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Sigma Baker
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United States

Yo, I'm Siggy. This is an account I'm only keeping alive as a way of looking back on my old art- I don't actually post anything on here anymore, so i'm afraid watching me for my art isn't very useful. Most of the time I'm lurking in TheGroupofRassilon or on the complaints forum getting my daily dose of Comedy Gold. I

FAQ (because i got a lot of notes asking this):
Where are you now? You haven't stopped drawing have you?!
I haven't stopped drawing, I've just been having a hard time with my mental health, and finding a job and registering for college- once everything's in order, I will most certainly be working on more art.
I'll just be... Elsewhere, causing havoc and raining hellfire upon the masses... my usual.

Why'd you stop posting on DA?
Everyone and their dog on here is a drama queen. I've grown out of participating in drama, and find it to be a massive waste of energy and I honestly couldn't care less. I'm dead inside. I just want to watch anime n doctor who, take naps, do good in college and not collapse under the pressure of society's expectations.

If you hate DeviantArt so much why are you still here?
Uh, because I love and support my friends and want to see their awesome ass art still. Also, there are many-a things on here worth looking at, i just get no gratification out of posting here myself anymore.
Also I'm co-creator of TheGroupofRassilon - go check us out, and read the submission rules - I don't want to leave, because I love all the art in there. <3

What games do you play?
Here's my Steam-
If we play the same games, you should totally hmu sometime!

My birthday badge

fivesper is real by amnesiacthief

So, im gonna be honest...

I don't pay a single bit of attention to my account, so I should probably tell you guys before my core actually goes poof, and y'all get confused as shit.
I have cancelled my Core Rebilling, and I have no plans of bringing it back at all. Nor will I be posting anything.

However; I will not be abandoning the account- I'll still respond to comments & messages, and assisting with TheGroupofRassilon
Just don't expect me to accept art trades or commissions through my deviantart, and I will be posting very little, if not nothing at all.

No, I've not quit art, I've just hit a point where I'm fed up with deviantart, and I just really don't enjoy the platform anymore.
idk man that old nostalgia i had when i was 13 and first started this hellhole of an account kinda burnt out. I still draw, and post art places- I'm just tired of deviantart.
I also plan on moving Tumblr accounts, which I will probably talk more about on there, and direct everyone to my new account. (my tumblr is also DoctorSiggy)

I'm almost 18 now, and... like... idk bro i wanna move on, and focus on my legal stuff, my eventual chest surgery, my obsession with Final Fantasy XIV (I have 28 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes logged into my game, as of the time I'm writing this) and college to name a few things i'm more interested in these days.

if you actually wanna talk... here, have a public group chat.



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Buniis Featured By Owner 4 days ago

long time no talk !
DoctorSiggy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ayyyyy hello!
Sorry I'm late responding, I don't log on very often asjdasdldljadls;jkaljsd
Buniis Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Ooh yeh, I saw 
Do you use your Discord ?
I think I have you on there.
DoctorSiggy Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeaaaa I'm (almost) always online on discord
RoseSpectrum Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
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