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The Simpson's - Homer's message about women

A quote from the end of one my favourite Simpson's episodes from series 1, episode 10 called 'Homer's Night Out', first broadcast on the 25th March 1990.

I just turned 2 years old a couple of weeks before the episode was broadcast so I never saw it at the time until years later, but I remembered Homer's speech at the end of the story really well, and thinking about it, 'Homer's Night Out' I feel is an episode I've not seen repeated on TV much compared to other more famous episodes like the 'Who Shot Mr Burns ?' two parter or the various Christmas and Treehouse of Horror stories the series has had down the years.

I watched the episode on the website Daily Motion before making this upload, thou my enjoyment of re-watching this story was slightly ruined by having no intro at the start and the entire episode was flipped backwards, but I managed to put up with it and enjoyed the story as best as possible :)

It's amazing that such an early episode of the series could teach a very valiable lesson to us male viewers - that women are not sex objects, and their many roles in our lives that Homer mentions . . not counting the nephew's offcourse.

Homer maybe a doofus a lot of the time in the series, but even for a cartoon character, his hearts in the right place Nod 

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Everything Homer said, I agree 100% when it comes to women.

When I like female characters, I don't like them for their physique or their outfits, but rather their characters.

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I have to agree 110% with you there Homer. Great speech.
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Homer is absolutely right.  Too bad more people don't agree with him.
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Well as long as we know it, it what matters.
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Well said Homer. :)
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