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I wanna do bad things with you

By DocWendigo
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A remake of this superold drawing I made in 2010. I hope I improved a bit (in the previous version I also forgot a finger XD)?
Bad things by SirWendigo 
He's Alex, with red eyes that means he's about to kill you. You won't notice anyway! :heart:
Hope you like it! <3333
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Awesome character!
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You're right. No one would notice if he was about to kill them. They'd be too happy with the attention. :)
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I like the eyes and the expression on his face
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Can I use this for a site of roleplaying in a game where people depict their character? I absolutely love it!
I'll ofcourse credit you for it.
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Oh sure. ^^ As long as you don't make money over it, I'm fine with it. 
TheBlackestBane's avatar
Just for appearance sake! He looks awesome, just the awesome goth, casual bad boy type I love!
DocWendigo's avatar
Ok, then I'm fine with it. ^^
TheBlackestBane's avatar
You should make more of him! He's absolutely sexy! Borderline sexy! Do you like take comissions? :D I so want more of him!
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They're closed at the moment. But I'm gonna make a new journal when I open them again. ^^
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this one is amazing! *o* I really like the contrast between the eye and the rest of the drawing :)

he looks like he´s crazy :D
DocWendigo's avatar
He definitely is. :°D
Dustin-The-Vicarious's avatar
So I'm Assuming this is a wendigo.
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Wendigo is my nickname lol
Dustin-The-Vicarious's avatar
One moment. My pic here has something in his teeth. Mine as well...
Dustin-The-Vicarious's avatar
This canvas is truly a diamond with a flaw.
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okay..... :D What kind of bad things??????? lol nice one look amazing!
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WHOOO!! take me out to dinner first. XD
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Missing finger made me laugh so much..ahhh good old images and fun mistakes goes with them.
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gorgeous! looove it! Heart
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It's so beautiful O.O
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