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The Virgin Mickey VS The Chad Oswald by DoctorMooDB
Mature content
The Virgin Mickey VS The Chad Oswald :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 9 2
Shaggy and Scooby Doo get a clue Buffs/Info
Yeah, I know, that show is known for being awful and a lot of people don't like it (Seriously, what the hell was with Shaggy's voice?) but I personally didn't think it was THAT bad (But it is my least favorite Scooby Doo incarnation)
Anyway, one thing the show did have going for it were some interesting power ups. I decided to marathon the show (or rather, kind of skim through it for any notable scenes) for the sake of helping others with their bios for upcoming battles (Since a friend is doing a Courage vs Scooby fight) and well, here's what I found:
Nanite Scooby Snacks:
- "New and improved" Scooby snacks mixed with Nano Technology
- Usually carries several of them so he can use them one after another
- Don't work on humans: Only animals (This means other animals can eat them/gain their effects as well)
- All effects are temporary: Only last for a minute or two before wearing off
- Upon any of his powers wearing off, Scooby will belch before turning back to normal
- Can only gain
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 7 2
Team Bio: Mickey and Oswald (Epic Mickey)
Theme Song:

As a team:

- Worked together save the wasteland from the Shadow Blot, restoring it back to it's former glory

- Worked together to defeat the "Blotworx Dragon", a massive Dragon Animatronic that now even Mickey's thinner could weaken quick enough

- Foiled the Mad Doctor's plans of turning the wasteland "Inert"

-- Helped to redeem the Mad Doctor as well


- Is one of the most iconic and most well known cartoon characters of all time
- Has rescued Minnie Mouse numerous times from Pete
-- Has even defeated Pete's gang of pirates as well as his gang of outlaws
- Fought in a barnyard war against an army of cats, taking out numerous large cat soldiers one after another which helped his side achieve victory
- Has saved entire kingdoms from giants (Once in "The Brave Little Tailor" and again in "
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 11 0
VS Bio: Mickey Mouse (Epic Mickey Only)
Real name: Michael Theodore Mouse
First Appearance: Plane Crazy (1928)
First official appearance: Steamboat Willie (1928)
Aliases: Mr. Mouse, Mick, Unca Mickey
Age: Unknown
Height: 2'3"

Occupation: Mascot, Actor, Host, Entertainer, Conductor, Hunter, Fire Fighter, Cop, Pilot, Sportsman, ect
Affiliation: Disney, Ajax, ect

Likes: Minnie, Pluto, his friends, whistling, sandwiches, adventure, cheese, music, and entertaining others 

Theme song:


- Is one of the most iconic and most well known cartoon characters of all time
- Has rescued Minnie Mouse numerous times from Pete
-- Has even defeated Pete's gang of pirates as well as his gang of outlaws
- Fought in a barnyard war against an army of cats, taking out numerous large cat soldiers one after another which helped his side achieve victory
- Has saved entire kingdoms from giants (Once in "The Brave Little Tailor
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 10 0
VS Bio: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Epic Mickey only)
Note: The following bio only acknowledges the Oswald shorts from 1927 to 1928 by Walt Disney as well as the Epic Mickey games. If you want a bio that includes all Oswald information from the universal cartoons, check out this bio instead:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
First Appearance: Poor Papa (1927)
First official appearance: Trolley Troubles (1927)
Alas: Oswald Rabbit (from 1936 to 1995), Hunny Bunny (But only Oretensia can call him that)
Age: Unknown
Height: 2'6"

Occupation: Trolley Conductor, Hot Dog Vendor, Hunter, Ruler of "The Wasteland", ect
Affiliation: Disney, The Wasteland

Ortensia, his 420 children, mischief, fun, hot dogs, and attention
Theme song:

- Was Walt Disney's first successful character before Mickey Mouse
- Noticeably did some of Mickey's earliest jokes/a
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 14 0
BATTLE OF THE BANANAS by DoctorMooDB BATTLE OF THE BANANAS :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 4 0
I'm looking for some one who is capable of reading Japanese text as well as english so they can read and summarize two novels.
If anyone is willing to help me research these books, I'd be happy to negotiate payments.
Note that I can only do PAYPAL ONLY. If you insist on DA credits, that's negotiable (though I'd much prefer to send actual money) If you're interested, please either send me a Note about it here on DA since I'd prefer we talk about payment in private, or send me an email at

