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Bodyswapping Bimbo (Request - samuelrj11) by TGXD-Fan
Mature content
Bodyswapping Bimbo (Request - samuelrj11) :icontgxd-fan:TGXD-Fan 178 14
Mirror's Cycle 183 by MentalCrash Mirror's Cycle 183 :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 114 36 Mirror's Cycle 74 by MentalCrash Mirror's Cycle 74 :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 122 15 Fun at the beach - Page 03 by MentalCrash Fun at the beach - Page 03 :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 844 40
The Mermaid (1)
    I wanted to go to a laser tag arena... but noooo, because I'm the only boy in our family, that was not an option. Instead, we ended up going to a stupid aquarium. The ride there was bad enough, once we were there my sisters (one was a year older than me, the other was younger) would not stop jabbering off about every single fish.
    We explored around a bit more, and we got to a viewing dock, were employees were feeding dolphins. "Hey sis!" I yelled to my older sister. She came over and looked in amazement at the dolphins. While she was tipping slightly over the viewing dock rope, I shoved her as hard as I could, and she fell three feet into the dolphin tank.
    "Ahhhhhhh!" She screamed, "Help me! I'm going to be eaten!!!" I rolled my eyes as all the employees and emergency crew jumped into the water, and pulled her out, sopping wet and her attitude was no less damp. "You freaking MONSTER!" She screamed at me. My mom glared at me darkly. The trip to
:iconwndash2:Wndash2 195 24
Gymnastics Girl by chloe68light Gymnastics Girl :iconchloe68light:chloe68light 420 27
The Bitch Seat - TG
The day had started as a typical average day for Joey; he had just gotten his very first motorcycle a few months ago and was busy showing it off to his friend Angie. The bike itself was just your average Harley, but to Joey it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Angie had given him crap about buying a motorcycle, saying that’s usually a mid-life crisis purchase and they're still in their early 20’s.
Both youngsters had dirty blonde hair. Joey kept his kind of long while Angie was sporting a pixie cut. Joey had bright green eyes that Angie always told him girls would kill for, while her eyes were two different colors. Her left eye was a light blue while the right eye was a healthy green. Both of them considered themselves athletic; they worked out enough to stay in shape, but nothing too extreme.
Ever since Joey had bought the motorcycle, Angie had always wanted to take it out for a spin. Of course, that would mean that Joey would ride with her on the passenger seat.
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 446 23
tg - the elf princess
The school bell rang and Daniel immediately went home. It was the beginning of the summer holidayss and he could not wait to come home. The whole weekend is a marathon with his absolute favorite series: the elf princess. The special was at this race that it was all new episodes and a big surprise was announced.
The first episode began with the elf princess in her throne room and sat down on her next adventure prepared. It arrived this episode was incredibly exciting, and ended exactly at the most exciting point. The princess was in a dark cave and did not know where to go.
"Hopefully it comes in the next episode out, I would do everything to help her." Daniel said to himself. After the short commercial break began the second episode. This time, the TV always seemed to be brighter. He literally began to glow, and Daniel could not believe his eyes as something come from the TV out. The whole room was lit up so much that Daniel had to close his eyes.
After a short moment, Daniel opened hi
:iconbooyakasvr:booyakasvr 93 16
School tg
Nate was sitting in class, bored out of his mind. The teacher was going on about some random English assignment. Nate spent most of the day staring out the window. After a bit, another student entered the classroom, and then left. The teacher goes, “Okay class, attention please. We got a new student joining us today.” Nate just stared ahead. A beautiful girl walked in. She had short brown hair, nice green eyes. She had a nice figure, nothing too extreme. She was a tad bit taller than the average height for girls. “Okay class, this is Kim. Why don’t you tell us about yourself,” asked the teacher. The girl nodded, “Hi everyone, name’s Kim. I live with my older brother, and we just moved here from his house in New Hampshire.” “Okay, that is enough. You can take a seat next to Nate. He’s the guy looking out the window,” commanded the teacher. Kim walks over and sits next to Nate. “HI, nice to meet you. Name’s Nate,” Nate
:iconphoenixdaimon:PhoenixDaimon 93 14
My Sister's Lacy Panties TG
My Sister's Lacy Panties
I gave a little cough and slammed the front door shut. The clouds were looming so I was glad to get home from my run before I got drenched. I slid my ear buds off and took a breath. The run was about what I figured but good. There was moment when I passed the nearby woods that I felt rather woozy but I didn't trip or anything.
The house looked different, but nice. Mom and Aunt Elaine must've been working on unpacking more things. Mottled brown boxes guarded the couches but I didn't need to step around them anymore.
I poured out a cup of orange juice from the fridge and sipped as I made my way up the stairs to my room. My sister Allison paused coming down the hall and looked at me.
Her brown eyes had a golden tint from the stray rays through the overhead windows. She looked me over and asked, with a whine, "Where were you?"
I took a big sip of my OJ and told her, "Out for a run. I said before I left. Is mom around?"
Allison gave me a once over and a weird
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 312 84
Blackmail tg
After school Nate was sitting under the large tree located in the center of the school yard reading a book with a very plain, gray cover. Nate decided to read the book under the tree after school because he didn't have to give any rides and his parents were having a party shortly after school let out, and Nate really hated his parents' friends. As Nate was entranced in the book a girl his same age, with light brown hair reaching her back, large blue eyes, a figure that any guy would want, perky c-cup breasts and crystal clear skin. "Nate, I want you to take me to the dance next week." The girl said. Nate was too distracted with his book to care which angered the girl. The girl grabbed the book out of Nate's hands and closed it. "Nate I want you to take me to next week's dance." She said again. "No, now give me back my book." Nate said standing up towering over her and held out his hand. "Why won't you take me? I'm the hottest girl in school, I have some of the best grades and I'm rich
:iconn8tg:n8tg 122 17
Mature content
Changes Chapter 2 :iconcaptianharlock:CaptianHarlock 30 8
'Stealing From Sis' Version 9 by SapphireFoxx
Mature content
'Stealing From Sis' Version 9 :iconsapphirefoxx:SapphireFoxx 713 303
TG Easter changes by xdress TG Easter changes :iconxdress:xdress 102 5
Mature content
Step-mother's Sissy School-boy :iconsissydemi:SissyDemi 153 43
familiar by puffin-platthy familiar :iconpuffin-platthy:puffin-platthy 31 7



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