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Free and Open Source Logo

My floss logo based on a combination of gnu and oss logos.

SVG available here: CC-BY-SA
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Ohai. I love this artwork -- understandably, as our organisation is named Free and Open Source Software Foundation. I took the liberty to modify it a bit, by making the "keyhole" outline follow Tux, and using the Polish translation of "FLOSS". Of course, proper attribution is given in SVG's metadata. Of course it's CC-By-SA, but nice of you to ask. ;)
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Thanks for the link. It's great to see derivative works for any of my artworks.
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I had to log in here just to answer moshpirit's question.

It means: Free/libre and open source software. It's a term used by people to address either both movements or to show their neutrality between the two movements, that is, ones neutrality towards both the free/libre software movement, and the open source software movement.

Either for a free/libre software enthusiast (like me, :D), or for an open source software enthusiast, it's great to know people who are transitioning between the two.
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Two of the three halfs of success ;-)
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Free Logo (?) Open Source Software???
Can you please share the svg? it's very cool :)
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Oh and it's an amlgamation of Free Software <-> Open Source
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Yes I say it for the L, I don't know what does it means xD
BTW thank you very much for the SVG, I think I have a new sticker for my laptop :D
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Free Software - That software is important to users and their software should be owned by them and not companies. With the ability to control any aspect of it.
Open Source - The idea that by working together we can make better software. Even rival companies can work together on the same project.

Send in a photo! :-)
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