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Red Dwarf - 3 generations of the same Mining Ship

Had this idea running in my head for a while. Didn't originally have the idea of adding the year the series began and the current year onto the picture, but what the Smeg, who gives a damn ? !!!!!!! :D

Sure would make for an interesting story if Doug Naylor could do one where time causes all 3 versions of the Red Dwarf to meet, allowing 3 generations of the Dwarfers to encounter each each, one from series I to V, the ones from series VIII and the others from the more recent 'Back to Earth' / series IX and series X.
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Whaaaaaaaa?! Three? I knew there was two after a bit of research lead me to see there was a remake of the series that "updated" it. ;P Man I've only seen 2 series and already I'm in awe of how ahead it's time it is! O.o I mean it's 28 years old, same as me, a sit com and yet I've seen more original sci-fi plots than in Star Trek TNG. XD And it's smegging hillarious!
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Currently, Red Dwarf is still 27 years old, the shows birthday if you like is next week on Monday 15th February 2016, and it actually began on a Monday :D

The Red Dwarf on the left is the original, the middle is the series VIII version when Kryten's nanobot's rebuilt the ship, and the latter is the 2009 'Back to Earth' version which I regard as a hybrid of the two others, this latter version also appears in series X, and the upcoming series XI and XII.
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Really? Well then I got time to whip something up! Though now I realize I'm OLDER than Red Dwarf!! :lmao: If I had realized that on my b-day I likely would have bellyached but too late now. ^^;

Ahh that's what I thought. I must say I'm not as big a fan of the middle. Too honking huge! XD Looks a bit like a killer microscopic shrimp brought to giant sized life. I think the old girl's stubbiness is part of her charms ♡
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There are only two problems with that: it would mean that two new models would have to be made. The original one shattered to pieces when it fell off a shelf in the 90s, and the current one is actually the Series VIII version with a chunk taken out of it to make it look more like the original.
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Yeah I feel sorry for the original gathering dust on top of what I'm sure they said was a very high shelf, only to get dropped off the top of it by a TOTAL SMEG HEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Breaks my heart to know that they cut the series VIII version in half, it's my favorite one of the three, and to see it cut in half kinda upsets me, considering what a fantastic and bloody big model it was. I found out on the series X DVD documentary.
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Yeah. They could do CG if they wanted, though.
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Nevertheless, it would be cool.
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Red Dwarf:  When Smegs Collide



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XD Wow, would that be interesting.
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