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DISCLAIMER: YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK ME PERMISSION TO USE THIS BIO. JUST PLEASE GIVE CREDIT WHEN YOU DO USE IT. I REPEAT; YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ASK ME TO USE THIS BIO. I JUST WANT TO BE CREDITED FOR MY WORK ON IT. Also note that this bio has not been updated since 2018, so there's a chance it could be out of date if new media/information have surfaced since.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

First Appearance: Ghost Busters (1984)
Aliases: Gozer the Gozerian, 
Gozer The Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, Lord Of The Sebouillia, 
Mr Tubby Soft Squeeze, The Big Guy
Age: Unknown
Height: 112.5 feet
3,870,000 lbs / 2,000 tons
Occupation: Shape shifting god, Destroyer, Giant Marshmallow 
Affiliation: The Cult of Gozer,  the ghostbusters (on occasion)
Likes: Destruction, Hot chocolate, and taking a stroll down Manhattan 

Theme song:


- Is classified as a class 7 ghost, which are incredibly powerful entities such as gods and demons 
- Started off as the shape shifting god: Gozer, who destroyed/conquered various worlds 
- Became the "destructor" form of Gozer for Earth thanks to Ray Stantz
- Actually succeeded in wiping all life from earth in an alternate time line
- Terrorized the city of New York several times
- Won an award for best costume (because some how no one caught on to the fact that he was a giant marshmallow ghost god)
- Was actually reformed (Real Ghost Busters)
- Helped the Ghostbusters fight a giant mantis (Real Ghostbusters)
- Was once the lieutenant for the evil goddess "Janna" (Genesis game)
- Destroyed a giant zombie doppleganger of himself (IDW comics)
- Did battle with his sibling "Tiamat" in Ray's mind and took over Ray's body (IDW comics)
- Once helped the Ghostbusters stop the "Mini Puffs" and travel back in time to undo their very own destruction
- Roasted the Mythbusters with his mad rapping skills (ERB)


- Despite being made of marshmallow he's surprisingly strong
- Is still strong enough to punch a monster of equal size and send it flying
- Can smash through and tear down buildings with ease
- Can easily lift and throw large chunks of debris or cars/buses at people
- Can take all four Ghost Buster's proton packs to the face
- Is immune to toxic waste, poison goop, and similar hazards
- Though his body is soft and spongy like actual Marshmallows
- So his body can be easily burned/punctured (But his healing factor even things out)
- Can some times react to proton streams being fired at him
- Though on foot, Staypuft is INCREDIBLY slow due to his massive size and weight
- Though when Staypuft shrinks down, he becomes much faster and can run as fast as a peak human

Special abilities/Powers:

Marshmallow body/Healing Factor/Immortality:
- Can be ripped/torn up and keep going due to being made of marshmallow
- Has no bones or vital organs of any kind
- Wounds heal/close up after a short amount of time
- Though Stapuft does still feel pain
- Can fling/spit out melted chunks of himself at targets (Also does this in the game "Ghostbusters World")
- Melted chunks are super sticky, so they can restrain targets
- Some times Staypuft will throw fiery chunks of himself that not only restrain enemies, but burn them as well
- Can create spawn creatures from his body (See "minions" below)
- Immortal: Will always reform as long as there are areas with large super natural occurrences (even if his physical body is destroyed)
- Spirit can retreat to other dimensions to regain strength over time (Though it can take days, months, or even years)
- If Staypuft is pulled back into the dimension he was beaten before he can regain his strength, he can be killed and finally cease to exist

- Able to levitate off the ground and fly/float like a parade balloon
- Unknown how fast he can fly (Seems to be pretty slow)

Size by Doctorworm1987
Size Manipulation:
- Can shrink down to a much smaller form
- Can be used to fit into/enter places he normally couldn't fit (such as inside houses/buildings)
- When smaller, Staypuft can actually move/run around quicker
- Even when shrunken down to human size, Staypuft still has super strength (Enough to lift and throw a car and smash through walls)
- Can become small enough to ride his "Terror Dog" (See below)
- Can return back to normal size at any time

Stapuftattack01 by Doctorworm1987
Fire balls:
- Can shoot a small blast of fire
- Fire homes in and pursues the target for a few seconds before burning out

Eye Lasers
- Can be aimed and fired off in different directions

Breath by DoctorMooDB
- Can exhale a great amount of air to send some one flying back and scatter them around
- Also damages them


- Varies from incarnation and can be very inconsistent:
- Some times a dimwitted gentle giant who means no harm (The Real Ghostbusters)
- However, he will still fight back against what ever attacks him (The Real Ghost Busters)
- Some times a mindless destroyer who just grunts and roars (The Real Ghost Busters)
- Some times still has the mentality of Gozer (IDW Comics/Movie)
- Gozer is evil, sadistic, and manipulative as well as incredibly arrogant/cocky 
(IDW Comics/Movie)
- Gozer enjoys entering peoples minds and messing with them psychologically 
(IDW Comics/Movie)
- Turns out that Gozer actually resents/hates the form of Stay Puft due to Stay Puft being so big and cuddly looking opposed to intimidating (IDW comics) but is stuck in it thanks to Ray


Mini2 by Doctorworm1987
Marshmallow Mini:
- Are spawned by Staypuft when he throws his melted chunks
- Can shoot fire balls
- Can bite
- Are actually quite quick and can scale buildings faster than Staypuft
- Linked to Stay Puft physically and utilize a “hive mind”-like connection
- weak, so often travel in large numbers
- Easily blown up with explosives/powerful energy beams

Stay Puft Mini Men:
- Also spawned from Stay Puft’s marshmallow chunks
- Drench people in their marshmallow residue
- Can get them stuck/paralyzed

MiniMarshMallow by DoctorMooDB
Mini Stay Puft:
- Small clones of Stay-puft that throw gooey marshmallows at opponents.
- Staypuft can spawn many of them at once from his hat.

