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Me, with fellow Deviant Art users Chloe, Alice, Sam, JK, Rebecca and Matthew, met in recent years down at the London Excel Centre based event MCM London Comic-Con [originally called London MCM Expo. The MCM means Movie Comic Media].

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Me and Deviant Art's Gaga Alien Queen [MCM 2018] by DoctorWhoOne Action Man meets DestinyBlue by DoctorWhoOne Deviant Art Chum's [London MCM Expo / Comic-Con] by DoctorWhoOne Red Ranger and Froodals! by Froodals Me and DoctorWhoOne by M4X1LL10N
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With actors Austin St.John [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers], Summer Glau [Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles], Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn [both from Red Dwarf]. All met at MCM London Comic-Con.

Me and Austin St.John by DoctorWhoOne Me with Summer Glau [London MCM Expo] by DoctorWhoOne Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie [ MCM Expo / Comic-Con] by DoctorWhoOne Me and Red Dwarfs Robert Llewellyn by DoctorWhoOne

From the UK Anime / Manga retailers Tokyo Toy's, Jade, her boss Hedeki, and fellow staff member Sam.

Me with Jade from Tokyo Toys [LMCME] by DoctorWhoOne Me and Hideki from Tokyo Toys by DoctorWhoOne Me and Tokyo Toy's Sam - MCM / Comic-Con, Oct 2017 by DoctorWhoOne Tokyo Toys [Saturday 5th July 2014] by DoctorWhoOne

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Thank you all for comments, favouriting my work, and for the Llama Badge's I sometimes recieve [thou sadly never give one in return . . because I don't know how to give one . . sorry !].

Relaxing at Excel by DoctorWhoOne
Jason [Doctor Who One]
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:icondoctorwhoone: Hi guy's. Sometimes in life, when something good happens, or when something we miss comes back, we can become very happy indeed ! :D

So having thought about it, here's 10 things that would make me a very HAPPY guy !! Happy Dance

Thanks to MCM London Comic-Con [a.k.a. London MCM Expo], I've had the privilege to meet Red Dwarf actor's Hattie Heyridge [female Holly], Danny John-Jules [the Cat], Robert Llewellyn [Kryten] and Chris Barrie [Arnold Judas Rimmer] . . but sadly, I've never met Dave Lister himself, Craig Charles.

I've often hoped that one day I'll meet Craig, as it would be fan-smegging-tastic to meet Red Dwarf's all round slob after meeting just 3 out of the 4 Dwarfer's being the aforementioned Danny, Robert and Chris, but sadly, I just feel like I never will, because Craig never seems to attend MCM events at all, thou I am aware he did attend MCM back in May 2009 10 years back, but that was before I even attended the events. I don't know really why he never attends them now, I assume his either busy working on the TV series 'The Gadget Show', doing DJ work in places like Ibiza [judging by his Twitter page !] . . or just doesn't give a crap about appearing at MCM :(

You could tell me to go to the official Red Dwarf convention called 'Dimension Jump', but as far as I know, that can be very expensive, and very far away, and I wouldn't want to have to go to the convention just to meet one person !.

If I ever do meet Craig thou, I'll be wearing my Dave Lister T-Shirt, just like I did that time I met Chris Barrie and wore my Ace Rimmer one ! B-)

Image result for Craig Charles Red Dwarf - Doing a Lister ! by DoctorWhoOne Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie [ MCM Expo / Comic-Con] by DoctorWhoOne

Coupling was a brilliant comedy series, starring actors Richard Coyle, Sarah Alexander, Jack Davenport, Gina Bellman, Kate Isitt and Ben Miles, as 3 men and 3 women dealing with various issues regarding adulthood, love and sex.

It was a pretty hilarious comedy, but it's final series was not very enjoyable, as Richard Coyle, Jeff Murdoch in the series, was not around in the final series, and had his character replaced by a character called Oliver played by actor Richard Mylan who was just so dull and unlikeable, where as Richard Coyle's Jeff was always the one to watch out for, as I think he made the series itself the hit that it was. Just check him out in this clip. The series final episode was broadcast on the 14th June 2004, and I wish this series would return - but only if Richard Coyle returns as Jeff, not with Richard Mylan's unfunny Oliver.

Image result for coupling cast

I know not every Red Dwarf fan liked her, but I do wish Kristine Kochanski was back in Red Dwarf. I actually annoys me that it's been 10 years since the Easter 2009 special 'Back to Earth' had Lister believe that Kochanski was dead, then revealed that she wasn't, and gave Lister a kind of mission statement, being quite simply to go out and find Kochanski, and in the 3 series of Red Dwarf we've had since these last 10 years, she's still not back in the series. I recall she was mentioned in all about 1 episode of Series X, and I think she was mentioned in all of Series XI, but the most recent one, Series XII, I don't think she was ever named once [well, except by Rimmer in the last episode of Series XII, but it was someone else entirely different being talked about as it happens].

I do hope Lister does get Kochanski back someday in the series, because not only is she a living version of his dead girlfriend, but as revealed by the episode 'Ouroboros', she's also his mum too, so Kochanski didn't only dump Lister in events pre-Back to Earth, she also abandoned her son too, who offcourse is Lister [long story if you don't watch Red Dwarf !].