Considering the large size of the books (Volume 1 is about 205 pages of text, while Volume 2 is even bigger with 246 pages of text total. This is obviously excluding all the pages that contain illustrations. So that's a grand total of 451 pages) I won't be asking you to translate the entirety of the novel for me since that would be too time consuming.
Instead, I'd ask you to read it and just take notes of what you're reading and report on/summarize things that you came acr
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 1 1
Mature content
VS. Bio: Rami-Chan (No Pics) :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 2 3
Mature content
VS Bio: Mikan Kurenai (No Pics) :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 3 0
Mature content
VS Bio: Rushuna Tendo (No pics) :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 0 2
My KingdomHearts Game Template (Simplified): by DoctorMooDB My KingdomHearts Game Template (Simplified): :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 21 0 My KingdomHearts Game Template: by DoctorMooDB My KingdomHearts Game Template: :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 19 5
(Xmas Special) Let's Dance: Epilogue
It had been months since the battle of the Guardian Genie and the Holiday Leader. The town had finally reverted back to normal with citizens being able to walk the streets again, interacting with one another and and carrying about their daily routines. The fear that had fallen upon them previously by the Knight of Nightmares had slowly eroded over time, but that didn't mean that they had completely forgotten about Jack. It had been awhile since he had visited their town, but they still shared chilling tales about him regardless.
It was no secret that the guardian genie had been defeated by the Pumpkin King. At first, such news caused a wave of dread to befall the town and feel more unsafe than ever before. All the while Shantae herself felt like her confidence and courage had been broken. She had let down all of Scuttle Town, so she once more felt as if she wasn't strong enoug
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 6 1
(Xmas Special) Let's Dance: The Fight! (2/2)
Doctor Moo: This is part 2 of a Hallowee-erm, Christmas Death Battle!
Maestro: If you haven't read the first part, then I recommend checking out the link below before proceeding any further:

Doctor Moo: But if you're all caught up, then let's jingle all the way and resume this Christmas Death Battle!
It was a quiet night in the Pumpkin Patch; all that could be heard was the sound of the wind which gently shook the Pumpkins. The two combatants stared each other down, posed as if they were about to engage in a duel. Rottytops and Zero remained silent as they watched, eagerly awaiting these two to have their final battle.
The fighters had come this far with neither backing down, determined to win and prove themselves by not only making the people back home proud
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 10 31
VS BIO: Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian:
First Appearance: Haredevil Hare (1948)
Aliases: X-2
Age: Unknown (Is said to be over 2000 years old)
Occupation: Martian Invader, Martian Commander, Assistant manager for Lucky Duck Super Store, Pizza Delivery Boy, Referee
Affiliation: Acme, The Martian Empire, 
Lucky Duck Super Store, The Looney Tunes
Likes: Mars, The Martian Queen, Conquest, Victory, Weapons, His Laser, Planning/Scheming, hearing Michigan J. Frog sing, and playing a ballpit
Theme song:


- Was able to defeat and capture/recruit the likes of Speedy Gonzalez, Road Runner, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Lola Bunny, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck one after another, and then rescued K-9 from the "Seed of Madness" (Looney Tunes Collector: Martian Revenge!)

- Successfully captured the Tasmanian Devil and locked him up in his space zoo on mars (At least for awhile anyway)
- Is one of the few
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 19 8
(Xmas Special) Let's Dance: The Fight! (1/2)
Monstro: Alright, our combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for a-
Doctor Boo: Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on! Look at the calender! It's not October anymore, it's December!
Monstro: W-What? Wow, we did miss the mark! Seriously, what happened? And can we really still do this fight? Or should we wait until next year?
Doctor Boo: Nuts to that action! I say we release it anyway! And I know just how! 
*A curtain comes down and the sound of things being re-arranged could be heard behind it. When it's finally pulled back again, everything is revealed to now be decorated for Christmas with the two hosts no longer wearing Halloween costumes, but instead Christmas sweaters with Reindeer antlers on their heads, as well as a brand new fight banner*
Doctor Moo: There we go! Now it's a Christmas special instead of a Halloween special! 
Maestro: I guess it makes sense... Jack Skellington loves Christmas and does ma
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 17 5


My Poker Night At The Inventory Players by BurningEagle171340 My Poker Night At The Inventory Players :iconburningeagle171340:BurningEagle171340 3 2 StarLord256's Poker Night at the Inventory by StarLord256 StarLord256's Poker Night at the Inventory :iconstarlord256:StarLord256 1 1 My Zombie Apocalypse Team by BurningEagle171340 My Zombie Apocalypse Team :iconburningeagle171340:BurningEagle171340 9 2
Mr. Game and Watch beeps into Death Battle!

