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That's right! Big things are coming this way, namely...
Bullet; Red My Skeeter! spin-off, Adventures of Henry the Mole
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More "Dr. Manny Presents" reviews
Bullet; Red I think I'll start some paid commissions, as well as some adoptables, too...
Bullet; Red The end of Skeeter!

Yes, I'm ending my webcomic, but in Skeeter's place, I'll be creating a spinoff titled Adventures of Henry the Mole. Unlike Skeeter, I hope to make Adventures more story-driven, with actual character development. I'm still working on the first chapter, but I've already completed the prologue, and I'll upload it ASAP. 

I'll also be working on my new review series, "Dr. Manny Presents," and find some things that are worthy of review. I'll need suggestions, of course, so everyone is welcome to comment!

I'm also working on a few micro projects, which you'll be seeing shortly. Until then, stay adventurous! Hi! 
-EDIT (1/3/2016): Updated to include the revised notepage for this cartoon.

(Manny is on the phone right now)

:icondoctormanny::iconsaysplz: EXCUSE ME, I did NOT start this review series just so you could torment me! I'm NOT willing to go that far!
Robotnik being Sexy (Emoticon) :iconsaysplz:Oh? But you were so generous to review my breakout show. Now, I'm returning the favor... with my FAVORITE failed pilot! :D
:icondoctormanny::iconsaysplz:But it's freaking stupid! And I don't think even fans of the CHARACTER like it!
:icondrrobotnikplz::iconsaysplz: Well, I'm giving this to you anyway. And I expect a full, constructive review, positive or not! Now, I must be going. My PINGAS won't scratch itself!
(Robotnik hangs up)

Man, I really HATE that egghead...

Sorry, fellers... Looks like I've been given a RIPE target today. Before I start this review, I would like to talk about a character named Bubsy.

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Bubsy is the name of a character created by the now-defunct game company Accolade in the early 90s, more than likely an attempt to join the ranks of Sonic the Hedgehog. That went over as well as you'd expect... :roll:

Do you wanna know why Sonic worked? Sonic the Hedgehog provided an exhilarating experience for the player. The control scheme was easy to pick up; the levels were challenging and fast-paced; and Sonic himself stood the test of time! Say what you want about [insert Sonic title you absolutely hate here], but it's still one of the most popular franchises of all time! Keyword: POPULAR. Second keyword: FRANCHISE. That's where Bubsy comes in.

Bubsy only starred in four video games, the final of which, Bubsy 3D, is considered to be one of the worst video games ever made -- as in, right up there with the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006); Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing; and Daikatana (all of which were released AFTER Bubsy 3D). I actually own Bubsy 3D, and let me tell you, it's a piece of crap. It's... actually a surprising guilty pleasure for me. ^^; ...But I'm not here to talk about that. (That's what AVGN is there for.) 

There was actually an animated pilot based on Bubsy. Yes, pilot. Apparently, people thought it was so bad, they rejected it on sight, and it was never heard from again... Until internet reviewers started digging it up.

I actually saw this once after watching MrEnter's review of it. It was bad. As in, HORRID HENRY BAD. This is the kind of show that made me want to grind my laptop into filings... And I'd do it too, if I hadn't any sanity left. I'm actually surprised that... this thing didn't suck it all out. You know what? I've stalled long enough. Let's review the Bubsy cartoon pilot, or as I like to call it, "How to Make You Lose All Respect for Humanity in 24 Minutes."

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h15m34s667 by DoctorManny

Just a heads up, though, you might wanna have some mind bleach nearby. You're gonna need it by the time that this is over. :disbelief:

The show starts with...

Really? Not even a minute, and I already have the urge to facedesk rapidly and gruesomely. First of all, the intro is just noise. It's loaded with stock sound effects. Bubsy himself has a voice that just isn't pleasant to listen to. Second, the animation is choppy, and the resolution is even worse. I don't know where it was recorded, but whoever did it did a crappy job. Third, what is the point to this? It's just Bubsy kissing his alarm clock, using a car buffer to brush his teeth, eating breakfast sloppily, and running around his house like a maniac. You would literally get the same experience watching an episode of Fangface. In fact, you could remove this intro, replace it with a intro like Glee, and the episode would be the same. Ugh... Already, I'm losing my grip on reality... :disbelief:

After that blitzkrieg they call an intro, we get our title.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h17m42s134 by DoctorManny
Remember that line.

We cut to a... I don't know what the heck that is supposed to be.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h18m04s273 by DoctorManny

Bubsy heads to wake up an armadillo named Arnold, who I'm guessing is his pet. Arnold's having a nightmare. He dreams he's about to become roadkill, courtesy of a big rig. Apparently, Arnold has these every night.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h18m24s443 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h18m52s478 by DoctorManny
"One Coarse Meal" flashbacks... 

OF COURSE, Bubsy pays no attention to Arnold's neurosis. He wakes him up... by inflating him :o... and starts bragging.

"Bubsy?! Oh, oh! Worse than a truck!!" Remember THAT line.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h19m42s184 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h20m01s881 by DoctorManny

Suddenly, doorbell! It's Bubsy's nephew and niece, Terence and Teresa. Arnold is afraid of them as well. :o Uh... this just got really concerning... You're implying Bubsy's family is a bunch of sociopaths? And they pay no attention to what their actions could cause, seriously endangering them? Wow, and I thought the characters in The Nutshack were terrible.:no:

Arnold frantically tries to think of someplace to hide, so Bubsy throws him under a couch. Predictable joke coming...

The two palette swaps come barging in...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h21m03s242 by DoctorManny
Seriously, LOOK!

...and immediately start looking for Arnold. Of course :iconofcourseplz: Bubsy tells them where he is. Arnold starts fearing for his life as the Garfield fetuses start yanking him. Also, their voices are worse than Bubsy's.

As the demon spawns of Heathcliff argue over Arnold, Bubsy turns on the TV. This comes on:

Anchor: And last year, over 10,000 armadillos were run over by trucks in the state of Texas alone. For many of the poor little fellows, this is the last sound they will ever hear...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h21m41s279 by DoctorManny

OK, time to point out the problems here. One, that "no-armadillos" sign in the corner implies that he thinks it's GOOD thing. Two, I'm no geographer, but I'm sure that not that many armadillos could die in one state. Three, the anchor had no emotion in his voice. It's like that stupid reporter in The Garfield Show's "Orange and Black." Jeez...

This causes Arnold to roll into a ball out of fear. Predictably, Sylvester's love children don't give a damn. Bubsy tells Arnold not to play rough...

:iconseethingplz: Shouldn't he tell that to his excuses for a niece and nephew!?

Anyway, back to the so-called "story:" The report switches to a Professor Virgil Reality (corny name), who has just completed a helmet that "makes the wearer's dreams a reality." Jeez, Horrid Henry looks better than that thing. :disbelief:

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h23m24s931 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h23m29s810 by DoctorManny

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h24m26s088 by DoctorManny
More armadillo abuse. Yay!:sarcasm:

Now all Virgil needs is someone brave -- no, sorry, "totally nuts" -- to test the machine. Bubsy decides that he's the right one for the job. Fitting metaphor.

As Virgil and his assistant argue, this Cruella de Ville knockoff sets her own sights on the helmet.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h26m37s917 by DoctorManny
No, that's not fair. Cruella is actually FAR less one-dimensional.

She calls her bumbling assistants, Buzz the buzzard and Sid the shrew, over. OK, MORE PROBLEMS AHOY!!! anchor First off, Universal, sue someone. Two, the only reason this slut cat wants the helmet is so that "she can live the lifestyle she deserves." Cat, you are loaded. Three, it's all becoming very clear that this pilot is ripping off something: ADVENTURES OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Actually, I'm not surprised, considering that Bubsy was a pitiful attempt to cash in on Sonic. In fact, a lot of things in this "show" are very similar to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: the unlikable "antagonist;" the outlandish set designs; the bumbling minions -- heck, the version I watched even labeled these three "villains" Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h27m07s801 by DoctorManny

Now, back to the story -- Apparently, Buzz was cooking, and Sid stuck his tongue into the pot. Oh, yes, Sid is constantly starving, no doubt something these sadistic "writers" also want to exploit.

But hey, the slut cat does not care! She silences them with the ol' nails on a blackboard gag...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h29m18s888 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h29m24s831 by DoctorManny
Which is actually the LEAST intolerable sound in this show thus far...

And orders the Tom and Jerry rejects to go after that helmet -- oh, but only after a shoddy gag which involves Sid trying to eat a fly and the slut cat imagining things. What drugs did they infuse this show with?:facepalm:

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h30m07s377 by DoctorManny
Yep, Cruella is definitely less one dimensional than this wench.

Meanwhile, back to Sonic's sorry excuse for competition...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h31m05s620 by DoctorManny

Bubsy arrives at Virgil's lab. Also, another problem: The assistant keeps pronouncing Bubsy's name wrong. I don't think she finished grade school...

Bubsy yanks the helmet from Virgil, who tells him the instructions: Just think, blink twice, and BOOM! Your dream is real! But be warned -- oh that's right, Bubsy couldn't be bothered. He dreams he can fly -- surprise, surprise, Bubsy can't fly. His stupidity warps everyone to a freefall in the sky, which brings us to yet another problem - in the games, Bubsy has the ability to glide. Seriously. He ripped off Knuckles before Knuckles even existed, and now this show does not acknowledge it. Great. Let's throw "Did Not Do the Research" into this show's flaws.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h31m38s066 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h31m46s188 by DoctorManny

Virgil, understandably, tries to get the helmet back, but it slips and lands on Arnold's head. Guess what happens. Just guess.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-02-21h15m16s223 by DoctorManny

Yeah, a truck appears in the sky!!!

Surprising, Bubsy actually does something smart and zaps everyone back to the lab. Yay, for your bravery, you get a vast heaping bowl of this.

Nope, I was wrong: Everyone except Arnold, who instead crashes through the ceiling and gets his tail stomped on by Bubsy. God, these "people" are having a field day with unfunny jokes... : Rage : 

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h32m41s924 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h33m15s453 by DoctorManny

Archie's colons want to play with the helmet. EXCUSE ME?! :angry: After you all were almost killed!? Understandably, Virgil forbids it, so Bubsy thanks Virgil for his time and calls it a day. No, wait, that would be the right thing to do. Instead, the Josie and the Pussycats mutants bamboozle their elders by switching one of them in place of a chair Bubsy means to put the helmet on. Thing 2 wears the helmet, and she and Thing 1 sneak out. *facedesks until head opens*

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-15h33m41s703 by DoctorManny

After two annoying bumpers, we cut to Buzz and Sid homing in... and to be fair, these two actually do deliver a legitimately funny scene:

Buzz: (groans) You're always hungry.
Sid: (stammering) I'm a shrew. If I don't eat every 10 minutes, I go mad...!
Buzz: Yes, well, in your case, it's a little too late.
Sid: I know.

I admit, I chuckled a little at that. Unfortunately, this is undermined by the next scene. They find the lost members of Simba's pride arguing over the helmet, which provides opportunities for our "villains:" The slut cat (apparently, "Ally" is her name) gets the helmet, and both of our minions get a full-course meal. The enemy strikes! Oh, but not before shenanigans:

Teresa: I want a pony!

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h00m51s556 by DoctorManny
(insert brony joke here [even though I'm not a Friendship is Magic fan ^^;])

Terence: I want a... (I... really can't tell what he's saying...) power boat!

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h01m13s419 by DoctorManny
Is this even funny?!

Gossamer's armpit hairs continue to argue. Buzz and Sid try to swoop in, but Sid bumps into a plane, followed by lightning shocking him and cacti poking him.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h01m47s201 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h01m53s162 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h02m31s590 by DoctorManny
Shrew abuse! Yay! :sarcasm:

Sid, however, is fortunate enough to land into a cake that Yosemite Sam's toe fungi dreamed up, which manages to hold him over. Actually, no -- the candle he picked up on the way was a stick of dynamite -- why would you make candles out of dynamite!? Confused 

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h04m01s860 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h04m05s455 by DoctorManny
Does this even make sense?! Crazy 

Daphne Blake's split ends decide they want to play with the "rat and the turkey." They propose a rollercoaster ride, which Buzz does not see. Guess what happens...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h04m56s834 by DoctorManny
WHY did I see this coming a mile away?

Meanwhile, Bubsy wants the helmet back, but Virgil's assistant -- named Oblivia :disbelief: -- can't find it. Bubsy realizes the twins must have it -- OK, why did it take this long to find out the helmet's gone?! As they start their search, they find out that the Conker the Squirrel wannabes' rollercoaster has somehow transformed the lab into...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h05m26s599 by DoctorManny

Oh, and Arnold finally gets run over (albeit not by a truck). Ha ha ha ha... oh wait, that's not funny. :rage:

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h05m53s481 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h05m57s167 by DoctorManny

Understandably, Virgil panics. Bubsy, being the ever-optimistic one (seriously, your kin are about to cause Armageddon. At least
act afraid for them!!) grabs Arnold by the tail and boasts before he "saves the day."

