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This is my first LEGO review. Today I will reviewing set 4854, also known as Spider-Man 2: Doc Ock’s Bank Robbery. This set was released in 2004 to coincide with the release of Spider-Man 2. It includes 5 minifigures, a police cruiser, a police bike, and a bank. First, let’s talk about the minifigures, starting with Spider-Man. The details and colors on this minifigure are pretty neat, although I do wish the legs had some red paint on them or something to indicate where Spider-Man’s boots are, like all of the newer Spider-Man minifigures do. Other than that, it’s still a great minifigure. Next is the Doctor Octopus minifigure. The printing on the torso is okay, maybe darken the color of the jacket a bit to make it look more like the one in the movie. However, I do like the build for the mechanical arms, which has also been used for a few newer Doctor Octopus minifigures. I also wish there was a bit of printing on the back of the torso, but that’s understandable as most LEGO minifigures at the time didn’t have printing on the back of the torso. The next minifigure I’m going to talk about is Aunt May. The minifigure looks great and the outfit looks pretty accurate to the one she wore in the scene that this set is based on. The last two minifigures in this set are a couple of police officers. These minifigures are pretty generic looking. The heads are just recolored LEGO City police officer minifigure heads, and they wear generic dark blue uniforms, which were later recolored for the Bad Cop minifigure from The LEGO Movie. Also, one of them wears a helmet that I think was later reused for the Mars Mission sets. Okay, now onto the vehicles, starting with the police cruiser. It looks pretty neat and has a sticker on the hood that displays the set’s number (4854). Unfortunately, it’s missing a roof. Now, on the back of the box (and near the end of the instruction booklet) there’s a picture for an alternate build for the bank and the cruiser, and the alternate build shows the cruiser with a roof, but no instructions have been found for either of these alternate builds. Anyway, next is the police bike. It’s just a standard LEGO tricycle with 1X1 smooth tiles for police lights. The last part of part of the set (before I talk about the box) is the bank. It has some double doors in front and a removable safe that has a handle on the back for one of Doc Ock’s arms to grab onto. There are also 2 stickers (a digital clock and a sticker with the word “BANK” in bold white text) as well as a web piece with a blue translucent spider piece. It looks somewhat accurate to the movie, although I think they should’ve added the bank teller’s desk, and maybe even a bank teller minifigure. And last thing to talk about is the box. It has a nice looking blue border around the front of the box, and also has the Spider-Man 2 logo near the top. Also on the box, there’s a label that reads “OFFICIAL MOVIE MERCHANDISE”. The back shows a few pictures of what cool features the set has. And now for my rating.

Minfigures: 8/10 
Build (including bank and vehicles): 9/10
Accuracy to the movie/scene: 6/10 
Box: 9/10 
Easiness to build: 10/10 
Total Score: 8.4/10 
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October 20, 2017


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