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Deviant Art - Doctor Who One by DoctorWhoOne I guess by now some, if not a lot, of you have noticed I've apparently gone a little quiet on here.

My good friend Dave Hobday :iconvotedave: had commented me on my page today, having noticed I've gone awfully silent on this website these last several days. Thank you for your concern Dave.

Answer for that - D E P R E S S I O N :depressed: rvmp

Yep, simple, old fashioned depression.

It all started really on Friday last week. After writing my previous Journal about the London MCM Expo / MCM London Comic-Con and wishing anyone going to have a fantastic time even thou me and my younger sister Katrina would not be attending anymore, by Friday I started to get depressed because I knew good friends of mine I met there in person from this very website would be going, even thou I knew from them in comments in the days leading up to Expo / Comic-Con that they would miss me and my sister not being with them all in person for another 3 day event at the London Excel Centre.

But off course, it was our choice to leave MCM last year, as my sister wants to take a year off, and I decided to leave because the ticket price just seems to keep going up all the time [as I pointed out on my last Journal, no one's bloody made of money], and everything is always the same at MCM, there's just nothing brand new to keep me interested.

If I had gone to MCM between Friday and Sunday last week, I would have only gone to be with my Deviant Art friends and the good folks of the Anime / Manga retailers 'Tokyo Toy's', and that would have been it.

Me with Deviant Art's Destiny Blue [LMCME] by DoctorWhoOne
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So yeah, I got depressed over not being at MCM, knowing good friends from this site I've made in person there was going . . but at least I knew they would be missing me and my sister so at least we know we've not been forgotten.

During those three day's, my sister actually admitted to me she regrets not attending this May's MCM, and apparently now wants to go this coming October.

Me on the other hand . . not a clue !! :baffled: I don't know about going returning to MCM in October, epecially after declaring last year that October 2017's MCM would be my final . . and I mean FINAL . . MCM, having decided personally to leave after several great years since originally first attending on Sunday 28th May 2011.

If I was to attend, I would only attend just to be with my Deviant Art friends and the guy's and girl's of 'Tokyo Toy's'.

I sure would go back to MCM if 'Red Dwarf' actor Craig Charles would make the appearance. he is the only one out of the four main actors from that series I have never met. I am aware Craig used to attend MCM before I started going in May 2011, but during my years attending, only his cast mates Robert Llewellyn [Kryten], Danny John-Jules [Cat], Chris Barrie [Arnold Judas Rimmer], and Hattie Heyridge [female version of Holly] have attended, and I've met them, but never Craig, and I sure would love to be back at MCM at meet him if I knew he was going. Far as I know the only convention Craig will do is the 'Red Dwarf' convention called 'Dimension Jump', but me and my sister don't attend Dimension Jump conventions because it's too pricy and too bloody far away.

Image result for dave lister red dwarf

For one thing, the world :earth: itself is incredibly BORING at present. No new series of Doctor Who till October as far as I know, no interesting films to get excitable about to go see in the Cinema . . my real life friends appear to have lost interest in me . . again . . and I've got nothing interesting made to upload here on Deviant Art [well, except for one upload not due to be uploaded until the 8th July which I'll keep to myself for now] and nothing to talk about in Journals because I've come across nothing worth talking about in the first place . . the world really is that DULL to me at present.

Yesterday I tried cheering myself up by watching a few Video's on YouTube produced years ago by 'Red Dwarf' actor Robert Llewellyn as this daft Oxford University Professor called Vivian Alice. I remember these Video's at the time they was brand new, and having re-watched them, they had me in fits of laughter ! :D . . . . well, until I felt depressed again :depressed: rvmp

A very funny Video this one, with some great use of special effects making Robert's face look weird . . . . some mild swearing thou so if you don't like swearing then just continue reading.

Me and Red Dwarfs Robert Llewellyn by DoctorWhoOne

So yeah, thought I would just explain why I've been silent lately. Please thou, don't worry yourselves sick about me, thou I do appreciate the concerns of my friends such as Dave Hobday I mentioned earlier, thou if you guy's ever do feel worried about me, or just feel like asking me how I am out of curiousity, then please do . . because it's nice to be thought off from time to time :)

Before I end this Journal, I'd just like to wish a little and few weeks early happy Birthday to a dear friend of mine and my sister's from this website called Sam :iconking-kacchan: who will be turning 22 soon next month on Monday 25th June 2018. As she's turning 22 next month, i think a particular Taylor Swift song is appropriate . . oh, and if your not a fan of Taylor Swift Sam . . sorry Hug 

i'm not dead by King-Kacchan

A month later on Tuesday 17th July 2018, it will be our good friend JK's :iconfirestar-kelman: birthday . . and I've not a clue how old he'll be next, I just now his birthday's is coming up in July ! B-)

Look at him grinning in that 'Star Wars' helmet . . I took that photo Photographer fella (Artist) . . happy birthday in  June and July you too :doublehug: revamp 
Firestar-Kelman's Profile Picture :iconking-kacchan: :icondoctorwhoone: :iconfirestar-kelman:

       Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! :icondoctorwhoone: Jason Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! 
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I'm going to meet Rimmer next week.
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hug , I know the feeling of depression. don't worry dude.
we will still be here, and Always look on the bright side of life.
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
The last part of your comment got me thinking this !…
vulcangirl14's avatar
sorry you've been depressed lately, hopefully something picks you up and you'll be your happy self again :)
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
Oh I am much happier now, thank you :)
vulcangirl14's avatar
That’s good to hear!
Supers5295's avatar
I hope you feel better soon
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
I am feeling much better today. Watched 5 episodes of Doctor Who - Series 10 today and going to watch more later.
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That's great to hear :)
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You are most welcome! :D (Big Grin) 

Things do seem to be quiet at present. Yet it reminds me of a quote I once saw...