What follows is a minute and 30 seconds of undiluted filler. The only things of substance that happen here are Sid retching, Buzz insisting he isn't a turkey (another stupid gag), and Bubsy demanding his genetic clones stop the ride. Don't worry, they comply -- but it results in everybody else falling down. :iconseethingplz: Anyone else absolutely hating these Phil and Lil DeVille ripoffs!?

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h07m20s658 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h08m32s258 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h08m50s336 by DoctorManny

Bubsy regains his bearings and tries to look for his excuses for kin, but he runs into a wall. Wait, no -- the malformed Meowth have become giants, courtesy of that helmet! Thing 1 steps on Bubsy.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h09m40s521 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h09m44s080 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h09m59s624 by DoctorManny
Please don't remind me of better shows...!!!

Eventually, Tweedle-Douche and Tweedle-Deficit turn back to normal. Bubsy's hopping mad (to the point of just hissing and spewing rubbish), but really, Arnold has the real say here.

Arnold: You... should all be put in jail!

Well said.

And WHY did the terrible twosome cause all this...? This:

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h10m29s512 by DoctorManny
"Twins:" It's our birthday! (both cry in an ear-splitting manner) 

OH. MY. DOG. Yes, it appears that Bubsy gave that little of a crap about his own kin's birthday. SOME UNCLE!! :iconseethingplz: Seriously, they're all about as bad Fangface/Sherman Fangsworth's so-called "friends." 

Meanwhile, Buzz attempts to try to attack the "twins" again. He launches Sid through the clouds which apparently are still shooting lightning. No matter -- Sid manages to get the helmet!
Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h10m53s585 by DoctorManny

Of course :iconofcourseplz: Bubsy manages to fool him into trading the helmet for dynamite wrapped in a corn dog shell. Do I need to reiterate?

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h11m08s454 by DoctorManny

Actually, no - turns out, that stick of dynamite was all our minions needed to get the helmet.…

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h11m23s893 by DoctorManny

Now at last, Ally... Allie... Allee... you know what, SLUT CAT is the appropriate name for this Arlene wannabe -- has finally gotten the helmet. Now only one question remains - Why did Buzz grab Chuckie Finster's nose hairs as well?! They literally were not needed - in fact, the way this set up usually works is that the villain kidnaps the victims, then demands something in return for their escape. Oh, yes, that's right -- the buzzard and shrew still need to eat... so why don't they just ask the slut cat to dream up a smorgasbord? Then again, that would demand our writers to have brains.

Also, is it me, or is the audio completely out of sync with the video at this point?

Bubsy berates himself for losing the deformed Growlithe clones and the helmet and sending the world into certain doom... by having a gold digger wish for stuff she doesn't need. :roll: Anybody see a problem with that??? :disbelief: 

(Un)Fortunately, Bubsy's delusion of Arnold believing in him (he mistook Arnold for a wrench to beat himself with, then let him get electrocuted on a machine. Can I really take him seriously?) makes him determined to get everything back.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h14m25s259 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h14m07s104 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h14m34s429 by DoctorManny

Virgil just so happens to have a machine that can track down the device, but of course :iconofcourseplz:, Bubsy doesn't accept. No, Bubsy has a much more ingenious idea: He searches for Sid in the phone book. 

Vlcsnap-2016-01-02-21h40m30s770 by DoctorManny

Seriously, talk about anti-climatic. The phone rings as Buzz chases Stimpy's inbred cousins around. Sid answers, and Bubsy fools him into thinking he's going to get a "free banquet dinner for 50." Predictably, Sid jumps for joy. 

Buzz tries to reprimand his cohort, but Top Cat's hairballs knock him into the pot. Buzz goes flying out, which alerts the slut cat.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h15m30s593 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h15m46s378 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h16m01s492 by DoctorManny
Why is the water green? Also, isn't this a fire hazard?! :fear:

Turns out, slut cat has gotten hat hair from the helmet. Why can't she just wish it back to normal?

Her genius plan is to simply not answer, but Sid's malnourished behind simply cannot resist. Bubsy and the "gang" come barging in, and the fight is on!!

...And nothing happens for the rest of the show.

...Just kidding, I wouldn't do that to you people. But yeah, what follows is another two minutes of undiluted filler. It begins with the slut cat doing the nails on a chalkboard thing -- this time for no reason. Oblivia (bleh) proves she's totally not useless by knocking the board on her. The helmet lands, and everyone fights for it. It's... not as exciting as it sounds. Sid manages to get the helmet first, and he thinks up...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h16m31s557 by DoctorManny
To this show's credit, Sid is the only other character I actually feel remotely sorry for.

Buzz tries to get the helmet, but it somehow slips and lands on Thing 1's head. Thing 1 thinks up...

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h16m49s907 by DoctorManny
Ah yes, the birthday party that was the reason for their visit to their uncle. :rage:

Now the helmet lands on Oblivia. This happens:

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h17m08s686 by DoctorManny
What is this? I don't even... :crazy:

Now it's Buzz's turn.
Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h17m38s314 by DoctorManny
"Now you're ALL in hot water!" :facepalm:

Now Arnold. Do I have to say it?

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h18m09s086 by DoctorManny
How can a truck ring a doorbell?! 

And now, slut cat.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h18m23s884 by DoctorMannyVlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h18m36s970 by DoctorManny
Your mind gets numbed! Your mind gets numbed! Everybody's mind gets numbed!!!

Oblivia KOs her again, and the helmet lands in Bubsy's arms. There's now a tiny problem: Due to the constant wishing, the helmet's about to explode! Seriously, writers, what drugs?

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h18m57s288 by DoctorManny

No, of course not... Bubsy just so happened to wish for his enemies' defeat.

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h19m27s570 by DoctorManny

And so, the day is saved, even though Bubsy was a douchebag throughout the episode, the villain was a joke, and the helmet was nothing more than a MacGuffin. And Oblivia finally gets Bubsy's name right.

Oblivia: I did?

After more filler, the episode ends on a terrible, terrible note.

Bubsy: I don't know about you, Arnold, but the thought of our next adventure already has me tingling with excitement!

Guess what happens. I dare you. Just GUESS!!!

Vlcsnap-2016-01-01-16h19m51s812 by DoctorManny
And so, Bubsy and Arnold died. THE END! :mwahaha:

My goodness, this was horrible... I take back what I said earlier: Fangface was actually much better developed than this piece of crud. The character designs are eye-raping (in fact, I still have a couple of jokes left for Thing 1 and Thing 2), the voice acting is worse (Rob Paulsen, who voices Bubsy, is openly ashamed of having played a part in this, but really, I think everyone involved deserves better), the characters are grossly unlikable (Bubsy is bad, yes, but everyone else is either bland, abused just to be abused, and/or worse than Bubsy), and worst of all... The whole thing just isn't pleasant to watch. Sure, it had a few good moments here and there, but I just can't FATHOM this. In fact, I have nothing more to say here... so I'll let HIM do it:

:iconnostalgiacriticplz::iconsaysplz:It is horrendously bad, beyond annoying. Every second is like a kick to my [censored]. The story, the characters, everything about it is like a little kid jumping on her bed screaming. It's just loud, grating, and makes no sense. It's one of the worst, people, one of the worst I've ever had to sit through. It is a piece of... DAAAAAAAARGH!!

:) (Smile) 
That one line about Sid going mad.
:) (Smile) The virtual reality helmet, I admit, is pretty good. 
:) (Smile) At one point, Sid mimics Buzz. That was also pretty funny.

:( (Sad) 
Choppy animation.
:( (Sad) Obnoxious voice acting.
:( (Sad) Heinous character designs.
:( (Sad) The entire thing is 24 minutes of noise. Pure noise.
:( (Sad) 
The writing for this thing is bad. The helmet's only purpose is to fuel the phoned-in climax, as well as to provide us with a stupid battle scene and make us question this show's logic. Really, the wearer has the powers of a god, and what happens?!
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Two stupid bobcats wish for personal gain.
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! A gold digger wishes for personal gain.
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! A starving shrew wishes for a corn dog.
Arrow Bullet (Maroon) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Maroon) - F2U! A buzzard wishes for a hot pot.
Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! An armadillo who suffers from PTSD is overcome by fear and summons trucks at two different points.
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! The titular stupid bobcat wishes to fly, but can't. :X
:( (Sad) It rips off Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog -- like I said before, it's far from a bad show, but I still don't think that's the kind of show you wanna rip off -- and I'm pretty sure they ripped off Fangface in here as well. :X
:( (Sad) Oh, and most importantly - all but two of this show's characters are completely unlikeable!!! 

Before I show you guys this Animated Atrocity's note page, let me show you the one for "Horrid Henry's Holiday."

Animated Atrocities #29 by DoctorManny
MrEnter's rule: The higher the number, the worse the product.

And here's one for "Britain's Got Bloodmonkey," an episode of the worst TV series ever made.

Animated Atrocities #34 by DoctorManny

And here's this show's page.

Animated Atrocities #5 by DoctorManny

By the way, "What could possibly go wrong?" Yeah, it's said 10+ times here. Seriously. That question could NOT be more obvious... :disbelief:

Now, if you excuse me, I have a Ro-BUTT-nik to send this review to. This has been Dr. Manny Presents. Join me next time as I review something else...

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Merry Christmas!Santa Clause Squidward Non Sexy (Santa) SpongeBob (Santa) Patrick (Santa) 

Live from Chicago, it’s Dr. Manny Presents!!!

I saw this coming. In my review of Angela Anaconda, I mentioned Pepper Ann. The creator of that show, Sue Rose, also co-created Angela Anaconda and lent her voice to the title character. As I reviewed Angela Anaconda, I realized two things:

    1.      Sue Rose is no actor.

    2.      It’s not the first time an otherwise-good person created a dud (search Da Boom Crew, The Buzz on Maggie, and (apparently) Rocket Power to know what I mean).

Still, I felt obligated to review Pepper Ann (it was in my list of things to review from the get-go). I remember watching it whenever it was on back in the days when there will still good things to watch on TV. Don’t get me wrong, of course we still have some gems now (I also plan on reviewing Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, as well as Inside Amy Schumer – it can’t all be animated,) but I wish there was more effort put into them, like the ones I mentioned (glares at Horrid Henry)Pepper Ann certainly had effort. So, without further ado, let’s start the review.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.33.42 PM by DoctorManny

The main character is, you guessed it, Pepper Ann Pearson (from what I’ve read, her real name is Jennifer). Pepper Ann is just your average high-school girl who just wants to fit in (or something). Yeah, we’ve heard this many times before. But I like Pepper Ann because it’s actually pretty creative in that aspect. I rediscovered the show a while ago when I tried to break into the YouTube Poop scene (it’s complicated. I’ll talk about it later).

A half-baked Pepper Ann YTP. It’s… not my best work.

Pepper Ann’s two best friends are Nicky Little and Milo Kamalani. Nicky is a “smart guy” kind of character, and also an aspiring violinist. Milo is a bohemian, but he’s very dramatic. They’re just some of this show’s offbeat characters - Pepper Ann’s mother is about as kooky as they come; Pepper Ann’s sister, Margaret Rose (nicknamed “Moose”) is probably the greatest example of a tomboy this side of Misty (not that I’m complaining…); foreign exchange student Dieter is this show’s Uter; and so on. It’s a… unique show, though not quite as unique as Doug.

Sadly, this show is one of the most underrated out there. It could never catch up with Doug or Recess while they were on the air (Disney's Doug became arguably the most successful show on the block, spawning a stage show and Doug's 1st Movie; while Recess became a cult hit with adult viewers... much like how a LOT of these shows are now). Sure, it's not very memorable ratings- or merchandise- wise, but is it memorable in story-wise sense? HELL YES.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.40.48 PM by DoctorManny
Of course, it does use SOME of the cliches...

For an episode review, I'm going to talk about the first episode I saw when I searched YouTube: "Peer Counselor P.A.", aka the basis for that crappy YTP above.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.42.32 PM by DoctorManny

The episode begins with Pepper Ann as a... World War II fighter pilot? Oh, yes, I forgot to mention: Pepper Ann has fantasies kinda like Doug... except much more grounded in reality.

Anyway, some douche guns down Pepper Ann's plane, no doubt an analogy to our battle with the Nazis. Suddenly, BAM!

Pepper Ann is taken back to reality by her mother, who warns her that her short attention span will lead to horrible consequences...!! Pepper Ann just shrugs it off.