Mr. Game and Watch
First Appearance: Game and Watch "Ball" (April 28, 1980)
Age: Unknown
Alias: Master of Two Dimensions

Occupation: Mascot of the Game and Watch, Host, Chef, Exterminator, Fumigator, Zookeeper, Petrol Station Attendant, Sea Diver, Ect.
Theme Song:

- Was the most unexpected character in the Super Smash Bros series. Ever.
- Thanks to his inclusion in Smash Bros, has made the Game and Watch games more popular.

- Has been a mainstay playable character for the Smash Bros. series ever since.
- Technically, is the oldest character out of all the playable characters in the Smash Bros. series.

- Embodies an endless amount of Shadow Bugs in his body, which was why Tabuu captured him to use as an endless source for creating the Subspace Army.
- After being saved, joined the heroes in the battle against the evil forces in
:icontoongamer619:ToonGamer619 15 6
Wishder Region by Dragonprince18 Wishder Region :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 5 7 Mine Poker Night at Inventory 3 by Xattu2Hottu Mine Poker Night at Inventory 3 :iconxattu2hottu:Xattu2Hottu 1 2
Luigi jumps higher than DEATH BATTLE!

AKA: Greenstache
First Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)
Age: 26
Occupation: Plumber, Doctor, etc.
Affiliation: Mario Bros Plumbing, The Mushroom Kingdom, etc.
Likes: Pasta, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Sports, and Parties
Theme Song:

- Is the brother of one of the most recognized/famous/successful video game icons of all time, and is one himself to a degree
Was one of the fabled "Star Children" who are prophesied to have "an extraordinary amount of power." 
- Frequently rescues Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom, other Kingdoms, and even the real world itself from Bowser and his forces
- Frequently defeats Bowser as well as numerous other villains

- Along with Mario, defeated Cackletta, The Shroobs, Fawful, and Antasma
- Has defeated King Boo and saved Mario....twice
- Has sav
:iconpapermariohero:PaperMarioHero 7 2
Mario takes the Warp Zone to DEATH BATTLE!

AKA: Jumpman, Doctor Mario, Mr. Pipe
First Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)
Age: 26
Occupation: Plumber (Former), Doctor, baker, racer, referee, soldier, artist, Toy company C.E.O, Olympic athlete, ect
Affiliation: Mario Bros Plumbing, Mario Heroes (Baseball team), The Mushroom Kingdom, Wrecking Crew, ect
Likes: Pasta, Seafood, Cake, Chocolate, Princess Peach, Sports, and Parties
Theme Song:

- Is one of the most recognized/famous/successful video game icons of all time
Was one of the fabled "Star Children" who are prophesied to have "an extraordinary amount of power."
- Has bested Donkey Kong (and his son) on several occasions 
- Frequently rescues Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom, other Kingdoms, and even the real world itself from Bowser and his forces
- Frequently defeats Bows
:iconpapermariohero:PaperMarioHero 6 1
My Zombie Apocalypse Team by ThatRandomDBWriter My Zombie Apocalypse Team :iconthatrandomdbwriter:ThatRandomDBWriter 9 4 My Own Zombie Apocalypse Team by Edboy237 My Own Zombie Apocalypse Team :iconedboy237:Edboy237 5 1
Yang Xiao Long VS Sebastian Shaw | Death Battle

Be sure to check out the Prelude if you hadn't yet!

Dat Gye: Alright, the combatants are set to go! Let's settle this once and for all!

Abandoned Warehouse, Nighttime

It was 10:47 PM on a humid summer night. In the outskirts of Random Urban City, a large abandoned warehouse stood silently in the darkness. Rusty chain-linked fences surround the compound like a protective shield, large freight crates stood unused in the shipping lot, and the windows and walls were showing clear signs of neglect and disrepair. Now any passersby would pay no mind to this decrepit building, thinking it vacant for years but as the timeless saying goes, appearances can be deceiving.
This was evident as a lone Renault Master van approached the warehouse, it's headlights illuminating the desolate road. The my
:iconstewiegriffin2:StewieGriffin2 31 22
My Own Ghostbusters team by Edboy237 My Own Ghostbusters team :iconedboy237:Edboy237 7 1 What if Britian got thier own region (A theory) by AlvinADChipmunk What if Britian got thier own region (A theory) :iconalvinadchipmunk:AlvinADChipmunk 4 2
Death Battle: Violence Is The Answer (THE FIGHT)

UL: Alright, the adversaries are ready! The curtains are rising, and the show is about to begin!

