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Beetle Bug_ (Side) by DoctorQ2 Beetle Bug_ (Side) :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 15 0 Box and Stream by DoctorQ2 Box and Stream :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 1 Couple in the Courtyard by DoctorQ2 Couple in the Courtyard :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 3 0 Board of Equations- Pump by DoctorQ2 Board of Equations- Pump :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 1 6 The Watchful Moon by DoctorQ2 The Watchful Moon :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 3 2 Sealions on bouy by DoctorQ2 Sealions on bouy :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 1 2 Tied angel bound and gagged by Satan- Painting by DoctorQ2
Mature content
Tied angel bound and gagged by Satan- Painting :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0
Mass Effect Mercenaries- Script
Cecil: "Think we will make to the ship on time Gary?
Gary: Don't know.
Stacy: (Angrily) "Why the !@#$ did you start shooting that can outside anyways?  You should have been arrested!"
Gary: (laconic southern accent, though not human or from the American south) "Caus' cecil told me to"
Cecil: "I did not! I was just thinking out loud. I was desperate!"
Stacy: "Desperate enough to go to jail?  Over a job?  In a backwater planet in the middle of nowhere with less pay than almost everyone else?"
Cecil: "Look who's talking!"
(Still running)
Stacy:Gary, do you always HAVE to do what Cecil says?
Gary: I follow Cecil.
Stacy: You didn't answer my question...
Gary: And I like shoot'in stuff.
Stacy: The ENTIRE TOWN can see that!
(Gestures to shot out bottles outside the government building).
Kerg: Why hasn't this nut been arrested yet? (Gruff voice)
Stacy: He's not. Ironically that stunt he pulled helped us all get the job. The Protector thought it indicated we were desperate enough
:icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0
South American Territory
Triple Alliance Territory (and SAU)
(Gyllia not in either)
Oasisa (includes Fertila and Tiedemann)
Brazil (Most, northern part of the Country, see list)
State of:
Distrito Federal
Espírito Santo
Mato Grosso
Mato Grosso do Sul
Minas Gerais
Rio de Janeiro
Rio Grande do Norte
The Almighty Computer (includes Paramedic, Stanly, Yamila) and Gyllia (see below, see Gyllia’s factbook for more details.
Columbia (part Gyllia)
Ecuador (part Gyllia)
Almighty Computer (Includes Pink Elephant, Seller, Jesus Lizard and other South American Nations)
The Corradio Islands [alas. Domintus] (Allied)
Peru (party Gyllia)
Huetiliania (Allied)
French Guiana
Sentretia (Allied)
State of Rio Grande Do Sul
State of Santa Catarina
State of Parana
:icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0
Mass Effect Mercenaries
NOTE: None of the characters on this page was originally from Oasisa, but recently came there, coincidently in pairs of two, quickly given Citizenship and employment by the Protector of Oasisa himself
Name: Mellisa
class: Engineer
Race: Human
weapon proficiency: shotgun
Gear: basic gear (armor from the ships tradesmen association, Katana shotgun, drawing of a starship she is designing)
Racial traits: jack of all stats being fairly well rounded they prove not bad at any particular thing but not really the best at anything outside of their class.
carry weight class: medium
Background: Brought here by her Asari friend Sansha, and was brought to Oasisa by Sansha, an engineering student who was soon to become an apprentice in her father’s shipping business, Sansha convinced her to join the military and get some special forces training for the reason of job benefits, and later to defend Oasisians (and hopefully get a ship named after her).
Name: Cecil
class: Adept
Race: Human
Weapon pr
:icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0
Stacy- Time Traveler bound, gagged, sold to robots by DoctorQ2
Mature content
Stacy- Time Traveler bound, gagged, sold to robots :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 2 1
Robin- Bondage Model by DoctorQ2
Mature content
Robin- Bondage Model :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0
Neeerd!- Mark by DoctorQ2 Neeerd!- Mark :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0 Explicit- Katherine- Bondage Model with her toys by DoctorQ2
Mature content
Explicit- Katherine- Bondage Model with her toys :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0
Maria- Bondage Model by DoctorQ2
Mature content
Maria- Bondage Model :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0
Concept- Bondage Model- by DoctorQ2
Mature content
Concept- Bondage Model- :icondoctorq2:DoctorQ2 0 0

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The Salty Pretzel by Geknebelt
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Bound in Traffic Part 2 Screen Shot 1 by AsianaStarr
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Cant wait for Xmas... by BlueMillenium Cant wait for Xmas... :iconbluemillenium:BlueMillenium 26 2



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