Pepper Ann: Oh, Mom, there is no "poorhouse" anymore. We'd be on the streets.


Apparently, this carries over to her schoolwork as well. Normally, Pepper Ann isn't a good student – duh – but her daydreaming caused her to mess up her report (she got a C+) on famous Americans (5 pages about 50 famous Americans, not 50 pages about 5 famous Americans). ...That ALMOST sounded like a tongue twister, but I'm not clever enough.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.43.14 PM by DoctorManny
Actually, that warrants an F. 

Pepper Ann laments her failure, just as her teacher begins talking about an extra credit assignment. Her teacher turns into a fly (!?), and begins buzzing about something, but of course, Pepper Ann doesn't hear it. Actually, that's not true – she interprets what the teacher says as "pier," and thus thinks that's what the extra credit assignment involves. Note that her fantasy involves a kid being afraid of heights.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.44.43 PM by DoctorManny
Uh, did I just stumble into The Wild?

Pepper Ann comes to school sometime later wearing... this.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.45.33 PM by DoctorManny

She and Nicky are the only ones in their class who volunteered. Wow, Pepper Ann's classmates are douches! As it turns out, Pepper Ann signed up for a peer counseling class! Yay!!

Nicky: I think you're wise to maintain a casual beachy appearance. It'll put your counselees at ease.

Don’t ruin this episode, Nicky.

Mr. Finkle begins the lesson. Pepper Ann begins copying the notes, but then starts drawing sketches on the paper. She imagines the sketches coming to life.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.46.41 PM by DoctorManny
What is this, Animator vs. Animation?

Surprisingly enough, the Pepper Ann sketch starts chastising the real Pepper Ann; after all, her short attention span is what got her into this mess to begin with. She erases the sketch's head in fury.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.47.24 PM by DoctorManny
Headless Horseman, is that you?

So anyway, the next few moments are of Pepper Ann's attention span clearly undoing her during the peer counseling session, despite her insistence otherwise. A kid with pink-eye is her first client; Pepper Ann falls asleep. Identical twins Tessa and Vanessa James are her next clients; Pepper Ann makes an eraser pig. Childish. "Popular girl" Cissy Rooney (yeah, this show goes there) is her third client; Pepper Ann just... wanders into space while Cissy just says "blah" over and over.

Pepper Ann: Ah! Would you look at that? Time's up.


We see that Nicky is a much better counselor than Pepper Ann... as she should be. As for Pepper Ann...

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.48.28 PM by DoctorManny
This isn't The Wild, Cissy! Don't make this already-middling episode worse!

Pepper Ann's reflection in the water jug stresses the fact that Pepper Ann needs to listen. HOLD UP – Pepper Ann knows she's not a good listener, but she keeps on denying it?? Um... Am I missing something? I remember Pepper Ann being a good show back in the day... OK, I admit to never seeing this episode in full (or maybe I did, but don't remember it), only using it for that YTP, but... Well, as MrEnter says, even good shows can have some duds. And this episode is starting to become one.

Pepper Ann boasts that the next person who comes to her will be changed "like never before." Enter Dieter. He complains that his mother is having trouble adjusting to American life. What's Pepper Ann do? She tells him to follow his dream; not to let anyone stop him. OK, maybe this episode will get better--

Dieter's mother: The only thing he left behind was this note. "Dree Mummy, I've decided to take Pepper Ann's advice and go to run away from home."

He ran away?! Krist, this episode is becoming The Wild!

The one time Pepper Ann listened during this whole course, and she misinterpreted Dieter's words. Freaking wow...

Pepper Ann: Dieter, wherever you are, I will find you!

That's what she does. She, Nicky, and Milo split up to find him; they all look in implausible places. Pepper Ann, for example, looks in a trash can...

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.49.19 PM by DoctorManny
This is NOT The Wild!!

Eventually, Pepper Ann gives up, until Nicky tells Pepper Ann to retrace her steps. The flashback is played like a videotape.

Here, it's revealed that Dieter actually wanted to become... a Hazelnut Pup Scout? (I may or may not have misheard that.) Pepper Ann and her friends find him at "Camp Runawiffraham" (stupid name). Pepper Ann comes to a rather convoluted conclusion: Dieter, in order to feel more like an American (sorry if that sounded offensive) had joined the Pup Scouts; a pin Dieter was wearing was a Pup Scout ritual; because English was not Dieter's mother's first language (natch), she misread the note.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.50.54 PM by DoctorManny
OK, so Pepper Ann did learn from her mistakes. Good to know.

She tries to strike up a conversation with Nicky and Milo, but they both got nothing to talk about at the moment, much to her annoyance. The episode ends as Pepper Ann keeps trying to force her friends to talk to her...

Well... that was tough to review. Looks like I'm not so good at paying attention myself; otherwise, I would've chosen a good episode of this show to review. Don't get me wrong, I love Pepper Ann, and I definitely wanted to watch it after so long; then again, just as a bad show can have a good episode, a good show can have a bad episode. Of course, that's just my opinion. Come another day, I will definitely review a better episode of Pepper Ann.

Before I conclude this review, I’ll list the pros and cons of this show as a whole:


:) (Smile) Some really good animation and fantasies.

:) (Smile) The characters are tolerable. Even the ones I'm supposed to HATE become characters I like.

:) (Smile) Quirky music.

:) (Smile) Just like the Simpsons, the opening features a different gag every episode. This wasn't the case in the first season, however.

:) (Smile) Disney's first show created by a female (Sue Rose would go on to create Angela Anaconda and Unfabulous) This wouldn't happen again until Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

:) (Smile) Mr. Warburton, creator of Codename: Kids Next Door, designed the characters. That's something, right?


:( (Sad) The voice direction... isn't the best, unfortunately. This show's got some good voice actors, but it doesn't seem like some of them are really suited for their roles.

:( (Sad) The animation can get choppy sometimes.

:( (Sad) Stereotypes, of course. At least, unlike Horrid Henry, at least this show actually portrays characters with heart and respect.

:( (Sad) This episode in particular, Peer Counselor P.A., was pretty badly written. I get the gist, but it has WAY too many unsettling moments. As I've stressed, it felt like The Wild at times. Speaking of...

hmm Number of times The Wild has been mentioned in this review: Six (including this sentence.)

Also, I'd like to thank this guy, that guy, that other guy, that hairy gorilla in the back seat, and everyone else tonight! It was WONDERFUL!

AHEM... This has been Dr. Manny Presents. Join me next time as I review... another thing. (Yeah, "stay happy, and have a wild day" seemed childish to me. This is better.)

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I found out an... interesting fact about Hip Hop Harry. :crazy:

PLAYER 1 has entered Dr. Manny Presents.

I was originally going to review Kappa Mikey, a show I used to love when I was younger, but I don't really remember much of it. I'm going to have to rewatch the show again before I can review it (there are episodes I still haven't seen!). Also, I feel like reviewing Kappa Mikey will be too topical during this time of year, so I'll move that review to a later time.

Until then, I'll be typing this review of my bottom 10 least favorite shows of all time. This is a serious review, being written from my own experiences; also, please be mature when you leave comments. Everyone's opinions are different, yes, but being a jerk about it is not my cup of tea. OK?

Without further ado, this is Dr. Manny's Top 10 Least Favorite Shows.

10. Planet Sheen
This show is... kind of a mixed bag for meShrug . It's a spin-off of Jimmy Neutron, and centers on - you guessed it - the hyperactive Sheen Estevez, who crash-lands on a strange planet after stowing away on Jimmy's space pod (or something. Seriously, what the heck is that thing?). I actually liked it a bit when it first came on... but now, it's a disappointment. Really, this show could've been cool... had they actually developed Sheen's character here. Instead, he's mostly his usual hyperactive self, which is a problem. Granted, there's a talking chimpanzee who's supposed to play the straight man, but even then, I didn't see it working:no:. Also, the king of that planet deciding to follow Sheen vaguely reminds me of another show - Leader Dog (You probably don't know what that is). The "villain" of that show (if you can call him that) is supposed to be constantly suffering from Sheen's mere presence - an actually painful metaphor. Overall, this show is... pretty underwhelming. It's a shame, too - there are a few things I genuinely do like about this show even now...

9. The Cleveland Show
A lame Family Guy spin-off -- which is further proof that American Dad! is the best of Seth MacFarlane's shows -- focusing on Cleveland BrownNot Impressed by DoctorManny. I get that you wanna give better billing to a supporting character, but -- as is the case with Planet Sheen above -- at least try to develop the character. Cleveland is his usual personality, which doesn't work since he previously played the straight man. His stepwife's family are all bland ghosts of the Griffin family, with a bit of the Jeffersons and The Bernie Mac Show thrown in. Only Cleveland Jr. has any effort put into him. The rest of the characters are just lazy -- one of them is a bear whose wife has Ariana Huffington's voice (I think). Just a boring, boring... boring show. And no, a Quagmire show would not be better.

8. Goober and the Ghost Chasers
Geez... :disbelief: I only saw one episode of this show, and it already left a bad mark on my sanity. Lazy animation (even for its time; at least The Flinstones and those Gene Deitch Tom and Jerry shorts didn't have cels that cut off!), wastes of the talents of really great actors (including recurring roles for the Patridge kids -- why?), and flat-out weak storytelling. Its similarity to a certain other show (they're made by the same company) is the least of its problems. This show is just lame. 

7. Hanna Montana/Hannah Montana Forever
Miley Cyrus herself is striving to be as raunchy as possible (a fact that even my little cousins cringe at, but I digress) :puke: for good reason: She wants to believe that she never starred on this show (at least, that's how I see it -- you're free to prove me wrong). When the actress disowns her breakout role, it proves how bad it is. Lazy writing; flashy outfits (Cyrus said that the Hannah Montana role gave her "body issues" -- no doubt because of that); insipid casting (Jason Earles, aka Jackson Stewart, was almost thirty when the show premiered); forced romance; unfunny and predictable jokes -- oh, and this happens to be another show I liked when I was younger -- think about that. A dude liking Hannah Montana... *sigh* Disney, why did you do this to me?

6. Shake It Up
:noes: Nope. Disney, I was wrong -- why did you do this to me? At least Hanna Montana had some singing talent -- the bimbos on this show have none :nuu:. They can't dance, either. Also, as someone born in Chicago (where the show takes place), I can't help but feel a bit insultedCURSE YOU! . Also, let's not forget the crossover with (the arguably-better) Good Luck Charlie. When the show's two stars have gone on to better fame (as do many of these Disney stars, actually), a show like this becomes depressingly dated. :no:

5. Sonic Underground
What a stupid take on such an amazing character! After finishing the first episode, all I could think was, "That was not a Sonic show...:cries:" The animation is subpar. The characters are... not good -- Sonic is reduced to an idiotic, banal, and static shell of his former self, while his "siblings" and "mother" are just lazy recolors with minor tweaks to each of them. Robotnik is also banal. Musical numbers are part of this show's gimmick, but the trio's singing voices are horrible:nuu:. Clearly, Jaleel White deserves better than this!!

4. The Garfield Show
An even worse insult to a beloved character than Sonic Underground, The Garfield Show is a masterpiece of failureRage . What was once a crazy cool comic strip about a lazy, lasagna-loving, dog-kicking, orange cat that cleverly poked fun at the life of a pet owner was quickly reduced to horribly flanderized characters and banal jokes -- all very poorly timed. Garfield himself is reduced to a disgustingly bad shell of his former self, Jon is made even more stupid, and Nermal... oh my god, what did they do to him?! :noes: They roped the voice of Max Goof into voicing a horrendously awful : Rage : depiction of everyone's (least) favorite anti-Garfield. God... If you value your sanity, do not watch this. Ever.:cries:

3. Abunai Sisters Koko & Mika a monstrously not-safe-for-work "anime" about fictionalized versions of the real "Abunai Sisters," Kyoko and Mika Kano. From what I've read about them, they're essentially the Japanese equivalents to the Kardashians -- that is, these two sisters became famous by doing darn near nothing. They only thing they have going for them is their endowment... :fear: Oh boy. Their "anime" stars them as secret agents. Sounds cool, right? Wrong. The animation is on par with Foodfight! and Where the Dead Go to Die (neither of which I've seen in full), the voice acting is painful to listen to (and is in butchered English for some reason), and the gimmick to these characters is nightmarish: Their... :cries: boobs are the size of soccer balls :fear:, and a good bit of gags revolve around them. What you're in for is a horrifying insult to women, animation, and the world in general... That bad. My advice? Watch a show like One Piece, Gravity Falls, or Star vs. the Forces of Evil, not this rubbish. Disbelief 

2. Horrid Henry
Wow... this show almost made it to number one. But hey, considering that it's only one of my least favorite shows of all time, it had to rank very high on this list. I mean, this show has... so many problems jammed into one show... even more than the previous. Why's it ranked higher than the rest? Well, at least those other shows don't have lazy character designs (Koko & Mika, Goober, and Sonic Underground being the only possible exceptions), nonstop ear-rape (the characters' voices are among the worst), an aggressively contemptible joke of a main character, pitiful writing (again, the above mentioned examples being the only possible exceptions), and really, the other characters aren't much better -- except for the only good character, Fluffy the cat, who -- for some reason -- can change the time of day with a remote. :confused: It also has noticeable animation errors... like this one.Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Henroid Derp Face by DoctorManny "Horrid Henry's Holiday" has to be the single-worst episode of the whole show, if not for how unsightly, horrific, maddening, ear-destroying, rage-inducing, and completely insulting it is:angry: !! This show is bad. I mean, bad. So why is it not number one? 

