My guide to art critique

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Doctor Lugubrious's guide to art criticism:

Note: I actually am not a preofessional at this or anything.

This is my opinion on art criticism that would be helpful to me:

1) be honest.
Honesty is a really key part. If my art sucks, tell me so!
Of course I'd apprciate it if it was in a nice way, but you
don't have to water it down or compliment me if there is no
real reason to.

Also, you don't have to do a compliment sandwich or any
tactic like that. Those are great tactics for those not
neccesarily looking for correction, but I'm looking for
honest opinions, so I expect critique; don't sugarcoat

2) Be helpful:
-Useless critiques: your drawing sucks/ your drawing is
-Slightly more useful: your drawing sucks because X/ you
did a great job aon X!
-Useful critique: your X is horrible. That is the biggest
problem with this piece. A good resource to improve
would be "Y" and practing Z every day.

I guess to sum up, don't just say good or bad, but
say why and give suggestions to improve. Even if your
comment is brutal, if you give me a suggestion with
intent to help, you will come off as nice without being
dishonest and give me critique that is actually actionable.
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