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Cowbell - concept 02

I was working in some concepts about Cowbell. This is her possible "normal" outfit. I dunno if her original hair color will be red-orange or blonde.

Probably, I guess, the blonde hair will be a wig, and her natural hair will be ginger ;)

And, by the way, Can you imagine her profession?

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Is Cowbell's profession, by any chance, a school teacher? :? Or maybe a secretary? An executive of sorts, maybe? :)
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Well, basically works randomly, sometimes could be a secretary into a newspaper, sometimes could be a nurse, sometimes a teacher xD

I'm still expanding her lore to something bigger, there are some possibilities of a second chapter of her adventures :)
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Is there a sayin' form? If there's a super form
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I prefer the normal version, is that right? :)
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Its a nice concept, I think the blonde hair would be natural and her hair turns ginger when she's super.
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She's a deputy public prosecutor, or maybe a simple secretary of the prosecutor.
Every time a criminal eludes the punishment of law, he faces the summary justice of Cowbell. She's got a special dislike for rapists.
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cool outfits, nice job ^^
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Really beautiful :lovelyeyes: 
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Is she a secretary? The glasses are a nice touch. I don't think the blonde hair would look nice as a wig, (and seriously! do you honestly think that you could hide so much hair under a wig!?) I think it would make much more sense if blond was her natural hair color and then her hair would turn ginger after some kind of "magical girl" transformation.
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Sexy, though honestly she looks good with blond hair. Unless you are talking about hair color for mid transformation then go for the red-orange mix.
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I got a fever, and the only prescription is... more cowbell!
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Well damn, you beat us ALL to it. XD
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That metal plate on her boobs... And what are those guns? :)
 I like how you drew her face. As if a bit different in style than your usual drawings or it could be that you've just improved.
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Her regular outfit gives me the impression of being some kind of college instructor; or maybe a manager for some kind of group (business, music, what-have-you) unless you had something else in mind.

Update: I was under the impression that her hair would spontaneously change color and grow a bit larger in her super form, although if you would like to avoid the usual trope of hair changing as she does, you could make the red the wig instead of the blonde.
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