Well, after much consideration, that (dis)honor goes to a special show... But first, some (dis)honorable mentions:

:( (Sad) Angela Anaconda
A show only slightly less bad than Horrid Henry. Refer to my full review of this show for my thoughts.

Crazy Hip Hop Harry
I'm sorry, what the actual heck is this? As well as ripping off Barney & Friends, we have some laughably-bad Laughing  production values and questionable characters. Why is there a giant yellow teddy bear hanging around kids? Why do said teddy bear and his "friends" need to rap? Why do they dance!? Crazy Also, Kelli Berglund was on this. :o (Eek) 

:( (Sad) The Buzz on Maggie
I remember never liking this show, even when I was younger. Yet, I watched it whenever it came on :confused:. Because it's a show about flies, it relies on light toilet humor to get by. In fact, I think this show only fueled my hatred of flies even more. To this day, I literally twitch when a fly lands on me. :crazy:

Rage The Day My Butt Went Psycho!
:cries: This show exists.
I actually don't understand why people rip on shows like Uncle Grandpa and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome (both created by Pete Browngardt). Both of those shows are meant to transcend reality; Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is more-or-less a black comedy that stars creatures who are SUPPOSED to be hideous -- they are annoying in-universe and are shunned by society, while Uncle Grandpa is simply what you get when you mix psychedelia, Golden Age cartoons, and acid in a blender and pour in some Chemical X. :laughing: Both of them aren't too well for my tastes, but they succeed in their purposes -- also, they're both rated TV-PG, having aired on a channel that has been known to push boundaries :nod:. The Day My Butt Went Psycho! is a realistic show about a war between humans and their sentient buttocks :puke: that is clearly meant for children. :fear: You want kids to watch this?! :rage: To prove my point, here's a clip of what we're in for.

:o (Eek) ALVINNN! and the Chipmunks
WTH?! by DoctorManny

What the heck? These Chipmunks barely look like chipmunks!! They look more like funky little tribesmen. How fracking bizarre is this show!? We have Alvin hitting on the principal, Simon tampering with Theodore's teddy bear so he can psychologically scar Alvin :fear:, and Dave Seville finding out he was a... high school dropout? (I knew Dave was a bum, but really? You're resorting to that old cliche?) The fact that it's animated by the same studio behind Sonic Boom (OuiDo! Productions) raises more questions, like the following: "Why does this show exist?!" :icondoomed3plz:

And now, my number one least favorite show of all time is... :drumroll: 

1. Full English

I am DEAD serious...: Rage :  It has the same problem as Horrid Henry and Sonic Underground: There is no reason for this show to exist.: Rage : It wants to be Family Guy. Too many adult cartoons want to be Family Guy. Not only is that not a good idea (Mr. Pickles, Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon", 12. oz Mouse all suffer from being raunchy just for the sake of being raunchy -- as has Family Guy recently), but there's another fact -- in countries like the UK, TV shows can be a lot more risque and dark in its humor, which is how shows like The IT Crowd and -- dare I say it -- Horrid Henry are able to thrive. However, there are some lines you can't cross, and Full English has this problem. We have glorious gags such as the main character's father-in-law wanting to bone Elizabeth II :puke:, said character's imaginary friend (who is gross and annoying) trying to hang himself, and the ghosts of Princess Diana and Jade Goody duking it out after hurling insults based on their backgrounds at each other. Jawdrop  That happens. Even the Daily Mail, considered one of the worst newspapers of all time, decried this show. Really, really think about that...Disbelief Not even Richard Ayoade could save this show... That bad. :cries:

So... that was my list of least favorite show. Join me next time on Dr. Manny Presents as I take on... something. Til then, stay happy, and have a wild day!

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If you’re interested in these reviews, leave a comment or send me a note with your suggestions! I’ll reply as fast as I can!
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Yep... Starts on Monday for me, which means that I gotta hit the books.

This won't keep me from DA, however. I'll still be working on reviews and art in the meantime :nod:, but school's gonna take up quite a bit of my time.

Until then, cheers!

Well, what are you guys waiting for? It’s Dr. Manny Presents!

In my last installment, I ripped on Horrid Henry, no doubt one of my least favorite shows of all time. It’s filled with incorrigible characters, ear-rape, and animation errors that even Sonic Underground would laugh at. I bring that up because of the next subject of this series, Angela Anaconda.

1 by DoctorManny

As I mentioned in my Horrid Henry review, I said that this show was only slightly less bad. Yes, slightly. I’ll get to why in a bit.

This show is based on a segment on KaBlam! (Remember that show?) The gimmick is that this show tried to imitate cutout animation – the same type used to animate those first two South Park shorts and those Terry Gilliam cartoons, the latter being the one to which the show is closer. I would forgive that had the characters not looked actually worse than they did in the series proper.

The above short is fracking creepy. In it, Angela gives her “boyfriend,” Johnny Abatti, a homemade Valentine card, only for Nanette Manoir (bleh) to give him a store-bought Valentine. A good portion of the episode is a hypothetical revenge scene, much like the later TV show would give us. As you can see, these character designs are piss-poor. Also, Angela hates Nanette solely because Nanette is better than Angela is. That’s… dumb. That’s not how you write a character – there has to be some sort of depth. For example, if Nanette did something to Angela that was extremely personal, and bringing that up would cause embarrassment, then the animosity would probably be justified. As it is, though, it just doesn’t work.

The actual TV show debuted on Fox Kids (remember that?) in 1999. The funny thing is… I actually remember liking that show when I was younger. Didn’t hold a candle to Braceface, though. But looking back all those years later, it’s… eh, not so good.

Off-key singing… Not a good sign.

In all honesty, you would think the creator of Unfabulous and Pepper Ann would know better. That’s right, the creator of Pepper Ann co-created this show and played the title character! In that case, Angela’s a jerk and an Author Avatar. Just what I needed.

So, yeah, most of these episodes center on Angela and her friends in… let’s call them “misadventures.” As is the case with Horrid Henry, we have stereotypes left and right – I already talked about Angela; Nanette Manoir tries to be a French stereotype, but fails miserably. Angela’s friend Gina Lash is a Big Eater and morbidly obese (apologies to morbidly obese people everywhere), while Johnny Abatti (remember him?) is clumsy and half-Italian (apologies to Italians everywhere); his family owns a pizzeria. Angela’s family… Well, I can definitely say that they’re miles better than Henry’s family.

Most episodes of the show include dream sequences by Angela, a good number of which involve her destroying Nanette. Geez! And I thought Henry’s fantasies were disturbing.

2 by DoctorManny
Umm… you want kids to see that?

Like I said, the show as a whole isn’t all that good. What really turns me off to it is that there was a theatrical short. Yes, you read that right – a short that premiered before Digimon: The Movie in its theatrical and home video release. For those who are curious, Digimon: The Movie was a shoddy attempt by the powers that be to merge three completely different Digimon shorts into one film and edit them so that they form a cohesive (read: crappy) narrative. It was little more than a cash-in and a moviegoers’ trap; those guys were basically shouting, “Hey, Pokémon, we can do a movie, too!” But I digress.

3 by DoctorManny
As you’d expect, this poster doesn’t deliver. Also, why does Lopmon look more like Terriermon than it already does?

The short begins with Angela and her friends waiting outside the theater to see the movie, only for Nanette and her cronies to butt in. Yeah, Angela may be bad, but I think Nanette comes a close second.

Vlcsnap-2015-08-12-11h08m09s086 by DoctorManny
If I could, I’d maul you and your lot right here and now.

As soon as the theater opens for real, Angela and her friends scramble into the theater in order to find the best seats. After some phoned-in slapstick, Angela finds a seat (to which she beats a stereotype of a black dude) that just so happens to be near where Nanette is sitting. (Contrivance much!?) What’s worse (or better, depending on your opinion), her teacher, Mrs. Brinks, blocks Angela’s view with her unsightly beehive.

Vlcsnap-2015-08-12-11h08m38s027 by DoctorManny
Marge Simpson she ain’t.

Angela, of course, doesn’t take this lightly. Instead of maybe telling Mrs. Brinks to back off, she has a dream sequence where she “digivolves” into a Taichi Yagami (Tai Kamiya) rip-off – she even has his hair and goggles! Oh dear…

It’s not funny because of how lazy this segment actually is, because it’s basically a gigantic Big Lipped Alligator Moment, and because… Well, this scene just does Digimon wrong. I mean, WRONG. Angela and her friends fight against what is not even a Digimon – nope, it’s Nanette piloting a giant robot in Mrs. Brinks’ likeness. Also, why does Gina wear Takeru’s (T.K.) hat, and why does Johnny Abatti (Yeah, he’s referred to by his full name. That’s a running gag.) perform a Deus Ex Machina? Oh, and “Angelamon” defeats the robot with a Hadouken.

Vlcsnap-2015-08-12-11h09m38s287 by DoctorManny
She’s a worse Ken than Ken!

And the robot topples on Nanette (off-screen), possibly killing her, while everyone cheers for their so-called “hero.”

Vlcsnap-2015-08-12-11h10m06s057 by DoctorManny

And surprise, surprise, Angela and her friends realize that they entered the wrong theater when a
different movie starts. The theater is practically empty at this point; even Nanette’s two stooges bail on her, and thus only she and Mrs. Brinks remain. The short ends with Angela screen-bombing Nanette’s movie.

Vlcsnap-2015-08-12-11h10m36s597 by DoctorManny

So, that was my review of
Angela Anaconda. As I said, it’s only slightly better than Horrid Henry. Why is that? Well, as cheesy and lazy as this show is, at least is has some fracking energy. I will admit, some of the animation looks good, and unlike Horrid Henry, it at least tries. Angela may be a massive Designated Hero, but at least she can only imagine doing those terrible things to Nanette, so it’s actually easier to sympathize with her. And to be fair, the voice acting here isn’t nearly as bad as in Horrid Henry. Other than that, this show is pretty sucky.


:) (Smile) If anything, some of the characters designs are kinda nice, and could’ve been really great had there been more effort.

:) (Smile) As a whole, it does have a “so-bad-it’s-good” vibe.

:) (Smile) The whole show seems to be inspired by the Terry Gilliam shorts. That’s something, right?

:) (Smile) The series proper is definitely better than the KaBlam! shorts.


:( (Sad) The voice acting is bad, but not as much as in Horrid Henry.

:( (Sad) Angela is a sociopath, but not as much as Horrid Henry.

:( (Sad) The cutout animation does look nice at times, but for the most part, it comes off as garish and lazy.

:( (Sad) The characterization sucks, but not as much as in Horrid Henry.

:( (Sad) Stereotypes, natch.


And on that, Dr. Manny Presents signs off. Stay happy, and have a wild day!


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Hello, friends and readers, and welcome to Dr. Manny Presents…

I was originally going to review Sonic Underground after Sonic X (and I really should have, seeing as it’s a flat-out insult to an amazing character), but I realized two facts: 1) it’d be kinda redundant to review three different Sonic media at once, so I’ve moved it down the review list, and 2) this show is so hellishly bad… Sonic Underground is Doug compared to this toxic waste of a show. It is Garfield Show-level bad. It is bad… The abysmal jar of ecstasy and nuclear bombs known as… Horrid Henry.

1 by DoctorManny

This show is one of sheer stupidity. This show thinks that being cruel and destructive can be considered funny. It’s not. It’s really not. Combine that with shoddy animation, piss-poor writing and voice acting, and total disrespect for humanity in general, and you have a worse show than
Angela Anaconda (that’s next on the list).

This show is based on a series of books written by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross (as in, yes, the illustrator for the Amber Brown series, which happens to be one of my all-time favorites.), the first of which was published in 1994. The book series recently ended with Horrid Henry’s Cannibal Curse (fitting title), yet for some reason, the TV show is still going on. I actually got a hold of a Horrid Henry book a while ago, and tried reading it to my cousins – they couldn’t even make it past the first story in the book – yeah, I almost forgot, each book is actually a collection of four poorly-written “stories.” Fifty Shades of Grey had better writing. Bio-Dome had better writing.

