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look at these other guys

what can be done about them

I am open for commissions! Send me a private message and we can work out whatever you'd like!
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An inkling with those sharp teeth(more than just 3) doesnt look friendly at all
TheMightyShockwave's avatar
LOL, this is pretty funny. Poor Mario...

Though the only criticism i have is with Inkling's teeth. She's only supposed to only have 3 sharp teeth (2 on the top row, one on the bottom row. It's supposed to resemble a squid's beak).
XmarkZX's avatar
Hurry use the speedrun tactic we know and love.
TokyoDrift654's avatar
What is with the inkling teeth?
Jordan0103's avatar
Remiends me of this  New criminal by chiby-furry   poor Mario who always tries to protect the island XD
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We need a game of this know !!
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Inkling: Woomy!  
Mario: Mario Evil Laugh Emote 

Roflol I've never seen an inkling with more than three sharp teeth. She looks so evil. I love it. XD 
DandyAndy1989's avatar
Four words: "Here we go again!"
LuigiHorror64's avatar
Mario: I'M REALLY GETTING SICK OF YOU'RE SH*T !!! :angry: :angry: :angry: 
Inkling: Wink/Razz Wink/Razz 
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I love Super Mario Sunshine. I haven't played Splatoon yet though, hopefully I'll get to eventually.
Pas6fisX's avatar
ya know i kinda wish for a delphino plaza stage for splatoon
stoneman123's avatar
Ah, so you thought of that as well. I also observed that Splatoon is kind of like Super Mario Sunshine in reverse. Excellent work, by the way.
Christina2929's avatar
Wow! I really love this idea! :love:
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
...Well, there's a lot of ruined fruit!

Awesome work on this crossover. I love the colors! :D

The more I see and read about Splatoon, the more fun it seems.
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captainraiden's avatar
Clever and awesome picture! Though I always had mixed feelings about Sunshine's actual game play.
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