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Hey everyone! Guess who's not dead! <:'DDD

If you want to know more about the title, skip to the bolded text at the bottom.

So I've been on hiatus for approaching three months now. I'm sorry for not reaching out to you guys before now, I hope I haven't worried any of you! I've actually been fine for most of the time I've been gone, but I took up the opportunity of this break to think about things.

Deviantart hasn't felt interesting to me in a while. There was a period of time around 2013 and 2014 where I was more active and I had an active watcher base, and things were really fun. I was making the type of content that I really wanted to make, and even though the number of supporters was smaller, I felt like I had more of a community that looked forward to what I was making next.

It's my fault though, I'd disappear and reappear so frequently and a lot of my watchers became inactive and uninvested in me because I was so unreliable lol... Plus I started taking commissions, something that I'd grown to hate since I could only get commissioners if I undersold myself. So there I was, with a ton of commissions I had to work on, and I started to get tired. Like... REALLY tired. I ended up becoming more and more unreliable because I had commissions on hold for months and months and months and months. I actually have commissions like that right now, and I feel SO guilty about taking your points and leaving you there for this long. I'm reimbursing all of you double what you gave me. :'^) It's the least I can do for being a giant jerk.

Does any of this make sense??? TL;DR- I got sick of doing things on DA because obligations + lack of personal interest + no motivation = not fun. Basic maths.

I really hope none of this comes off as whiny to anyone!! ;;7;;

I want a fresh start, where I only post the kind of content I really want to. I certainly won't be taking point commissions anymore, period. I have some bigger projects in the works, too! I'm learning how to animate and I'm working on comic ideas with a friend at the moment! I'm really excited! nwn

I'm keeping this old account up for nostalgia's sake. Even though there were times where I didn't like it very much, there was also a lot of fun I had! Deviantart helped me in a lot of ways!



that'll be it for this account! so long and thanks for all the fish Peace 


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