Mettaton: It's time for DRAMA!~

UL: It's time for VIOLENCE!
Mettaton: It's time for ACTION!~
Location: Manhattan, NY
Time: Night
New York was... basically screwed.
Screams of people filled the air, gunfire boomed throughout the streets, police sirens rang out, and deep psychotic laughter roared out. Who was causing all of this carnage? Well his name is Not important, but what was truly important was his actions. He was fed up of this go
:iconmrnate2015:MrNate2015 32 43
GCE: Nami vs. Shovel Knight- Prelude
Gladiatorial Carnage Entertainment (GCE)
Nami vs. Shovel Knight
Adventure lies wake whether threw land or sea. And throughout many regions, there are riches to be discovered by those who are brave or cunning enough to claim as their own. Like these two unconventional weapon wielding wanderers.
:iconstarbazooka24:starbazooka24 2 3
Roll sweeps the battle off their feet!

Real Name: DLN-002
Aliases: Roll, Roll Light
Debuts: Mega Man (1987)
Height: Less than 4'4" (Smaller than Mega Man in height)
Weight: Around 230 lbs (Shouldn't be much lighter than the average Mega Man character)
Age: Physically appears to be ten years old. Actual age is unknown. 
Good Point: Helpful
Bad Point: Cowardice
Likes: Cleaning and Cooking
Dislikes: Cockroaches

 -Alongside Rock Light, was one of Dr. Light's first successful creations.
 -Provides Mega Man assistance in the form of an in-game shop, where she trades bolts for weapons/upgrades.
 -Was able to steal crucial parts from a Wily Robot. As thanks for rescuing her, Roll provides these parts to the player.
 -Also provides Mega Man with guidance through several stages in order to help him
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 28 11


Should Mabel Pines scale to Dipper Pines durability wise? 

15 deviants said They're twins, so it makes sense that she'd be similar to Dipper physically (Plus Mabel is physically stronger than Dipper so it makes sense)
11 deviants said No, just because they're twins doesn't mean they'd scale to each other (Plus Mabel is slower than Dipper physically) plus she barely has any real Durability feats


DoctorMooDB's Profile Picture
United States
This is my account for my Death Battle Bios and my older fights.

For my newer bios, check this account DocMooBios: :icondocmoobios:

For future fights and similar content, check CrossoverCrossFireHQ :iconcrossovercrossfirehq: (Note; not posting there for awhile)

Finally, all my controversial/problematic fights and bios will be posted here at DocMooDarkAlleys :icondocmoodarkalleys:
So awhile back I made this:

Regarding the bios in this account/current statusRegarding the status of all my bios and the current status of this account:
You no longer need to ask my permission before you use bios, you are free to use them as you please. But I ask that you do two things:

1. Please give me credit for the bios. Even if they are old/out dated, I ask that people know the source of where you got these bios to begin with (whether you refine them or not). Despite everything, I did work as hard on these bios as I could and put a lot of time/effort into them, and other people might want to check out my other bios to see if they could at least be of any use for their projects.
2. Be aware that most of the bios in my account are out dated; as a majority of them have not been updated since January 2018. Therefor, most of these bios could not include information of new content that has been released/revealed since be it new episodes, movies, comics, games, or other such supplemen

It was just something I made in regards to bios for this account be them ones that will no longer be updated or the fact that new ones I make won't be on this account. Despite me saying I would stop updating bios, I ended up updating a bunch of them anyways even though I really didn't have to. I think it could just be me being impulsive in hopes that I make good impressions with my bios, but I can't keep worrying about them.

After the recent updates I did to several bios, I realized just how time consuming it is to stop/halt my current projects in order to update them all. Not helping is the fact that my computer might be on it's last leg. (Plus the fact that I can't update the descriptions of those bios anymore to show how they've been updated discourages me further)

So as a result, I have promised myself that as of now I won't be updating anymore of my bios on this account. (For real this time, I swear) I MIGHT tweak some of my bios here and there (Tweaking your bio isn't the same as a full fledged update though) but that's it. 

Example; I won't be updating my Magica De Spell bio with her recent feats from the finale of season 1 of the Ducktales Reboot. I won't be updating my Rick and/or Morty bios even after season 4 and onwards come out. I won't be updating anymore of my Mario bios regardless of what new games come out. 

Keeping up with so many bios that have either ongoing media or just tons of media in general that I haven't seen yet becoming too hectic as my life moves forward. It's also difficult to just sit down and enjoy new content media I normally consume when I gotta keep pausing or going back and pay close attention for feats opposed to just actually relaxing and enjoying it as a whole.