Horrid HenryHorrid Henry’s Cannibal Curse

And the setup? Dennis the Menace and Gnasher did this setup miles better. The main character of Horrid Henry is a kid who hates authority and loves causing trouble, just like Dennis the Menace (both versions, to be exact). Here’s the problem, though: Both of those characters are actually ­well-written. Also, the Wikipedia page for this series compares Henry to Bart Simpson. I actually had a conversation with someone on DeviantArt about differing standards, so I can definitely understand; that said, as I mentioned on that page, it’s my opinion that Henry and Bart Simpson cannot be compared to each other. This excuse for a human being is extremely unlikable… While it’s obvious that Bart is no saint, episodes such as “Marge Be Not Proud,” “Bart the General,” “Krusty Gets Busted,” and the debut episode “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” show that Bart has a sense of humanity and cares for those closest to him. Henry, on the other hand – oh god this is stupid – sells his brother to make quick money. I’m not joking. That happens. And he’s supposed to be the main character.

Wth by DoctorManny
See that screenshot? That is what we’re in for.

They put the entire first season of Horrid Henry on Netflix, and so I checked it out. I will admit, a few episodes weren’t too bad, but a lot of them… they were just horrible. This show is just one of several examples on how not to do an animated series. There are animation errors, like, all over the place. For example, characters eyes look frequently off; in one scene, Henry’s mother was wearing one outfit, and in literally the next scene, the clothes were different; lip-sync errors are quite common; and in one episode, Henry’s mouth disappears for a split second.

Vlcsnap-2015-07-26-00h27m24s227 by DoctorManny
At least it’s not as bad as “Over the Hill Hero’s” mouth error.

The characters are terrible. We already have Henry, who’s about as bad as bad can get. Henry does his best (read: worst) to avoid school, avoid broccoli, and avoid justice. Also, Henry has a voice that makes T-Pain sound like Morgan Freeman. It’s bad. At least in… *sigh* The Garfield Show, Frank Welker does his best to mimic Lorenzo Music’s Garfield; and a few 4Kids dubs during 4Kids’ descent into madness were pretty good (for example, I kinda liked Kirby: Right Back At Ya! when I was younger, and I still kinda like it now.) Whenever Henry tries to speak… the most ear-raping screech comes out. Every time he talks, I feel like ripping my ears out.

Vlcsnap-2015-08-08-08h52m28s607 by DoctorManny
Horrid Henry demonstrating the destructiveness of his voice.

Geez… Henry’s family is not much better. His brother is named Perfect Peter, who is the literal exact opposite of Henry, and thus is well-behaved, tidy, and respectful to those around him – a prime target for Henry’s so-called “pranks.” Whenever Henry bullies Peter, we’re supposed to sympathize with the former; in this scenario, we usually end up siding with the victim of such torture, but it’s hard to sympathize with Peter. After all, he hangs out with boys with equal “personalities” him, and his teacher is named “Miss Lovely.” Ugh… Just what I need, throw “Tastes like Diabetes” into the mix.

Vlcsnap-2015-08-08-08h53m36s218 by DoctorManny
Actually, that’s not fair.

Their as-of-yet unnamed parents (stupid trope), of course, have to put up with this, except I only end up hating them just as much, Henry’s mum especially. Most of the time, she ends up acting like a whiny hoe rather than a parent. In the aforementioned episode where Henry sells Peter, she demands he “buy him back.” OK, 1) she really took that seriously? And 2), she does so in the loudest scream imaginable. YouTube Poop scenes that turn the volume up to purposely shock are quieter than that. My ears almost bled hearing that. Henry’s dad is not much better; he usually does whatever Mum does and has a bad voice. Also, he works in a toothbrush factory. Ooh, so cool.

Toothbrush by DoctorManny
My dad’s job is better than that.

Henry’s classmates are not much better; oh yeah, I almost forgot – literally every single character on this show is a stereotype. I’m not joking – Rude Ralph is arguably just as bad as Henry and takes pride in burping; Beefy Bert is an idiot whose catchphrase is “I dunno;” Moody Margaret is simply bossy (and her voice is right up there with Peter and Henry’s mum’s); Sour Susan repeats everything Margaret says (lazy) – they’re those kinds of kids. The faculty at that school is not much better; Ms. Boudicca Battle-Axe *facedesks one too many times* is the typical curmudgeon who feels wronged by the rowdiest student in her class; I already mentioned Miss Lovely – do I really need to talk about her? – and there’s a dinner lady named Greasy Greta who flat-out eats the students’ desserts in front of them after she confiscates them.

Omg by DoctorMannyWut by DoctorManny
I’m pretty sure if one of my lunch ladies did that, they’d get fired.

Well, now that I’m done with the characters, let’s move on to the writing. Oh my goodness, is it bad. The scripts seriously look like a monkey was behind the desk, which, combined with the horrendous voice acting, is simply bad. Like I said, Bio-Dome was better written than this; at least whoever wrote that script knew how to write. Every episode contains the following setup: Henry whines about something, is then faced with a problem, screams, title card, episode goes as follows, genius scene, climax, end. There’s next to no variation; Henry is always wanting something he can’t have, so he goes to such lengths such as selling his brother; letting loose a Deus Ex kitten on unsuspecting guests; and copying and then butchering his brother’s book report, all while showing absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

And it has a habit on ending things in an extremely conflicted way – Henry either gets away with his misdeeds, or through some sort of contrivance, Henry ends up getting in trouble – and on a show like this, it usually the former. That is not ­– I repeat, not – a good way to end an episode, especially as Henry predictably never learns from his mistakes – just like these “writers.”

Vlcsnap-2015-08-08-09h03m17s715 by DoctorManny
Stop shoving your obnoxious voice down our throats, please!

Whenever Henry does learn from his mistakes, it’s usually extremely heavy-handed, and he just goes back to making people’s lives a living hell. It’s… not good. Worst example of Status Quo Is God I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes, a few episodes focus on Peter… and they actually manage to be worse. Just because you try to make Peter an unlikable d-bag does NOT mean I’m excited to see what he does. In fact, Peter can’t do jack – the worst he does is eat chocolates out of a box and replace them with slugs… and Henry is blamed for it. Again, worst use of Status Quo Is God ever. Another one actually had Peter wising up and deciding to take revenge on Henry… by writing bogus love letters to Margaret and Susan and causing other girls to taunt Henry. Henry thinks some of his friends pulled that stunt, so he forges a fake love letter to Ms. Battle-Axe… it all becomes very confusing, and it ends with Peter taking the blame and getting a detention, when it was all because Henry was being a jerk to Peter once again. Geez, some people never seem to get the justice they deserve…

Shirt by DoctorManny
Henry berates Peter for wearing the same shirt as he. Our main character, folks!

As I’ve already touched upon, a majority of the characters are horrible to each other. Henry’s family is the most glaring example – from what I see, the entire family is in a one-sided, four-way abusive relationship. The Bundys from Married… With Children are better than this. Henry’s a jerk to Peter, their parents are jerks to Henry, and Peter is just a wimpy milksop who doesn’t do anything other than whine, scream, and be “perfect…” Perfect, my eye. All of Henry’s classmates are horrible to each other. Henry’s teacher is horrible to Henry. It’s like these people know jack about how to write characters.

Also, there’s a cat that can somehow change the time of day using a remote control. I don’t know how that works.

Cat1 by DoctorMannyCat2 by DoctorMannyCat3 by DoctorManny
Deus ex kitten, just like I told you!

…What else have I to say about this mess of a show? One word: Horrid. The characters are horrid. The animation is horrid. The writing is horrid. The music is horrid (oh yes I forgot, the music on this show is god-awful). Like I said, it’s a prime example on how not to an animated series… or any series, for that matter. Just about nothing on this show is the least bit creative. The entirety of it is a disgrace to humanity. When it’s not busy being an utter mess of a program that has next to nothing of value, it is busy being flat-out annoying and wasteful of programming space wherever it airs. And if that wasn’t bad enough… the idiotic “writers” try throwing jokes into the mix, such as that thing with the cat, “fancy” meals having horrid names translated to French, and Henry’s cousin (a rich and spoiled brat, might I add) getting pantsed while he’s wearing pajamas and no underwear. This sociopathy is not comedic. This show is not comedic, not entertaining, and offers little of value; it’s horrendous, infuriating, destructive, cruel, terrifying, and simply put, insulting!!! Oh, and there was also a movie.

Horrid Henry The Movie Ver12 by DoctorManny
When your film’s tagline detests the character, you done messed up.
:) (Smile) 
The only character I don't want to strangle is Fluffy, the Deus ex kitten in question. ...That's something, right?
:) (Smile) For some strange reason, Henry's great-aunt think's he's female. That... actually got a chuckle out of me.

:( (Sad) 
Lazy animation that rivals Adult Party Cartoon and Paddy the Pelican.
:( (Sad) 
Awful characters.
:( (Sad) Horrid exposition.
:( (Sad) Music that makes "Friday" sound like "In the Hall of the Mountain King."
:( (Sad) The character voices... More ear rape. The voice actors all sound like they're either used to yelling through bullhorns or they were just pulled from a riot to do voice acting. Peter's voice alone will make your ears bleed.
:( (Sad) 
Morality takes a back seat. Logic takes a back seat.
:( (Sad) Character designs that crash headfirst into the Uncanny Valley. 
:( (Sad) Nightmarish imagine spots.

Phew… So, that was my review of Horrid Henry, or as I like to call it, How to Kill Your Sense of Innocence in 11 Minutes. Join me next time as I review something… slightly less bad.

This was Dr. Manny Presents. Stay happy, and have a wild day!


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Hello, friends and readers, and welcome back to Dr. Manny Presents!

Last time, I reviewed Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, an animated series with a divided reputation. Even with all its faults, I still think that it’s a decent show. With that said, let’s move on to a show with an even more divided reputation, which also stars Sonic the Hedgehog – The anime series Sonic X.


This show debuted in 2003, and is the second 
Sonic show to be produced in Japan (after that two-episode OVA, which I'll get to later). The show was dubbed in English by 4Kids Entertainment, and despite the usual mixed quality, nonetheless became one of its more popular properties. This show has a… kind of crazy airing history; only the first two of the show’s three seasons were aired in Japan – the final season was aired only outside Japan at first, no doubt because of the franchise’s low popularity in Japan.

Sonic X has really divided audience; some love it, some really don’t like it. The dub was produced at a time when 4Kids was becoming increasingly xenophobic – think about it, they made myriad edits to their licensed anime, but not their in-house products. In the case of Sonic X, there are those who enjoy it because it’s Sonic, and those who absolutely loathe it because… We’ll, I’m heading there right now.

This anime has the usual Sonic characters; you got the hedgehog himself, the fastest runner there is; Tails, the two-tailed fox with a knack for inventing; Knuckles, the super-strong echidna; you know the drill. Sonic is busy thwarting Dr. Eggman’s latest scheme, when – of all things – a misfire with the Chaos Emeralds causes a massive explosion that engulfs everybody!

When Sonic wakes up, he has a difficult time getting his bearings. All of a sudden, there are beings not quite like him surrounding him – Sonic has been sent to another world, and it’s possible his friends are there, too. He runs around town, trying to make sense of what happened, and then – SPLASH! – Sonic lands in the pool of a nearby mansion, and due to his infamous inability to swim, is stuck there. A boy who lives in that mansion takes notice and saves the hedgehog.

And thus began a beautiful friendship… Bleh.

Friendship by DoctorManny

The boy’s name is Chris Thorndyke – yeah, simply put, a lot of people don’t like this character. At all. He essentially becomes more of a main character than the title character himself, which, to be fair, is kind of distracting. His background is nothing original – his parents are always busy and never have time for him, bleh… Yeah, a pretty generic character. His grandfather, Chuck; his maid Ella; and Tanaka, his butler (the latter two are given accents in the dub, natch…) are the closest things he has most of the time.

Most of the episodes from this point on focus on Sonic looking for his friends with Chris and Chuck’s help. The earlier episodes are based on Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Battle, three pretty underrated games, in my opinion. As Sonic finds his friends, he predictably comes face to face with Eggman, who’s accompanied by two robots named Decoe (the gold one) and Bocoe (the silver one…!!!), as well as a messenger robot named Bokkun. The former two are essentially this show’s Scratch and Grounder, being the two robots who continually mess up and provide comic relief. A later story arc actually saw Decoe and Bocoe quit and join forces with Sonic, but that was short-lived. Status Quo Is God, after all.

 Chicks by DoctorManny
Scratch and Grounder certainly don’t do drag like these guys.

