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Ubuntu Circuit

This is my entrant into the Free Culture Showcase, it's the Ubuntu community and ecosystem personified as an electrical circuit.

Update: I thought I could do better so I've updated it.

Ubuntu 10.04, Inkscape.
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*cough* babelfish reference *cough*
Do you happen to have a version without the quote referencing "God"? I really like it, but don't really want something to do with religion or anti-religion...
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Sure, but you do know that the quote is from Douglas Adams, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy? It's a super book and well worth the read (or listen if you have the bbc radio broadcasts)

You should be able to grab the other version of this from my gallery.
I found the other version - thanks!

Also, I must fully support anything Hitch Hiker's Guide. I've only gotten to read bits and pieces of the book, but I adore what I have read and it is definitely on my extremely long list of things to read. And I had NO IDEA there was a BBC broadcast of it and I just might have to go find that...
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Yep, Hick Hikers was original a BBC radio broadcast, then a book, then another radio broadcast, then another book, then a tv serise, then 3 more books, then a film, then 3 more radio broadcasts finally a few years back.

I don't think the evolution on the medium was ever planned out this way, but purists would claim the radio series to be definitive version.
Huh, I had no idea. In that case, I'll put the radio series above the book on my list. When were the first broadcasts?
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Oh way back, 1980s I think. The date is probably on the wikipedia page. BBC Radio is what you're looking for. and because it was a radio series first, it's not a book reading and it's not a dramatisation. It's got voice actors, sound effects and everything.
hey, random question: I have now listened to (and loved!) the Primary and Secondary Phases, and started listening to the Tertiary Phase, but don't know if I should read read Life, The Universe... --> Mostly Harmless first, since the last three radio broadcasts weren't done by Adams.

Since you seem to know a bit about it, do you have a recommendation?
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The last three were produced after his death, but all were written by Adams. And since Adams didn't produce any of the radio shows (he's not a producer) they all have the same good quality.

I recommend you listen to the radio versions. All of them. Especially when it comes to the firth book, which has a better ending.
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YAY! Man, I love radio plays! I have a record collection of Orson Welles' "The Shadow". I mean, nowhere near the same decade, but whatever. I'm excited.
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Any chance you'd post the .svg file?
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Could you email me and I'll send them to you Same nick, ubuntu or gmail.
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I have just installed Ubuntu as the WUBI-version and it works fine., but unfortunately the virtual disk is restricted to 30 GB at most by the WUBI-installer. I play with the idea, to install it on a separate HD-partition, but i am still not sure if i may destroy something, because my HD have only one partition. What i want is Win 7 on one partition and Ubuntu on the second partition as two independent operating-systems. But my last try to change/resize the partitions of a HD went a little bit wrong... i got my two partitions but all data were lost :-(
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I'm sorry you lost your data that first time, it is _very_ important to always backup your data when doing hard drive maintenance like this.

Did you try the live cd installer?
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Fortunately it was not the system-disk, but a backup-disk where i tried the first time to split it up into two partitions. It is some years ago and i didn't remember the partition-manager-software i used.
I downloaded Ubuntu from the WUBI-site: [link] and it was easy to install and have the advantage, that when i made a backup of my Win7-system, it will be safed too, but unfortunately the installer restricted the virtual space for it to only 30GB at most. As i have a 1500GB-drive, i would give the Ubuntu about 500GB or 800GB of space.
Hmmm... maybe installing a second HD only for Ubuntu is a good idea? So i have to install only a bootloader on the primary HD who asks if i start Win7 or Ubuntu, and in the case of choosing Ubuntu it load completely from the second HD?
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you sound like you know what your doing. I generally don't recommend Wubi for installations which are supposed to be perminant.

The repartitioning software is much better these days, if you have good backups, then I'd go through the ubuntu install and look at what it shows you when you go to select partitioning. It's very easy.
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duse thats cool HHGTHG FTW
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Hell yea, 10.10.10 will be 42 in binary and I can't wait to see the release :-)
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lol nice one they should put some hhgttg reference in some where im gonna do a background now
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Wonderful! they'll put a reference in there for sure!
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I really like .... in this picture we are shown all the sensations and the work of all those who collaborate with the wonderful world of Linux.

a really great job ... we need to read the lines of the image to understand it well!

PS. sorry for my bad English.
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No problem, I'm glad you understand it so well.
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