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Free and Open Source 2



This is the second edition guide to free and open source. It's intended to educate and inform any reader of any level about the interesting and important nature of software development in the open.

Please leave feedback here if you notice any issues.

Source code for scripts to build pdf files and long images like these as well as the source svg files are available here: ~doctormo/understanding-foss/trunk and translators should go here: [link] to translate the work.

Update: A whole new page and some translation edits to help translators fit their new text in.
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If anyone here has the skills to contribute, here are some projects (non by me.  I don't even have the appropriate skills) to help open source's growth and stability:…………
I know, I've done this on a few images already.  Just want to make sure there are enough contributors to these projects to help the development style as a whole.