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Oh, bullying hurts 
DARKZADAR-ZEROHobbyist General Artist
nicely made ^^
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Colonboy234Hobbyist General Artist
Why is the rum gone?!
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The fillies had a party XD
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Princess Big Mac lol .)
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Legacy-GalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Careful there.  When you make Fizzlepop Berrytwist angry, you'll get a face full of electric death.
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MrFidgetHobbyist Digital Artist
And not a single fuck was given by Sunset that day :D
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northern-hasteHobbyist Digital Artist
I would I should let you know someone did an edit to remove sunset…
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DocWarioProfessional Digital Artist
yeah i ran across it on derpibooru. thanks though!
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And the best part?  I could totally envision Trixie saying that.  :rofl:
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RIP Trixie.
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SongsarahSolarisNew Deviant

The Dancing 'Celestia' with her coff haha

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And yet Trixie is still in the show. I want Tempest to take her place.
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I look pretty sexy sitting there like that.
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Fry her ass.
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Fizzlepop Berrytwist: Hey, when am I gonna be in an episode? I want to be in Season 9 and I want Emily Blunt back to do my voice. Or instead, put me in the second MLP movie as one of Starlight, Trixie or Twilight's pupils. I want to do a follow-up song to 'Open Your Eyes', to show how much I come to being good.
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This picture is just perfect xD
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Meanwhile, Tempest is wishing the meeting had a better name. 
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
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TiavikHobbyist Digital Artist
and that's how Twixie lost her horn X3
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And Tempest got her’s back X3
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TiavikHobbyist Digital Artist
lol i don't know Twilight is very pissed X3
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