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Copyright Machine

By doctormo
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This is a piece I've done for one of my recent blog posts about copyright law and a critique of an article on the Linux Journal: [link]

It shows two people who want to fix copyright, one wants to modify it (with the spanner) and the other wants to destroy it (with a hammer). I've also added Creative Commons (CC) as a cog connected to the bigger Copyright cog to emphasise the relationship and that copyright protection is a key component in copyleft licenses such as Creative Commons and GPL.

As always, download the SVG and keep as a resource if you like it.
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This is really great, and would work well for blog posts about CC! I'm pinning it on Pinterest, ( ) hope that is ok. Thanks for sharing this great graphic. [link]
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Great Design- I really love it.
Just want to let you know we used your fabulous cc-licensed image as the picture of our response to ASCAP's recent attack on Creative Commons licensing -- a remix event at [link] Thanks for sharing!
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thanks for letting me know that you found the image useful. Do let me know if you need the svg.

(btw, it's not a photo)
Thank you. Everyone on the admin team thinks your image is a perfect graphic representation of the themes of our project. I asked the admin to correct the language so it does not refer to your image as a "photo."
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Thank you, let me know if you need any other graphics made.
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great contribute!
I will use it for non commercial Visuals to promote CC!
Tell me the best credits and links for your work and I add it as Attribution Credits.
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You can credit me as "Martin Owens (DoctorMO) <>" or some form there of.

You don't have to give me a link to the new work you make from mine, but I would love to see it.
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hehe, not sure I can say anything more. The image does a great job of speaking for itself. ;)
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Thanks :-) Sometimes the simple symbolism can be interestingly powerful.
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You are pretty awesome, Doc.
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Why thank you.
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