From now on, I decided any bios I made and/or update will ONLY be for character I will use in upcoming fights. This way I can not only better focus on making new battles, but also be able to focus on projects OUTSIDE of VS battles. Enough time has passed since the drawing incident, and I do want to get back to drawing artwork again.

Sadly I might have to do fetish art mainly because that's all people ever want... I'm gonna have to be VERY strict about what I draw from now on, though that will likely significantly lower the amount of potential customers, but I can't afford super questionable fetish art screwing me over a second time. I am STRONGLY thinking of also doing bios for money in the future because I'd like to be paid to do something that isn't related to fetish stuff. 

Point is, I'm going to do my best to stop impulsively updating things and deliberately NOT keep my bios up to date so I can focus on other things. I don't want my life completely consumed by this hobby. Any bios I make or update from now on will ONLY be done for Death Battle's I personally want to do. No more "I'm just doing a bio for this character because I think they're cool" or anything like that.

However, this also means something else:

I will not be helping people with their own DB research anymore. I'm sorry, but I don't have the time. And considering how terribly my computer was running to the point where I was DAYS late to do research for another user here... Yeah, I'd rather not suffer that embarrassment again.

If I fix up my computer or get it replaced, will I go back to doing bios frequently or helping people with their own? Absolutely not. I'm going to use that time to get back to artwork or get back to writing or ONLY research things I'm gonna use. 
Gotta do this quick because I don't have much time.

Only doing this because :icongolork: tagged me.

🔹 Would you be a Pirate, Marine or Revolutionary? 

Pirate is promising because of the aspect of adventure

Marine is promising because of the idea of being able to help/protect people from the really bad pirates

Revolutionary is promising because I don't like the World Nobles

All in all I'd start off as Pirate or Marine before later going Revolutionary

🔹 What would your Devil Fruit be? (If you have one) 

No idea. On one hand I don't like the idea of sinking like an anchor if I fall in the water. On the other hand, I can't swim anyway so I'd sink like an anchor anyway.

A long time ago I made a One Piece OC who had a star fish in his mouth. Said Star Fish ate the bubble gum-bubble gum fruit, so he could open his mouth and make large bubbles, tethers, tentacles, or nets of bubble gum come out from his mouth. Yeah it's a rip off of Luffy's fruit but... eh ~*Shrugs*~. He fights with a sword too and threw projectiles made out of sharpened shark's teeth. 

Maybe I'd go with that.

🔹 What Haki would you specialize in? 

Armament because I'm too stupid to analyze anything for Observation and too cowardly to use Conquerors Haki. But then again if I was some one who relied on things like throwing daggers, I guess I'd go for Observation Haki for the sake of proper aim.

🔹 What would your weapon of choice be?

Sword for close range combat with shark tooth throwing daggers for long range combat.

I ain't taggin no one.


I think Deadpool would be proud of Mabel Pines right now:…

Yes, this is from the Graphic Novel (Which I recommend people read, especially if they loved the show.)

And yes, I've updated my Dipper and Mabel bios with new information (Thankfully it wasn't very much)

Been busy with fixing up my computer since I got back. I want to make sure everything is safe, backed up, and functional before I resume anything here. I've also been busy with appointments with doctors and therapists (turns out I damaged my foot and didn't realize it... I thought it was just sore from walking too much)

I'm just putting a note for myself here to update my Shantae bio with the new free DLC and my Dipper and Mabel Bios since I got the Gravity Falls graphic novel in the mail (But it'll be awhile till I read it) and Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (Found some weird official mobile games. Might as well see if there's anything significant in those)
Shantae's got new outfit and transformation:

And yes, I will be updating my Shantae bio in the future with this information. 
Well I just finished by 3 Caballeros bios on my alt account and updated a few here. 

Seems like a good time to stop since I need to start packing. Going on a trip for a week to see my family and I'm not sure how much time I'll get to be on the internet.

I was gonna do another journal entry talking about RWBY and aura and stuff again, but it'll have to wait until I get back since I have a LOT to say/go through regarding it.

... Holy shit it's been forever since I've done anything related to actual fights... and sadly it's looking like that's gonna be the case for awhile.


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DoctorMooDB Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018
Well Lola was always strong and independent, but I think they might have a problem with her being sexualized and have problems with the other the top reactions of male characters who see her. They might have to do something about how she's been treated and how she presents herself to keep from causing any controversy. 
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