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Computer Programmer: Ink

By doctormo
Primary inking of sketch by :iconstitchpunk0:

Let me know what you think.
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Close enough, but looks great! (The computer is a Mac desktop ^^; )
Might take a long while for me to do my part.
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Oh, if the computer is the inaccuracy then that's going to be a political blindness on my part. As a Free Software activist and programmer, I find Apple to be deleterious to software development. My brain just couldn't grok a Mac being used ;-) lol
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Oh shit, I feel bad for being inaccurate. I will try and learn from the mistake, let me know which particular parts are more egregious in inaccuracy and I'll meditate on them. Sorry!
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I think a computer inside a keyboard that slim , is a pretty recent technology.
I think a pretty recent technology would avoid using a old VGA ( blue ) for connecting the screen
But this VGA cords, is certainly, futurist, because it can also provide power for the screen.
This is logic ... it's future, the girl as 6 finger to type on keyboard faster.
(me joking)
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I count five on each hand :-) but I agree, old VGA bah! Maybe some sort of serial/power cable cross. or maybe the monitor is powered by electromagnetic waves.
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Awesome job on the new pics, my friend! Happy New Year to you! :thumbsup: And the inking here looks good!
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Thanks Agetian.
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No prob my friend! :aww:
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Very,very nice!:)
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