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I’m going to use some of your vore and fetish icons if you don’t me using for my favorites
i don’t want the art to be seen sense some i fav might have naked characters 
thank you for making these ^__^
I love SASUKE 
i like NaruSaku or SasuSaku XP
Sakura x Karin: might be a lil hot but i'm not a fan, sorry

I am the current founder of AdoptNarutoPairings . I am notifying you in this comment that I am looking for a new founder, and have seen that you have a pair or pairs of characters and if you would be interested in keeping them, you will have to notify the new founder.

Though, if there is no new founder by the 14th, then the group will be closed. if you have any questions, your can resort to the group for information in the journal.

I'm sorry you had to disable comments on the pro-NaruHina pro Sakura stamp. As person that ships HinaNaru as hard as I do, I really appreciate it when people make these. I don't hate Sakura at all. I just don't believe that she is right for Naruto.
I, personally, see Hinata with Kiba~
I like SasuSaku, SasuKarin, LeeSaku and a LOT of other couples, but for some reason I can't see Naruto with anyone.....
I wonder why....
Part of me hopes Sakura ends up having feelings for Naruto and they end up together, or Sasuke ends up changing and getting with Sakura[[HIGHLY UNLIKELY!!! OMGWTF!! x'DD]]but I really want Hinata and Kiba to get together because Kiba seriously cared for Hinata!!
I like pretty much all the Naruto Characters besides Azuma, Tenten, Shikamaru and..... ehh....... The 3rd Hokage, I think..... ,-,;;