Image result for Red Dwarf Kochanski

I'm really surprised this 1960's classic has never been brought back, since Gerry Anderson himself did reboot Captain Scarlet & the Mysteron's back in 2005, and ITV has, since 2015, brought back Thunderbirds, both shows of which came after Stingray, but yeah, I'm just surprised it has never made a return.

I sure would put my trust into ITV Studios to reboot Stingray, since I am a big fan of their reimagining of Thunderbirds, because for one thing, they have largely stayed true to the look of the Thunderbirds craft [well, except Thunderbird 5], unlike what was seen in the 2004 live action movie . . god no !.

Related image

By New Years Day 2020 next years, it will be exactly 10 years since the broadcast of Russell's final ever episode of Doctor Who, 'The End of Time, part 2'.

It has been said that Russell will never write for Doctor Who again, but boy I wish he'd reconsider and write a story for every future series, just like how Steven Moffat used too during the Russell T. Davies era every series before he took over from Russell as the boss of the series back in 2010.

Russell really knew what he was doing when he brought back the series, and it would be fantastic to see the wonderfully rich stories of his time continued today . . instead of the like given to us by Chris Chibnall last year :P

Trump's Eyebrows Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Russell T. Davies - MAKE DOCTOR WHO GREAT AGAIN !Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2
Doctor Who - The Producers [1 of 3] by DoctorWhoOne

It's been 10 years now since the closure of Woolworth's stores here in the UK. They was absolutely popular with the British public for decades, for various reasons, such as their famous Pick'N'Mix sweets . . and they was absolutely, completely irriplacable !.

Since the closure of Woolworth's, the British highstreet as we know it today just doesn't exist, as so many well known retail companies have vanished over time, begining with Woolworth's. Here's a photograph of the first ever Woolworth's I ever went too growing up when I used to live in Barking in Essex as a young boy in the 1990's. Today, it's called 'Sam's 99p' . . and it sucks !.
                               Barking's Woolworth's                                                                      The crap it is today
Image result for woolworths barkingImage result for woolworths barking

4) POG's
Apparently, from what I've learnt online, these are still around, but I've never seen a single shop anywhere in the UK sell these since their popularity in the 1990's !!.

Pog's was the first childhood craze I can remember. I sure wish I could remember what happened to the ones I used to own, as I think I lost mines years back.

Most kid's today may like more recent craze's like those Fidget Spiner's that came out 2 years ago, but I think kid's might enjoy Pog's today all over again if they made a massive comeback !.

Image result for Pogs

Similar to the aforementioned Pog's, but these was all cardboard based, with slots cut into them, allowing you to connect them all together.

There was so many varieties of these, such as Pokemon. I don't think you could actully buy Tazos, I just remember some brand of Crisp's sold here in the UK at the time, I can't remember which, used to include them inside the Crisp packets.

Image result for Tazos Image result for Tazos

Not every fan of Transformers likes the Michael Bay film's his done based on the 1980's toy franchise, but I've always loved the idea of a live action film based around the later 1990's hit TV series 'Beast Wars - Transformers' which was about the Maximal's and Predacon's, decendants of the original series Autobot's and Decepticon's, who ended up accidently travelling back in time to after the crash of the Autobot ship the Ark ended up on Earth, and saw the Maximal's transforming into various animal forms such as Gorillia's and Rhino's, while the evil Predacon's transformed into Dinosaur's and Insect's.

As long as Michael Bay doesn't have any involvement in such a film, I'd be very happy to watch it ! :)

Beast Wars - A Transformers Movie by DoctorWhoOne

By Sunday 29th December 2019, it will have been exactly 4 whole years since London sadly lost the Anime / Manga shop Tokyo Toys :(

Sure, they do own a store in Glasgow in Scotland and one in Birmingham, and they are still in London when attending MCM London Comic-Con [a.k.a. London MCM Expo] every May and October each year inside the London Excel Centre, but a lot of us who paid visit's to their original home in London in the Troccedero Shopping Centre would be INCREDIBLY HAPPY to finally have them back in their rightful home of London. I may not be a massive fan of Anime's and Manga's compared to my sister, but I loved visiting Tokyo Toy's in London all the time, not really for the merchandise, but rather because I loved the warm friendly welcome I always got whenever I and my sister paid them a visit . . you just don't get that anywhere else ! . . . . well alright, maybe the staff of Lego stores, but no where else do you get such a friendly welcome from staff of a retail store !!.

Please bring back Tokyo Toys to London soon Hideki. You and your awesome team are seriously missed in London by so many of us customers and Cosplayer's . . London just is not the same without you.

Tokyo Toys [Wednesday 5th March 2014] by DoctorWhoOne Tokyo Toys  - The Last Day by DoctorWhoOne
Me and Tokyo Toy's Sam - MCM / Comic-Con, Oct 2017 by DoctorWhoOne Me and Hideki from Tokyo Toys by DoctorWhoOne Me with Jade from Tokyo Toys [LMCME] by DoctorWhoOne

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