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Just fill in the blanks in the comments. They don't have to be the words from the original story. The whole point of a mad lib is to change the words to make the story sound funny. Have fun.

Edward was a little blue engine who lived in the _____________(place) with the other engines. They were all bigger than Edward, and boasted about it. "The Driver won't choose you again", they said. "He wants strong engines like us." But the Driver and Fireman felt _______________(emotion) for Edward. "Would you like to come out today", they asked. "Oh yes please", said Edward. So they lit his fire and made lots of steam, and Edward ____________(action word (past tense)) away. The other engines were cross for being left behind. Edward arrived at the _________________(place). The coaches were very _______________(emotion) to see him. Edward was coupled to the coaches. The passengers got on, the Guard blew his whistle and waved his green flag, and Edward started. Edward ____________(action word (past tense)) hard all day. The passengers thought he was very kind, and the Driver told him he would let Edward out of the ________________(place) the next day. "I'm going out again tomorrow", Edward told the other engines that night. "What do you think of that?" But he didn't hear what they thought, for he was so ____________(emotion) and _________________(emotion) that he fell asleep at once. Next morning, Edward woke up to see nothing had changed. Gordon was still boasting. "You watch me, little Edward, as I ____________(action word) through with the express. Goodbye." Edward laughed and went to do some shunting. Edward liked shunting. He liked to come up behind the trucks and give them a bump. Edward played until there were no more trucks, then he stopped to rest. Presently, he heard Gordon passing by. Gordon was very cross. Instead of nice shiny _____________(object(plural)), he was pulling a lot of very dirty trucks. "A goods train. A goods train. A goods train", he grumbled. "The shame of it." Edward laughed and went to find some more trucks. Then there was trouble. "Gordon can't get up the hill", said the yard manager. "Will you take Edward and push him please?" Edward found Gordon at the bottom of the hill, and came up behind the train to push. The two engines pushed and pulled, and pulled and pushed, and almost before he realized it, Gordon found himself at the top of the hill. "I've done it", he shouted. He forgot all about Edward, and didn't say thank you. Edward puffed into a siding to have a drink, and there his Driver said, "I'll get out my ______________(object) tomorrow and give you a new coat of blue with red stripes."
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May 11, 2017


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