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deviantArt's new logo is really weird to me. Of course it's easy for me to poke fun at it, (and I have). But it hardly seems like any time at all since they changed over from their old logo. This new one doesn't fill me with joy, boldness or dread... just amusement.

There is another interesting technical point about the new logo: It's svg. Did you notice? A web image format deviantArt doesn't support you actually submitting is used for their logo. (It's embedded svg too)

Oh well. If you're going to hire designers full time, at some point they'll get board and start designing new logos for your company. Rule 14 in my new book "How to keep techs/Husbandry of Internet Natives": Always have some art supplies on hand to feed your tame designers.
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ZeviantArt, where originality comes at it's finest lol