Mini Puffs:
- Sentient marshmallow excretion expelled from Staypuft's body
- In other words: They're living thinking marshmallow poop
- Are very aggressive and attack anyone/anything, including staypuft himself (Though they can't really hurt him)
- Use thier sheer numbers to over welm enemies from all directions
- Some of them even know martial arts and attack with flying kicks
- Explode upon death, covering everything in sticky marshmallow and leaving them stuck
- Also, these marshmallows do not follow orders and just attack things randomly, mush to Staypuft's discontent

- Unlike the rest of Staypuft's minions, these aren't made of marshmallows
- Instead, they're just generic weak ghosts that fly around attacking opponents
- Since they're ghosts, they're most likely intangible to regular weapons/attacks
- Can be summoned when Staypuft is Gozer (Pictured on the left)
- Might be able to be summoned at any time since Staypuft IS Gozer (See below)

Terror Dog:
- Can be summoned by Staypuft and used as a mount
- Can ONLY be used as a mount when Staypuft is shrunken down to human size
- Based on Gozer's Terror Dog minions "Zuul" and "Vinz Clortho" 
- Faster than Staypuft on foot: Can run as fast as a car
- Can ram into enemies head first like a bull
- Also had two additional forms it can alternate between:

Terror Dog Destroyer:
- Second form of "The Terror Dog"
- A two headed form that shoots fire balls 
- Can fire in two directions at once
- Can also give simultaneous flaming bites

Soaring Terror Dog:
- Third form of "Terror Dog"
- Gains wings, allowing for flight
- Can also shoot blasts of fire from it's mouth

Other Forms:

True form: Gozer the Gozerian:
- Gozer's true form: Not used to bring wide spread destruction (Only does so as Staypuft)
- Able to shape shift: Becoming different people and monsters
- Despite being a shapeshifter, Gozer has only one "Destructor form" per realm
- However, Gozer can take as many "Destructor" forms as he wants in the Astral plane or Mental Plane (I.E. In people's dreams/minds) 
- Is able to read minds
- Can infiltrate dreams/minds
- Very quick, agile and acrobatic (Could dodge the Ghostbuster's proton beams)
- Can disrupt natural forces resulting in storms and earth quakes
- Can manipulate the weather
- Has Pyrokinesis
- Can fire lightening blasts from palms
- Can become invisible or intangible if he wishes
- Can possess human bodies
- Can travel between dimensions
- Can increase paranormal activity with his mere presence 
- Can summon smaller weaker ghosts to fight by his side (or act as decoys)
- Can fire shock waves at the opponent in a straight line
- Immortal/Spiritual: Can't be killed like a regular human/mortal (Unless completely eradicated)
- Chances are some of these abilities can be used by/manifest as Staypuft (Considering Staypuft is Gozer)

Past Destructor Forms:
- Gozer has taken other forms over time
- Most notable are a giant Torb (Far left) and a Giant Sloar (Second from the left)
- It is not clear what unique attributes these forms have or share aside from massive size
- It's unknown how many other forms Gozer has total, as there are MANY more than just these
- Can only change between these forms in the astral plane, mental plane, or dream plane
- Otherwise, is just limited to "Staypuft" and "Gozer"


Weaknesses by Doctorworm1987
- Very slow, heavy, and sluggish
-- Being heated/melted slows him down further
- Body is very soft/easy to penetrate

- Easily angered/lead around/distracted
- Incredibly arrogant and cocky
- Knows he looks adorable, and hates it
- Often just sticks to brute force during battle and mainly relies on out muscling his opponents
- Can be completely blown up and reduced to nothing with a powerful enough explosive
- Can actually be completely destroyed once and for all if pulled back into the dimension where he was defeated and finished off before he can properly regenerate
- Gozer can only use one destructor form per realm (unless he's in the astral, dream, or mental plane)  
- Can be captured/sealed with a "
Mega trap" or powerful magic
- Gozer's essence can be drained away through a "Mega Trap" or powerful magic
- Can be banished to other dimensions (and it'll take awhile for him to regain his strength/return)
- True powers are unknown due to the Ghostbusters constant interference with his coming/resurgence 
- "Staypuft" could potentially be Gozer's weakest destructor form compared to past ones

 "I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!" - Ray Stantz

"Nice thinkin', Ray." - Peter Venkman 

DISCLAIMER: YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK ME PERMISSION TO USE THIS BIO. JUST PLEASE GIVE CREDIT WHEN YOU DO USE IT. I REPEAT; YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ASK ME TO USE THIS BIO. I JUST WANT TO BE CREDITED FOR MY WORK ON IT. Also note that this bio has not been updated since 2018, so there's a chance it could be out of date if new media/information have surfaced since.

First off, this is a composite Staypuft.

I'm well aware that Staypuft's personality, powers, weaknesses, and even origin/story change in different incarnations and are very inconsistent and contradictory.

So what you see is a generalized composite that I tried to keep as consistent as I could given all there was to work with. 

If you use this, please be sure to credit me!

 Characters and images are copyright of/belong to their respectful owners
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So now that this bio has been updated and given staypuft man more powers and forms
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