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The Story of the Daytime Moon

TAMBLR [link]

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...Makes sense.
Ashoof's avatar
this made me laugh something fierce, nice one :D
Nyerguds's avatar
Hehe, the style of the original book just adds so much to this :D
RoboRolled's avatar
That reminds me of the ending to Saxton Hale in Ponyville: in that, Twilight drunkenly tells Spike to send Celestia a letter. lels were had.
angelic20's avatar
Is that a :icondonutplz: in luna's horn????
What no way... Celestia would never let any type of pastry survive X3
NamelosesandHell's avatar
I love it. XD
deltasworder1x's avatar
"it is left up to remind her of this"   ????? 
xanni-au's avatar
Yes, the moon is left up.  In the sky.  The phrasing is a little confusing, because "up to" has another meaning.
gmuffin's avatar
party luna is best luna :meow:
tsubasachronicle19's avatar
i love this story it's so funny and cutie nice jobHeart Heart Taty Gif 
Epc0tHed's avatar
New headcannon acquired!
AlicornBob's avatar
Oh god, same here. Oh god I don't even know anymore...
Tenebrae-lux's avatar
I can actually believe this one. :lmao:
SparkTheDog's avatar
:iconprincesslunaplz::iconsaysplz:WAT THIME IZ EHT?
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