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”     
J. Lubbock
However, some day soon we are suddenly going to be hit by news of the new series of Doctor Who and this period of idleness will be long forgotten (I hope!).

Do you suppose you might one day return to MCM in the future? After a brief hiatus.
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There's always a brief hiatus between each series of modern Doctor Who, thou I do wish they would stick to a specific time of year like they did in the early days of the new series, start in March and end like 2  or 3 months later, then Christmas, and then come back the following March, so it was like a rhythm that you got used too.

Truth be told, I am thinking of returning to MCM in October . . but for the time being . . time will tell, always does.
VoteDave's avatar
Yes, I liked the familiarity of the RTD years, when the show started in the spring, finished over the summer, then we had the DVD release in the autumn and a Christmas special.

You knew where you were with RTD!
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Nod  Exactly !.

Anyways, as you mentioned MCM to me, here's a brand new Video worth checking out, uploaded today by YouTuber's 'Sneaky Zebra' at the recent MCM event last weekend

I met the guy's who made this new Video last year, mentioned on this Journal back in October. They are mentioned on the Journal about the Sunday.

Goodbye London MCM Expo /MCM London Comic-ConSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Hi everyoneSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 2
This is my final ever Journal I shall ever be writing about my final ever London MCM Expo / MCM London Comic-Con . . so, in typical Kryten from 'Red Dwarf' style, may I just say first off to quote that character from the episode 'D.N.A.' - Engage panic circuits - panic circuits engaged - UHHH HUUUU !! :panic:
Right, let's see what I can best remember about my final three day's.

The day started off at 10am. I began my day inside the London Excel Centre on the north side of the building near the front entrance at a spot marked N1. If you went and you have a map of this month's Expo, you'll know where exactly that spot is. Having studied the map online in the day's leading up to the event, I decided that if I started my day at the spot marked N1, then I could go through the entire north side of t

As MCM is pretty much a family friendly event, it might be something worth coming down to with your family all the way from Cardiff to London if maybe your all up for it, or another MCM event.

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! MCM Scotland Comic-Con 22nd - 23rd September 2018
SEC Glasgow.

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! MCM Manchester Comic-Con 28th - 29th July 2018…
Manchester Central.

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! MCM London Comic-Con 26th - 28th October 2018
Excel London.

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! MCM Birmingham Comic-Con 24th - 25th November 2018…
NEC - Birmingham.
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I say return take your mind off all the bull going on, you gotta fight for your right to party!!!!! I kid I kid, but I know what you may be going through. Why do you think I joke a lot to keep from going to a dark place myself.

Life short sad to say, but we got to keep hope alive and keep distracted from what make us sad and depressed. So I really hope you get better and go and have some fun. by Buckarod  
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Thanks mate, oh, and sorry for not saying anything to you recently in reply to the Rose Tyler image with Bad Wolf written across her face, I did see it, just didn't feel like replying due to the depression, but I appreciate you shared it with me regardless :)
Buckarod's avatar
No need it cool, I know once the ugly face of depression hits, it hits bad.
Crimson-Quill-086's avatar
Tea. Lots of Tea. With custard creams.

Also, here's something that might interest you in the world in general. I would strongly recommend that you read the Discworld series, by the late Sir Terry Pratchett. His books are essentially a parody of fantasies everywhere, but also have very deep underlying themes. They're funny when they want to be, and serious when needed. Fantastic books-I think that you'd enjoy them, plus they might cheer you up.

And maybe re-watch those Try not to Laughs from Markiplier...God, they're funny.

Also, maybe MCM might be nice for you...I wish I could go to meet  Destiny Blue :icondestinyblue: myself... If you want to go to MCU, then it might as well be done. 

In short, take care, chillax, enjoy yourself! Mind yourself, mate! Hug :happybounce: Nod 
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Currently, I'm reading a 'Star Wars' novel called 'Rebel Rising' about Jyn Erso's life leading up to 'Rogue One - A Star Wars Story'…

I wouldn't want to read anything by the late Terry Pratchett, because if memory serves me right, he said once I believe he absolutely hated Doctor Who, so I won't ever read anything by him just for that reason, but thanks for the recommendation.

The trouble with watching Mark Ipliers Video's of 'Try Not To Laugh' is the more you re-watch them, the less funny they become because you know you've seen it all before, and wonder how long it will be till the next one.

I am thinking of MCM, but I don't know yet. Hope you can go someday and meet Alice, she's an absolute joy Nod 
Crimson-Quill-086's avatar
Not so on Terry's opinion of Doctor Who-Here, he talks about how much he loved it, and loved the new series!…

Yep, I read the article he wrote, and it seems he loved it.
Terrortheslayer's avatar
Know what you need, a cool drink and a bbq on a nice sunny day ^^
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
Funnily enough, we don't do BBQ's here at my familie's house, thou I do enjoy a good cool drink on a nice sunny day, wearing my shades and not ending up sounding daft like these guy's . . who I feel you will remember so well as I seem to recall we used to act like them years ago :D…
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:iconsadhugplz: been feeling blue myself lately too! :heart: hope your okay xxxx
I still reckon you should never say never on the possibility of going to a con one day~ 
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