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    It had been a few months since Thomas the Tank Engine and his engine friends had been turned into humans. Thomas, how looked like a 17 year old human male, was trying to pull a prank on Gordon, who had the appearance of a 40-something human male. Unfortunately, the prank didn't work. Just then, James, who looked like he was in his mid 20's, arrived to tell Thomas some news. "The Fat Controller (that's Sir Topham Hatt for any American fans who are unfamiliar) told me that Lady has also been turned into a human", James said. This made Thomas excited. He hadn't seen Lady in about 12 years, and he kinda liked her, so he couldn't wait to see what Lady looked like in human form. The Fat Controller agreed to let them travel to Shining Time to visit Lady. When they arrived however, everyone seemed to be in a state of panic. "What on Earth is going on here", exclaimed Gordon. "I'm not sure", replied Thomas. "But look. There's Muffle Mountain!" Muffle Mountain was where Lady had been kept for years. "Wait a minute", added Thomas. "What are those two ginormous purple mountains right next to it?" "Let's go find out", suggested James.

    The three of them climbed a large purple and gold mass before they got to the bottom of the two mountains. The surface felt like some sort of fabric. Gordon and James backed away. They planned to try and scare Thomas. "Y-you go f-first, Thomas", James said, pretending to be scared. So Thomas climbed the mountain to his left. The mountain felt surprisingly soft. When he finally reached the top and tried to catch his breath, Thomas nearly fell over. Right in front of him was the humongous face of a woman who appeared to be in her early 20's. The young giantess woman was looking down right at him. "THOMAS", the woman gasped. "IS THAT YOU?!" Thomas was puzzled at first, but he sound figured out who the giantess was. "Lady", he said. "Is that you?!" "YES, IT'S ME", Lady replied.

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June 10, 2017


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