During their stay in Chris’ world, our heroes find out that the two universes were, in fact, a single universe at one point, and that their presence will stop time forever if they don’t return. Everyone makes a return except for Sonic, with whom Chris absconds because… well, the friendship is strong. Chris eventually learns to let Sonic go, but he promises that he will return to him, while Sonic reunites with a tearful Amy.

 Sonicreturns by DoctorManny
“Why can’t I hold all these feels?”

Fast-forward six months. A race of robots called the Metarex make their entrance, causing discord. They Metarex fight with Sonic over the Chaos Emeralds, but the hedgehog decides they’ll have to find him before they can. Meanwhile, an adult Chris builds a device in order to fulfill his promise to Sonic. He makes an entrance to their world, but time passes differently in
his world – as a result, Chris is still a kid in Sonic’s world.

Sonic and his friends befriend Cosmo, a sick plant girl. After Cosmo gets her groove back, she joins Sonic’s team and… you won’t believe this… she and Tails develop a romance.

 Usopp by DoctorManny
No, Usopp, I am not kidding you.

A fox and a plant girl… IN LOVE?! It’s like in
Zeus and Roxanne, where we have a dog and a dolphin falling in love. Jeez… and I thought The Garfield Show was messed up in the head. At least The Garfield Show didn’t try to shoehorn in a bromance between Garfield and Jon – AUGH! I just gave The Garfield Show a COMPLIMENT!! See what that horrid show does to me – AAAH! I said “horrid!” Must… fight… back…

Anyway, Dark Oak, the big bad leader of the Metarex, reveals that he and Cosmo are part of the same kind and that there’s a tracking device in her brain – yeah, this show has the “friend is secretly a spy trope,” except this was all against Cosmo’s will. Despite the intervention, Tails refuses to remove the device, as it’s possible she’ll become blind and deaf forever if he does so.

The battle reaches its climax at the center of the universe, where the Metarex take control of a water-based planet that houses a planet-like egg (just roll with it); the planet begins to turn into a seed. Predictably, the Metarex lose, so they decide to destroy the whole galaxy. Cosmo gets a vision from her mother, telling her that she needs to sacrifice herself in order to save everybody. She merges with the seed, and tells Tails that he needs to fire on her, much to Tails’ horror. Tails does the deed, destroying the Metarex in the process – the only remnant of Cosmo is a seed. Eggman has a brief change of heart and builds a portal to allow Chris to return home; while that goes on, Cosmo’s seed begins to sprout, and Sonic and Eggman return to their usual routine.

Phew… There, the wretchedness is gone…

So, that was Sonic X… a pretty pointless show, if I do say so myself. After Sonic X debuted, the show’s English cast became the official English cast for the Sonic franchise until 2010; this… wasn’t taken well. But for a show as… bland as Sonic X is, it does have a few advantages. The English theme song, “Gotta Go Fast,” remains popular as an Internet meme, rivaling the likes of PINGAS, “Find the computer room,” and “Sanic Hegehog…”

 Sanic by DoctorManny

But because it’s
Sonic X, my review will be… mainly poor. The human characters aren’t really interesting and, in all honesty, could have been removed. Unlike the majority, I don’t think Chris Thorndyke is beyond salvaging. I mean, at the very least, he received some character development; we know the reason why he doesn’t want Sonic to leave, and during Sonic’s stay, he does do his best to help his new friends out. Meanwhile, Rouge teams up with government agent Topaz… to put it simply, Mariska Hargitay she ain’t. Chris’ uncle, Sam Speed (Ack! Corny name.), lives up to his name; he’s a race car driver, the fastest in town, and also a hothead. Sonic actually runs into him in the first episode of the series; the results of that race are predictable. Other than those two (and Chuck, arguably better comic relief than both Decoe and Bocoe), I don’t really care for them.

Meme remixes ahoy!

The Metarex and Cosmo actually aren’t much better. They’re all sadly generic, even more so than Chris; Cosmo is the “one who suffers from health issues, but comes to hold great importance and must sacrifice themselves to save the world” trope, while the Metarex try to be too much like the Decepticons. It gets boring. And did I mention that Cosmo and Tails
fall in love? I’ve seen enough crazy romances in my life, thank you very much.

Like I said, the final set of episodes wasn’t even aired in Japan, so for a while, the Japanese viewers didn’t even know what went on. The Japanese versions have been leaked, though.

Before I conclude this installment of Dr. Manny Presents, I’ll be listing the pros and cons of Sonic X.


:) (Smile) For one, it’s a Sonic the Hedgehog anime; you’d think the Japanese folk would be excited to see this. Guess not.

:) (Smile) This and the OVA are definitely closer to the games than some of the other Sonic shows.

:) (Smile) The designs to the human characters are at least pleasing, I’ll give them that. One of Chris’ friend is wheelchair-bound, but they don’t try to make jokes out of it. In fact, a whole episode focused on Sonic forming a bond with her and taking her to see her favorite flowers. Another of Chris’ friends proves that you don’t need to make a black character a stereotype.

:) (Smile) Not gonna lie, Sonic and friends pull off some impressive feats in Chris’ world.


:( (Sad) Even for an anime, the animation is choppy. At times, it almost spirals into the Uncanny Valley.

:( (Sad) As I said before, the human characters are pretty bland (other than their designs) and could’ve been removed – or at least factored so that it’s like Sonic Unleashed.

:( (Sad) Generic villains, as well.

:( (Sad) The voice acting in the English dub gets pretty grating at times. 4Kids reused these actors in literally every anime they dubbed (during their descent into madness, at least). I rank it #25 in worst anime dubs.

This has been Dr. Manny Presents. Stay happy, and have a wild day!


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Bullet; Red Bubsy pilot: Rage : 
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If you’re interested in these reviews, leave a comment or send me a note with your suggestions! I’ll reply as fast as I can!

Hello, friends and readers, and welcome back to Dr. Manny Presents!

My first installment got this series off to a rocky start, due to how unimpressively bad the subject matter was. I decided to myself that I needed healing from that mind-numbingly horrific waste of time and effort dubbed The Garfield Show. After thinking long and hard about which show I needed to review next, I decided that I was gonna review a show that is… interesting, to say the least. This show is definitely far from perfect, but it’s safe for me to say that it is MILES better than that blitzkrieg. This is a quirky show starring a certain super-fast blue animal. This show is titled Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog!

I discovered the show when I was still in middle school, and I’ve been interested in the show ever since. I’m actually a really big
Sonic the Hedgehog fan – I own three games in the series, and used to watch Sonic X avidly on 4Kids TV. Yeah, I’m a really big fan. Had I seen this show first, though… let’s just say that I definitely would have seen the blue blur in a different light.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is certainly a divisive show. There are some who believe it to be one of the best cartoons ever, while others think it’s just a mindless piece of crap that the greedy bums at DiC Entertainment (that’s who made the show) created in order to make a quick buck. What do I think of the show…? Well… Like I said, it’s far from perfect, but in my opinion, it’s one of those shows that can shine through even if the majority of the show isn’t much better. Some episodes are good; some are bad – but it actually pull off some really exciting and even heartwarming episodes if it puts its mind to it!

OK, enough stalling, on to the good stuff.

The show takes place on the planet Mobius (as did several Sonic the Hedgehog media in the early 90s), and stars our two heroes – Sonic the Hedgehog (of course), and his best buddy and sidekick, Miles “Tails” Prower. The two travel the planet in search of adventure – and chili dogs. Sonic’s especially in it for the chili dogs, but more so the adventure… mostly.

If Sonic’s voice on this cartoon sound familiar, it is – he’s voiced by Steve Urkel himself, Jaleel White! I was actually surprised the first time I looked it up. Jaleel White also lent his voice to two other Sonic cartoons – the darker-toned Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM), and… sigh… Sonic Underground.


But seriously, Jaleel White actually does the character really well. It’s not the best portrayal of Sonic, but something tells me it probably would’ve been worse if they got an older actor to play him.

Of course, Sonic is a real speed demon, and a lot of his wit comes from it. Tails, on the other hand, usually tags along with Sonic during their escapades, but he does hold his own in a few episodes, which I’ll get to shortly.

Sonic and Tails are out to stop the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik (duh!), who created two robots, Scratch and Grounder to go after his nemeses. Unfortunately for Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder are terrible, to say the least. They were supposed to be super-intelligent, but they’re dumber than dirt. This leads to many a screw-up, with Sonic easily being able to run circles around them (pun not intended)

There’s also Coconuts, a robot monkey who is constantly sent to bathroom duty, much to his disdain. In hopes of getting on Robotnik’s good side, he goes after out speedy blue hero himself. Unlike Scratch and Grounder, he can actually see through Sonic’s disguises, but unfortunately, it’s apparently not enough.

Sonic really knows how to work it. (Not pictured: Coconuts.)

As is the case with many cartoons from its era, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog follows a standard format. In this case, most episodes involve Sonic and Tails getting caught up in one of Robotnik’s schemes; there’s some peril, but Sonic always manages to outsmart the “dumb bots,” save Tails (if Tails needs to be saved, which is in quite a few episodes), and defeat Robotnik. I say “most” because there are quite a bit of episodes that actually break this mold, even almost defying the Status Quo. Episodes like that are definitely worthy of review...


“Tails’ New Home”

After Scratch and Grounder roughhouse once more and Sonic predictably puts a halt to their attack, Sonic decides that such events may be too dangerous for Tails, and sets out to find a foster home for his two-tailed friend. They come across a missing sign apparently left by Tails’ parents; Sonic is quick to rush to the abode; Tails’ parents seem genuinely happy to see Tails. At this point, Sonic and Tails part ways, but not before bidding each other a fond farewell.

TailsNewHome1 by DoctorManny TailsNewHome3 by DoctorManny

As soon as Sonic speeds off, it’s revealed the whole thing was a ruse set up by Robotnik! This is, hands down, evil. In fact, it’s hazardously evil. Robotnik disguised two ant-looking robots as foxes in order to fool Sonic and Tails; this is especially hard for Tails, who is essentially an orphan!

TailsNewHome2 by DoctorManny

 Sonic flashes back to when he and Tails first met; this is actually a really tear-jerking scene – Tails just wanted a home to live in, but everyone kicked him out. Sonic, after seeing Tails fly, let him tag along with him, and the two became best friends. Back in the present, Sonic actually sheds a tear at the fact that he may never see his friend again… then realizes that something is seriously wrong.

He heads back to the robots’ hideout, and after some escapades that only this show can do (Sonic turns the ant-things into soup!), Sonic and Tails reunite, and Tails says that it’s good be home. Aww…

It’s extremely rare for this kind of show to tackle a subject as sensitive as abandonment without souring it with a gag or something backhanded, but Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog did that right.

“Over the Hill Hero” 

Scratch and Grounder strike a nearby village with a blitzkrieg of… sneeze bombs (definitely an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode), and it’s Sonic to the rescue! Everything goes swiftly until…

"Never fear, Captain Rescue is here!"

Enter Captain Rescue, an elderly, out-of-shape raccoon superhero. He tries to help, but in his current state, he nearly bungles Sonic’s rescue mission. After we get Captain Rescue’s backstory…

“Ja, buns and thighs.”


Captain Rescue explains that he saw Sonic on television, and that he figured he needed some extra hands. Sonic’s response?

Fgfgf by DoctorManny
Sonic: Thanks, but no thanks, old-timer. Tails here is my main man.

Ow, harsh.

Of course, Captain Rescue angrily storms off. Meanwhile, Robotnik rips on Scratch and Grounder, unsurprisingly, and shows off his latest feat: An impenetrable force field in which he plans on entrapping the entire planet.

“Nothing can penetrate it! No force on Mobius can damage it!”


He sends an army of… Queen’s Guard robots (again, definitely something only this show can do) to help do the deed, but Sonic disguises himself as their commanding officer (honestly, this scene makes R. Lee Ermey sound like Big Bird). Captain Rescue shows up to tangle with the dumb bots, but Scratch literally kicks him out; Sonic rescues the raccoon, bowling over the dumbniks in the process. This frustrates Robotnik, who comes up with plan B.

“…I’ll make it just the right size to capture Sonic… permanently!”


This time, Sonic tells the raccoon off, leaving him to sulk in sorrow. Robotnik approaches him, and tells him that they can be just as heroic as Sonic when working together. Unbeknownst to Captain Rescue, however, it’s all a ruse to trap Sonic in his force field! Captain Rescue puts two and two together and tries to stop Robotnik, but his utility belt springs a leak, convincing him of his uselessness.

As Robotnik gloats in the village, Tails snatches Sonic and carries him to safety. He heads to Captain Rescue’s motor home and tells him that there’s still some oomph left in him. Captain Rescue reluctantly agrees. Using his rocket, the two race to Sonic. Sonic uses the rocket to travel into space and disintegrate the force field.

