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The Nativity and The Doctor

The Doctor finally visits someone who has saved more people than he has.

Merry Christmas.
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It brings a simulated tear to my eye. Lol, It's so beautiful, I actually did cry.Waaaah! 
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This made me lol!!!
tuppkam1's avatar
This is so cool ^u^
GetToTheLibrary's avatar

Then I LOL'D some more.    The "Tom Baker Smile" on the Tom Baker figure...... 
LastExorsist's avatar
Yep. I can't unsee.
APdraws's avatar
Laugh LOL hahahahahahahahahahaah

Songbreeze741's avatar
Ironically, the Doctor took the last room in Bethlehem, so he's the reason Christ was born in a manger
DoctorWhoNC's avatar
I guess he would have to. It is probably a fixed point in time.
Songbreeze741's avatar
Next room over has a pair of Daleks and next to THEM is a Slitheen

On the other side the Master and Davros share a room

It was a busy night
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True, Jesus saved way more people than the Doctor did. Also, is this actually in one of the episodes?
BrysonMichealCano's avatar
No, but it should've been. If only any one person in the BBC was Christian...Oh well.
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Oh yeah! Dance! Thanks for making this! :D
MusicalEquestrian628's avatar
I like the description. Smart Whovian :) Merry Christmas <3
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Remember The Doctor said he was at the first Christmas...said in "Voyage of the Damned" when the subject of Christmas was being mentioned.
whovianfangirl23's avatar
I don't think he did
Roseallie's avatar
Well sometimes that scene shows and sometimes they don't show it (that one gets a lot of cuts on BBCAmerica). He and Astrid are talking about Earth Christmas, and he says casually "I was at the first one...".That's when they are taking a break from running and Astrid says "You have to eat something".
whovianfangirl23's avatar
Oh yea use have not seen that one in a while
ThePr0ject's avatar
"a spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar,
'twas light years of time since his mission did start..."
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