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Swan Dive

Gotta give a nod to Manatee McKenzie, The Inexplicable Brony, and Swaetshirt - IEB told me to do a swan dive and, I took inspiration from pieces by all these radical ponies to try and cobble something together.

Moody Blues - on the Threshold of a Dream. Listen to the whole thing.
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Nice everything! Color, light, composition, whew. I am impressed!
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Epic feel to this one, amazing work :)
I liked your Swaetshirt reference. Never give up on the H Star R
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Yes, rock on, Jake! So colorful and moving.
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Ditto. Yeah, what he just said.
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This one is fantastic! Rock on, Jake! :)
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Did anyone else think of Kingdom hearts?
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i wonder how fast RD can swim ... and dive
I wish I could have this pic on a poster. It's so cute! I <3 it!
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Into the Best Night of Your Life
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This is all I could think of: [link]
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This is awesome! I love how Rainbow Dash is kinda glowing in the water and the fact that she is saving Fluttershy...*sigh* That's soooo cute. And I love how when I scroll down, the rainbow trail gets brighter.
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her tail is probably brighter light travels faster in water than on earth so she will be a little faster
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sonic rainboom + ocean = rainbow tsunami
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:iconrainbowdashplz: : I'm going to save friend.
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...into the logo!
Alright, serious time.
I gotta say, the water affect was beautiful. The clouds and the transition from the navy blue to the light blue is just fantastic. But to me, Rainbow's tail looks kind of,... stringy.
Anyway, may I recommend some sleeping pills? They make you plum tuckered out in ten seconds flat.
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Wow, dude. That picture's so powerful, fluttershy looks perfect. The only thing I can see that needs improving is Dash's hair. Other than that, splendid piece of work!

P.S: I might take up on your offer to write a fanfic, if somebody else hasn't already taken it (even though I'm cool if they have).

brohoof? /)
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<3 Fluttershy...
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