Upon landing back on Mobius, Grounder has Tails and Captain Rescue trapped, but the raccoon hero pulls a Deus ex Machina and uses his utility belt to ensnare the two dumbniks, while Sonic rigs Robotnik’s Egg-O-Matic, leaving the terrible trio to bounce into the horizon.

Sonic apologizes for putting Captain Rescue down, and realizes that although he’s not who he used to be, Captain Rescue can still pull off some moves not even Sonic can have. Sonic and Tails bid their friend farewell, and Captain Rescue proudly declares…

"I like that hedgehog!"

As bland as Captain Rescue may be, I feel like he could be a great role model to his audience. The “with age comes wisdom” trope is nothing new, but “Over the Hill Hero” definitely gives it an interesting spin.


Those two episodes are examples of some of the really good episodes of this show. Of course, like all good/decent shows, it has a few duds; given the general setup of this show, those duds can be really, really bad. Below is just one example.


“Sonic Breakout”

Click to view full size image

This episode… This episode is one I really do not like. After all, this show is supposed to be a zany, lighthearted show. “Tails’ New Home” worked because it was a heartwarming kind of serious; this episode tries to be more akin to a SatAM episode, and as a result, it falls flat.

The episode begins with Sonic and Tails awaiting the latest issue of Crack-Ups – it’s a comic magazine, kind of like Mad and The Beano (Google The Beano), with its gimmick being that the comics are animated – oh, so this show basically invented motion comics? Good to know.

Meanwhile, Robotnik shows off his maximum-security prison.

“I call it… Robotnik’s Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons!”


Scratch and Grounder read the issue of Crack-Ups, which is then confiscated by Robotnik. And guess what happens? He goes into a rage. Over what, you ask?



One comic in the magazine portrays Robotnik as Humpty Dumpty; Humpty Dumpty sat on wall… blah, blah blah… Except this version depicts some random citizens as laughing fools who start guffawing at the cracked egg himself. Yeah, childhood ruined much?!

Robotnik demands that the artist be arrested. That artist is Sketch Lampoon, who is currently at work on the next issue of Crack-Ups when Scratch and Grounder break in. News of the “arrest” breaks out, and Sonic is hopping mad!

The hedgehog hatches a plan: He’s gonna get himself arrested in order to break Sketch Lampoon out, but not before he has some fun with the stoogeniks.

Once that’s done, Sonic eagerly awaits his cell… Except Robotnik has something else in mind… Sonic, of course, is thrown into a maximum-security jail cell, isolated from the rest of the already high-security prison – okay, seriously? All this over a comic? Speaking of, merely mentioning the comic makes ol’ egghead butthurt. Robotnik heads to Sketch and demands that he dedicate his next issue to Robotnik. Sketch, of course, doesn’t take it well.

 Click to view full size imageClick to view full size image
That’s what I look like!” Hypocrisy at its worst.


Sonic predictably works his way around the prison – he attaches a poster of himself to Grounder (“Aren't I taller than that?” Actually, no; in fact you’re pretty short), which causes the alarms to go off, which causes the robots’ undoing. Robotnik tries to maintain order, but Sonic and Tails are multiple steps ahead of him. After breaking Sketch Lampoon out of his cell, the trio escape the prison just as it goes boom. And the episode ends with Robotnik in the exact same situation he imprisoned a cartoonist over.

 Click to view full size image
“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get… BAWWW!”


Yeah, “Sonic Breakout” is seriously bad. In fact, as is the case with “Orange and Black,” it condenses all of that show’s problems into one episode. Unlike The Garfield Show, however, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is otherwise a decent show. It has its ups and downs, and this is clearly a huge down. In fact, you know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of those controversies surrounding the political cartoon industry, such as the infamous Charlie Hebdo attacks that happened in 2011 and earlier this year. In that scenario, the perpetrators at least had a sound reason to make the attack – I won’t take sides here, but I understood the backgrounds. Anyone working in the animation and cartoon industry would take this very seriously, so in hindsight, this episode could actually be damaging. But I digress.


I’ve already talked about the positive aspects of this show, so here come the negative aspects. The most important one is the inevitable animation errors that creep onto this show – in their heyday, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and several other cartoons were aired on a daily basis (save for Saturday and Sunday). Essentially, this meant that the animators had to animate as quickly as the schedule allowed them to, and unfortunately the results show all too well. For example, Sonic’s arms turn blue quite frequently (Hey! It’s Sonic Boom 21 years early!Laughing); and in “Over the Hill Hero,” his entire mouth disappears for a split second.

That’s gonna cause nightmares…


Speaking of animation errors, the characters are generally never on-model; in every episode, the characters will look slightly different than in another episode – in one episode, Sonic has Dr. Seuss eyes; in another, his eyes are pretty normal.

Another problem with this show is the way some of the characters act. I’ve already discussed how Robotnik tends to go overboard on occasion, but the other characters sometimes act just as badly. Sonic takes pride in his speed, and this sometimes leads to some… pretty mean jokes; Tails acts like a whiny brat who tends to look on the negative side of things. But I digress.

Like I said, Tails gets his day in the limelight in a few episodes, and they’re generally really good. In “Tails In Charge,” Sonic is zapped by Robotnik’s petrifying ray, and it’s up to Tails to keep Sonic out of trouble. He manages to keep away from the dumbniks, and actually booby-traps the abandoned factory in which he’s hiding. Tails is able to outsmart Robotnik and his goons and get Sonic back to normal! In “Tails’ Tale,” Sonic mysteriously disappears. Tails and a new friend, William le Due, eventually discover an ancient temple in which Sonic is trapped. The ruler of the temple has him hostage, but Sonic eventually tells him the cold, hard truth. Sonic and Tails help him give Robotnik exactly what he deserves!

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention – Each episode is book-ended by a segment called “Sonic Says” (or “Sonic Sez”).  As it implies, each segment has Sonic illustrating a moral, usually through comical effects. Some segments are okay, and actually do fit the subject of the episode, such as the one in “Over the Hill Hero”; others are… strange. One segment involves Sonic warning the viewer on the dangers of riding in a dryer. While that does sound dangerous, it also sounds really implausible – I doubt even toddlers would attempt that. (It’s actually a Beavis and Butt-head reference; that show’s two protagonists actually do that in one episode.)


In conclusion, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog… is actually a decent show. Yes, it’s far from perfect, and it has its duds, but when watching it for the first time, it’s miles better than a few other shows I’ve had to sit through… *cough*THEGARFIELDSHOW*cough*


:) (Smile) Jaleel White is actually a really good Sonic.

:) (Smile) Robotnik is voiced by the late “Long John” Baldry, who was actually active as a blues singer. Ironically, Robotnik’s singing is… not good.

:) (Smile) Even one-shot characters ­are given a shot at development.

:) (Smile) The zany atmosphere combined with the overall wit is actually really fitting.

:) (Smile) Not gonna lie, the stooge-niks serve as creative foils to Sonic, and even they get their days in the limelight.

:) (Smile) Tails occasionally proves he’s more than just a tagalong to Sonic.


:( (Sad) Animation errors are inevitable; characters sometimes look… off.

:( (Sad) The characters sometimes act really horribly.

:( (Sad) Some of the “Sonic Says” segments are really weird, and don’t fit with the overall episode.

:( (Sad) When this show was first broadcast, the episodes were aired out of order.

:( (Sad) Sonic sometimes overuses painful rhymes; one of his catchphrases is usually set up as “Gotta [verb], [word which rhymes with verb]!”

:( (Sad) Status Quo Is God, Cliché Storm, and (sometimes) plot holes are unfortunately present.


That was my review of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and on that, I conclude this edition of Dr. Manny Presents. Stay happy, and have a wild day!


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Hello, friends and readers, and welcome to the very first installment of…

Dr. Manny Presents!!

In this series, I’ll be taking a shot at reviewing a few things out there. Some reviews will be good. Others will be bad. In either case, I’ll be reviewing these things as constructively as possible.

Also, as these reviews are my own personal opinion, please be constructive if you’re going to leave comments. They are appreciated, though; if your opinion differs from mine, that’s cool – just be cool about it.

OK, without further ado, let’s begin the review!

 …My first review is of a show… A TV show… *sigh*

Look, I’m gonna level with you right now – this show… is one of the HARDEST I’ve ever had to review. Why? Well, it’s simple really…

Remember that interview where a 4Kids employee revealed that they hadn’t watched a single episode of One Piece before they started working on their train wreck of a dub? Imagine that, but with the creators ACTIVELY knowing about the source material, yet watering it down to an boring, sleep-inducing, unstable mess of a show. Yeah, what I’m talking about is that bad. SO, let’s get ready for the first Dr. Manny Presents review…


1-1 by DoctorManny

 Now before you say ANYTHING; I know what you’re thinking: “What? It’s Garfield – how can a show based on that be as bad as I’m making it out to be?” I asked myself the same thing. Let me go back a few years…

A few years ago, they showed this old cartoon, Garfield & Friends, on Boomerang. I never saw it until now, but let me just say… this show was amazing! This show stayed very true to the comic strips and, as the title implies, included segments based on another Jim Davis strip, U.S. Acres (the show uses that comic’s European title, Orson’s Farm.) Needless to say, I understood why it was such a big hit years later. The voice actor for Garfield, Lorenzo Music, was handpicked by Jim Davis himself, and he voiced the fat cat until his death in 2001. Since then, all of Garfield’s subsequent voice actors are required to impersonate Lorenzo’s Garfield (or so I’ve heard). I actually own a DVD copy of Garfield: The Movie, in which Bill Murray voices Garfield. Many people hated it – me? I actually liked it. Sure, the movie introduced a few useless characters, made some pretty bad casting choices (Breckin Meyer ­as Jon?), shoehorned in a Black Eyed Peas song (nitpicking!), and was actually unnecessarily cruel – but in my opinion, this movie – while far from perfect – is miles better that The Garfield Show. At least Garfield: The Movie didn’t put me to sleep or shoehorn in extremities that appear for no apparent reason (Yeah, it happens). …Look, I’ve stalled enough, let’s review The Garfield Show.

But first a background: This show was co-produced in France (IMO, my favorite country when it comes to animation) by a studio named Ellipseanime, which also co-produced three seasons of Doug and that Donkey Kong Country cartoon. It premiered in France in 2008 (as Garfield et Cie), as well as in the US on Cartoon Network. I found about it on Wikipedia, and I decided to watch a few episodes, and… My God. I’m pretty sure that half my brain exploded after watching it. The FIRST episode I watched already made me want to break my TV open – it was just so stupid!!

    1.      The cartoon is computer-animated (as opposed to traditionally animated), which I wouldn’t mind were the animation not unstable and haphazard – that’s strike 1.

    2.      We have characters who contribute NOTHING and could have been written out entirely – that’s strike 2.

    3.       Garfield HIMSELF is reduced to a disturbing, time-wasting, uninteresting shell of his former self – that’s strike 3.

WOW – I wasn’t even done watching, and ALREADY this show had three strikes against it!

But… for some strange reason, I kept watching it, despite knowing how much of a waste of time it was – I mean, it’s GARFIELD, so I should be happy that he has a TV show – except he had a MUCH BETTER TV SHOW. Sigh… I’m stalling again, aren’t I?

I’ll be reviewing an episode from this series, to give you a glimpse of how boring and messed up this show is. I hope everyone’s ready, because heaven knows I ain’t… Let’s begin.

The episode I’ll be reviewing is “Orange and Black.”

1-2 by DoctorManny

The small reminder of Orange Is the New Black (which I’ve never seen myself) is the least of this episode’s problems. This is the first half of the second episode of the show (the first one is “Pasta Wars/Mother Garfield”). This episode is just… one huge pile of a steaming turd. I did an Animated Atrocity notecard on this episode – the score was 32/100. In all honesty, it should’ve been higher. Let’s start.

1-3 by DoctorManny

It is Halloween night; a group of trick-or-treaters visit Jon’s house expecting the usual. The doorbell rings, and then… it happens. No, not Garfield getting up – the animation suddenly dropped in quality a hundredfold. Garfield picks up the candy jar in the stiffest way imaginable, and his walk cycle isn’t much better – for dog’s sake, Sitting Ducks was better animated than this!

1-4 by DoctorManny
That wasn’t even synced right!


1-5 by DoctorManny
Nope. Too easy.

Anyway, Garfield is his usual lazy self, tricking the trick-or-treaters into thinking they get candy… and then pawning a piece off of each of them. WOW, just what I need – throw HORRIBLE characters into the mix. Look, I know stealing food is part of Garfield’s thing, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be THIS horrible. Ugh… I’m starting to not like this. Let’s add character derailment to this show’s flaws…


1-6 by DoctorManny

OK, STOP! I’m not even TWO minutes in, and the problems just keep piling up! Jon tells Garfield not to eat all the candy SECONDS before noticing the bowl’s empty.

