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The Winter Soldier - I knew him

I watched the last 'Captain America' few days ago and I really liked the movie.
I made a fanart of Bucky because he totally deserved one. *the feels* you go!

Sketch is on my Tumblr:… (In case you forgot I have a Tumblr for my sketches...)

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Laineyfantasy's avatar
Bucky! that guy needs so much more love! really excellent picture here!
iseearoundcorners's avatar
Beautiful style!!! Love your art. <3
Alexis-Croft's avatar
:wow: omg this is amazing :D
TrielleAmnessis's avatar
I can literally see how he's thinking. A really good piece of work.
MMHinman's avatar
OMG BUCKY!!!!!XD I love himLove CURSE YOU! 
GimmeHug's avatar
omg..!! its buckyyy ; n ; !!!
~ hugs him sadly ~
great art!!
kou-chann's avatar
owww yisssss 
i love the colours and ugh bucky just buckky
checkstarrs's avatar
This looks amazing!! His expression is perfect, I love all the detail. Any way I can buy it as a print?
DocWendigo's avatar
Not for now. I'm really sorry. :°(
checkstarrs's avatar
that's okay! let me know if you ever do! it really is a great piece of art :)
178657's avatar
This is incredible! I adore it!
Ammeg88's avatar
Oh hello :D that is smexy :D
katsai25's avatar
This is absolutely wonderful! Love the color and the pose, but the best part is the expression on his face. It's a gorgeous representation of a person totally focused with a touch of confusion mixed in (IMHO).  Thanks so much for sharing.
Vocoder's avatar
U got a fav. Great work. :)
Luke-Gray's avatar
Hot !
Nice colors & lights. Great work !! 
gokugirl2006's avatar
I've seen the movie and I really loved it a lot! The character Bucky Barnes instantly became my favorite! :w00t:
That metal arm made him a total bad-ass! Made me wish I had that arm. :lol:
But the artwork is fantastic. Like the comic book detailing and coloring a lot. The shading and his pose are impressive as well. :iconbravoplz:
xMeilene's avatar
oh myyyyyy *O*
UnicatStudio's avatar
The things I would do to Sebastian Stan...should not be said out loud *blush* thank you for this beautiful work! His eyes are so expressive its amazing how you got that much emotion into them!
CompulsiveFantasizer's avatar
this is really beautiful, you paint lovely. Good job Wendigo.
sga8th's avatar
this is really beautiful i just cant with bucky
SavvyKittens's avatar
huehuehue ... Bucky...*sobs*
nacarina's avatar
i LOVE your lighting! the details in the lower right corner are a great touch too, and his expression is fantastic--his eyebrows, omg. great piece!
lostview's avatar
Your style is amazing! *___* Intense... *stares*
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