on your artwork that may compromise their clear legibility. Small signatures are accepted.
  • To create illustrations in different size, orientation or resolution from the template. 
  • Drawing your characters or fanarts inside your artworks. Anonymous extra are permitted as long as they're in the background and can't be recognized as your characters or fanarts. 
  • Drawing our characters as anthro or furry or with animal parts (ears, tail...)
  • The design of our characters shouldn't deviate too much from the original. 
  • To draw CyberSteel characters as a part of a couple, if the couple doesn't exist in the original story.
  • Using copyrighted materials or references(textures, background, photographs, models...).
  • Creating horizontal illustrations.
  • Participating with photomanipulations, photographies, abstract or fractal art or animations.
  • Creating artworks containing nudity or too violent scenes. 



  • You should send you works in full-size to DocWendigo by note or e-mail at 
  • Your work should be of the same size of the template (bleed included!), color profile RGB and 300dpi. 
  • To be elegible as winner, each artist should provide name and surname (or nickname), artwork title, link to the deviation (if there's any), website or portfolio link, Facebook page link (if there's any), and a written authorization that allow us to print their work in the Italian version of CyberSteel #2. 'I authorize SirWendigo to use my work in the Italian printed version of CyberSteel 2' or any similar line will work. The drawings won't be published in different sizes nor used in different ways from the ones stated above.
  • When your work is accepted you'll get an e-mail or PM notification. The published works will be published on the CyberSteel FB page and shown at the bottom of this journal.




Q: Does the style matter? I know the style of each individual artist varies greatly, but should the entries try to reflect your artistic style in at least some way? Should the style be at least somewhat realistic? 

Not at all. Your works should always reflect your style and we're searching original works that will differ from our style. Less realistic style won't be penalised in any way, the important is to keep the image accurate and that's a complete illustration, not just a lazy sketch.


Q: For traditional art drawings, the scan or picture must be uploaded so that the file is 2020x2906 resolution?
Yes, different medium same rules.
You can scan traditional art at whatever resolution then you can change the size in Photoshop or other software and crop the drawing. 
You can either post a photo of a traditional drawing as long as it looks finished and cut properly.

Q: Will a larger resolution file be disqualified? 

Yes, unless you don't insert your drawing in our template before the contest ends.


Q: I saw you approved an entry with snow. Is it considered Off Topic, since it doesn't appear in the story?

Nope, climatic events are not considered Off Topic. Maybe a tsunami would be too exaggerated though...


Q: Where is the story set? What nationalities are the character?

Please, read the characters sheets before starting your drawing!!
The story is set in Europe, between Germany, Italy and United Kingdom (yes, we know about Brexit but please, turn a blind eye!).
Caldwell Rhodes and Kevin are English. Kevin studies in Italy, where he meets Alex, and Italian student. Anger is French but he lives in Germany nearby Freiburg. 
Upper is American and Jelom is Palestinian but for know we don't know where they are.






:winner: 1st Place :winner:
♦ 2000 :points:

♦ Your illustration printed in CyberSteel #2, Italian version (October/November 2016)

 CyberSteel #1 and #2, in Italian, signed by the authors

 A digital commission of one characters of your choice (OCS or fanarts): half figure in colors

♦  A signed A5 traditional sketch of a SirWendigo's character of your choice

♦ A caricature of the winner, portrayed between the authors, that will appear in the credits

♦ Feature on CyberSteel FB page and SirWendigo's FB page and a feature on DeviantART 

:winner: 2nd Place :winner:
♦ 1000 :points:

♦ Your illustration printed in CyberSteel #2, Italian version (October/November 2016)

♦ CyberSteel #1 and #2, in Italian, signed by the authors

♦ A digital commission of one characters of your choice (OCS or fanarts): busts in colors

♦  A signed A5 traditional sketch of a SirWendigo's character of your choice

♦ Feature on CyberSteel FB page and SirWendigo's FB page and a feature on DeviantART 

:winner: 3rd Place :winner:
♦ 500 :points:

♦ Your illustration printed in CyberSteel #2, Italian version (October/November 2016)

♦ CyberSteel #1 and #2, in Italian, signed by the authors

♦ A digital commission of one characters of your choice (OCS or fanarts): busts in black and white

♦  A signed A5 traditional sketch of a SirWendigo's character of your choice

♦ Feature on CyberSteel FB page and SirWendigo's FB page and a feature on DeviantART 




 and Thiefmarine 

The work will be judged on the basis of:

Star! Use of Theme and Characters
Star! Technical Skills
Star! Visual impact
Star! Originality
Star! Accuracy

25 Semi-finalists will be selected by the Judges and 3 winners will be selected among the Semi-finalists. Semi-finalists won't be chosen if the number of entries doesn't exceed 40.
If the number of entries is below 15, the contest's end will be postponed.



IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT US... can FAV this Journal! +fav. If you want to donate points or art please drop a comment. I am a dummy!
Thank you!

Any question?
Ask DocWendigo 

Good luck everybody!

:icondocwendigo: :iconthiefmarine: 

13116036 1108204039221237 5258870960958478084 O by DocWendigo

I'm glad (and honored) to announce I'll be Guest Artist at Y/CON 5 in Paris!
I'll be signing books, taking commissions and doodling stuff, and more cool things I can't spoil. 
See you there on November 12th and 13th 2016!!

>> More info <<

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I also participated in the Y/CON 5 Artbook!
If you want to get a copy you can have it by pledging on the Ulule campaing!


Ycon5-poster2016-english by DocWendigo


Thu Mar 17, 2016, 2:28 PM
Cover Samurai Rgb by DocWendigo
Cover artwork by EZombie, DocWendigo , littleulvar  & len-yan 

Hey guys!
If you missed the first preorder, don't worry!
Samurai 2.0 is available to be preordered again through my Tictail store.


Shipping Worldwide. Copies are signed by Wendigo.
Preorders will end on April 16th. Orders will be shipped after May 1st.



16+ | A4 SIZE | Perfect binding | 94 pages

Samurai 2.0 is a tribute to men and fantasy male creatures. It contains over 70 illustrations and 6 Step by Steps of the works. 

It includes artworks by: 
Aldaria • Duckie • ELK64 • EZombie • Gerwell • Len-Yan • Paexie • SirWendigo • Skoptsy • Ulvar • Zeilyan • Zephyrhant 
And two special guests!

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