1-7 by DoctorManny

1-8 by DoctorManny

So, yeah, this next few minutes is of nothing happening except banal jokes and more character derailment.

After Jon brings out stale taffy, Garfield decides he can’t stay cooped up at home – after all, it’s Halloween, and Garfield needs some treats, too.

1-9 by DoctorManny
Failure of a joke. Ugh...


Anyway, Garfield is thinking of a costume, when the news comes on. This scene presents another problem.

1-10 by DoctorManny

Clearly, this show is trying to show aspects of both traditional and computer animation (that would not be done right until Tangled was released two years later). But I’m nitpicking.

The… emotionless reporter (whose voice is also grating) is getting on the scoop on a “rare and near descendant of the prehistoric saber-toothed tiger.”

1-11 by DoctorManny
Come on, my philosophy teacher is scarier than that thing!


This generic creature becomes Garfield’s costume idea. He rips the tusks off a stuffed walrus…

1-12 by DoctorManny
Why are the tusks in his nostrils?


…paints stripes on himself, and calls that a costume. And on that, he heads out. Oh, but not before more failed attempts at jokes.

1-13 by DoctorManny
Stupid joke. Moving on.

1-14 by DoctorManny
Apologies to Germans everywhere.

1-15 by DoctorManny
Fun fact: They roped the voice of MAX GOOF into this. Shaking my head.

1-16 by DoctorManny
She said that without any emotion. Jeez…


From here until the “climax,” nothing happens. Garfield runs around town as Catzilla, scaring everyone he meets – in turn, they just drop the candy right then and there, much to Garfield’s delight. I would forgive that if they didn’t use this as a punchline:

1-17 by DoctorManny
Peanut brittle does taste good, but Butterfinger is miles better!


Also, the people are pretty darn stupid to believe Garfield’s shoddy costume looks like Catzilla.

Garfield, despite having the literal biggest haul this Halloween, laments the fact that he didn’t get peanut brittle (sorry, I’m still hung up on that) and decides to head out once more, only to get caught by police. …Yeah, this episode portrays the police as idiots, which is one of my least favorite tropes of all time. Again, HOW DOES GARFIELD LOOK LIKE CATZILLA?! In fact, I feel like doing a side-by-side comparison, but if I did that, that’d just make the review a million pages longer. Also, look at how those cops run. Toddlers can run better than that. Oh, and we have another failed joke.

1-18 by DoctorManny

If you’re gonna make a joke out of your situation, you can at least make it funny! Garfield heads home for help, but guess what? Jon, his owner – the one who raised him and thus should know who he is – is so stupid he HIMSELF mistakes Garfield for Catzilla, and has him shipped off to the zoo… right as the real Catzilla – who looks nothing like Garfield’s feeble costume – breaks into Jon’s house. This scene right here is just a concentration of everything an episode could do wrong – there was a PET DOOR, but Garfield didn’t even bother to use that – unless the pet door was locked, too, which shouldn’t be possible. This is just so desk-bang-worthy, my brain would leak out if I did that for too long.

1-19 by DoctorManny
That’s gonna be a running joke, isn’t it?


At the zoo, Garfield pleads for help, but of course no one hears him. He tries to escape, but predictably fails. He can’t even climb one foot! Garfield gives up, then talks down on himself –

1-20 by DoctorManny
(Insert FAIL caption here)


Garfield removes his tusks, and THAT’s all it takes for the janitor to realize that he’s not Catzilla – again, despite Garfield looking nothing like Catzilla! A Quailman costume would have more effort put into it!

The janitor lets him out, and Garfield races back home. As that happens, a… brown arm creeps out of a rock and waves – no, rather, it twitches – at the audience. No, this isn’t a CGI quirk; they seriously and intentionally put that there. And as you’d expect, there is absolutely no reason for that. Not even the Garfield Wiki could find a reason. That is… BAD. How can these guys be that stupid?!

1-21 by DoctorManny

Meanwhile, Jon and Odie are watching TV, scared out of their wits. Catzilla is there, and after he sees some fruits on Jon’s plate…

1-22 by DoctorManny
If that was Odie, there would be
dog slobber! You numbskull!

Jon heads for the pantry, and… Guess what happens.

    a.      He finds enlightenment.

    b.      He finds a covert agent ready to tackle him and zap him.

    c.       He discovers a passageway to a secret Illuminati meeting.

    d.      He finds Catzilla.

1-23 by DoctorManny
If you chose D, NO KIDDING, SHERLOCK!!

So, Catzilla attacks, and Jon makes a run for it.

1-24 by DoctorManny
Too late.

The three run around in circles, but Catzilla gives chase. I have an honest question, and this may sound crazy – WHY ARE THEY AFRAID OF THIS THING!? He can’t jump a GLAZED DONUT, let alone two pets and a dork! Donkey Kong, Diego from Ice Age, and Charizard would all run circles around him! They’d have him on a platter and serve him to the hyenas from The Lion King! That’s how utterly generic he is! You SCUM!

In one of the most stupid climaxes ever, Catzilla finally – and I do mean finally, because those last few minutes were freaking pointless – has our heroes cornered. What brilliant solution does Garfield have?

1-25 by DoctorManny
Rubbish joke. Only creatively-designed characters such as Godzilla can eat cars.

No, he feeds him the stale taffy. And surprise, surprise, he likes it. The taffy gets stuck in Catzilla’s teeth –

1-26 by DoctorManny
Ugh… either be clever with your jokes or don’t tell them!!

The stupid cops finally show up to take Catzilla back to the zoo. The next day, Garfield and Jon check up on their visitor, and a zookeeper – who, for some reason, has an Australian accent – brings over Catzilla’s dinner. The Steve Irwin wannabe explains Catzilla’s diet in detail, which, of course, has Garfield going crazy. The mention of peanut brittle – what, you thought you’d heard the last of that?! Not a chance – is the straw that breaks Garfield’s back. And so, the episode ends with Garfield somehow getting into Catzilla’s cage and joining him for dinner, much to the creature’s bewilderment.

1-27 by DoctorManny

Yeah, this show has no direction. If the lazy animation were its only problem, then I’d leave it alone… but if feels like this show is going out of its way to be as crappy, banal, and flat-out boring as possible. This episode alone, “Orange and Black,” pretty much condenses all of this show’s problems into one episode. Ugh… I’m just… baffled at how lame this is.

Before I conclude, a recap:


:) (Smile)  It’s Garfield. That’s it. That’s the only pro I can think of.


:( (Sad)  Jerky computer animation that, again, makes Sitting Ducks look better.

:( (Sad)  Characters are derailed to the nth degree. Garfield has never been this horrible; Jon has never been this stupid. Only Odie seems to have any sense of character.

:( (Sad) Wastes of the talents of Frank Welker, Wally Wingert, Jason Marsden, and probably a whole lot of other well-known voice actors.

:( (Sad)  Catzilla himself is shoehorned into the plot to have a terrible climax.

:( (Sad) Stereotypes. Lots and lots of stereotypes.

:( (Sad)  A hand appears out of nowhere for no discernible reason.

:( (Sad)  Garfield is mistaken for a creature whom Garfield does not even remotely look like.

:( (Sad)  The jokes are… not funny. One running gag revolves around peanut brittle. The others make “Let’s Green Egg and Ham it” sound like a line by Shakespeare.

:( (Sad)  No emotion in the voices, especially the reporter.

:( (Sad) The townspeople are IDIOTS!

 Sigh… this show is just baffling. It’s bad enough when you make it as boring as possible, but it… it… sucks! People are bashing shows like Teen Titans Go! and Sonic Boom (in my opinion, Sonic Boom is decent, while TTG is a guilty pleasure), but if they happened upon this… they’d probably be put off Garfield FOREVER. It has the same problem as Ren and Stimpy “Adult Party Cartoon” – it tries to be its ancestor, but fails horribly in its execution. You would think that some money-grubbing fool got the rights to Garfield and threw up this toxic pile of booze and Quaaludes just to make a quick buck – but nope; the strip’s creator, Jim Davis, was openly involved in this show. I… have no words…

…My first serious review, and this piece of crap was the target… Let’s hope the next thing I review doesn’t scar me too much…

This has been Dr. Manny Presents. Stay happy, and have a wild day!


Bullet; Red Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Bullet; Red Sonic XShrug 
Bullet; Red Sonic UndergroundRage 
Bullet; Red Horrid HenryPissed 
Bullet; Red Angela AnacondaPissed 
Bullet; Red Kappa Mikey
Bullet; Red Garfield: The Movie
Bullet; Red Bio-Dome :rage:
Bullet; Red A Shin-chan movie
Bullet; Red Doraemon 
Bullet; Red Toy Story Headbang! 

If you're interested in this review and wish to have something reviewed by this series, send me a note with a suggestion. I'll reply to it as soon as I can! :nod:

I've decided to start a review series title Dr. Manny Presents. My first review will be of The Garfield Show. I'll need a few people's opinions on it, so that I can properly do this review.

What are your thoughts on The Garfield Show? Comment below.xx
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Finally! After suffering from comic withdrawal on account of college for months on end, my well-deserved winter break is upon me. And what better to do during this time than to do what I do best: Drawing comics!!

Even more good news: I'm also open to art trades/requests/commissions during this time. I'm a generous guy - just lay it on me, and I'll get right on it! (All commissions are 10 :points: during this time.)

Also coming is more additions to my Dr. Manny's Database series. With my extended time, I'll be able to upload two entries daily.

So, get ready for DoctorManny overload, and Merry Christmas to you all!  
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During my five years on DeviantArt, I have become used to all the shenanigans, all the hubbubs, all the llamas that are on this website. I have grown as an artist, with a diverse love of comics, video games, anime, and manga that has fueled my growth. I have many favorites on this site; however, I have limited myself to these works listed below:

Emerald Burst by DoctorMannyEmerald Burst: This was a gift for my dear friend, InkDrawnDreamer. Her Steven Universe-inspired character, Emerald; and my own character, Skeeter, are the focus here. It's a simple work, but it has the feel of a bursting sensation.

Birthday Buddies by DoctorMannyBirthday Buddies: This was another gift for InkDrawnDreamer. It's simpler than the above, but it's a sign that I really enjoy making other people's days. All of the characters from both of my comic series (Super Railers and Skeeter) are here, congratulating here. Really, it's wonderful.

The Greatest Ever by DoctorMannyThe Greatest Ever: A poster featuring Michael Jordan. It was made in Photoshop as a project during summer class. I've actually come to be pretty impressed with it. Again, it's wonderful.

Skeeter's Memorial Day by DoctorMannySkeeter's Memorial Day: A reminder from Skeeter and his friends to pay your respects on Memorial Day. It's the type of holiday that isn't to be taken lightly.

Draw This Again: Lena by DoctorMannyDraw This Again: Lena: It really shows how far I've come since 2009. You can see the improvements here.

Nightlife by DoctorMannyNightlife: One of my all time favorites. I used it as wallpaper for my computer once, and it really stood out.

Yotsuba and Caramelldansen by DoctorMannyYotsuba and Caramelldansen: Part of SonicRocksMySocks's Caramelldansen fad. I chose Yotsuba because... she's easy to draw.

Dr. Manny's Database: Raina by DoctorMannyDr. Manny's Database: Raina: Another of my all time favorites. Raina Telgemeier is an incredible artist!

Dr. Manny's Database: Wobbuffet by DoctorMannyDr. Manny's Database: Wobbuffet: Another favorite. Wobbuffet is my favorite Pokemon; I can relate to it so much!

Comic Crossover by DoctorMannyComic Crossover: Can you recognize come of the characters in this drawing.

Christmas Caper by DoctorMannyChristmas Caper: I have no words for it. Again, it's wonderful!
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Since today's my birthday, I might as well share this!
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I really need these points! Here's the giveaway link:…

Enjoy! :D
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Yes, I'm still here.

It's just that I'm suffering from extreme writer's block, researching colleges, and being rained on by schoolwork!

Anyway, I got some new stuff coming up, and I'll be back on my feet and updating Skeeter! in no time! (If you don't know what Skeeter is, check it out  here.

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It's that time of year again... My birthday! Only this time, it's not so happy. I got nowhere to be, no gifts, no money...

It's just like my 14th birthday! Oh, sob!

Anyway, here's a list of things I want (and need):

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel
2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (movie)
3. Clothes. Lots of 'em!
4. Sketchpad
5. Nintendo DS
6. Premium Membership (definitely)
7. Laptop

...Yeah, that's it.