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Dandy Andy the puppet master by Doctoreye Dandy Andy the puppet master :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 16 0 Rat King by Doctoreye Rat King :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 8 5 Saber of the Arctic Fangs by Doctoreye Saber of the Arctic Fangs :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 8 0 Night-Maro by Doctoreye Night-Maro :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 14 1 Madame Vixen by Doctoreye Madame Vixen :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 8 2 Dr. Pill by Doctoreye Dr. Pill :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 5 0 Malakai by Doctoreye Malakai :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 12 0 Cerberus fin dagger and fin by Doctoreye Cerberus fin dagger and fin :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 12 2 Foe-Yo by Doctoreye Foe-Yo :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 3 0 Phantom Blade by Doctoreye Phantom Blade :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 4 0 Gray Wolf by Doctoreye Gray Wolf :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 2 0 Harpee by Doctoreye Harpee :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 2 0 Furnace by Doctoreye Furnace :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 2 0 Jin by Doctoreye Jin :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 1 0 Wire by Doctoreye Wire :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 5 4 I'm waiting by Doctoreye I'm waiting :icondoctoreye:Doctoreye 5 1
A villain a day will bring this Doctor your way.


Ych commission: seiruno by fallenandscattered Ych commission: seiruno :iconfallenandscattered:fallenandscattered 18 2 Ych: inflatable reindeer 2 slots by fallenandscattered Ych: inflatable reindeer 2 slots :iconfallenandscattered:fallenandscattered 5 2 Ych commission: forgottenstar by fallenandscattered Ych commission: forgottenstar :iconfallenandscattered:fallenandscattered 10 0 PATREON: Harriet of Ylisse by Wrenzephyr2 PATREON: Harriet of Ylisse :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 312 11 Hmm... by Jonatup00 Hmm... :iconjonatup00:Jonatup00 3 0 Happy Halloween by Jonatup00 Happy Halloween :iconjonatup00:Jonatup00 5 0 Bowsette by Jonatup00 Bowsette :iconjonatup00:Jonatup00 10 2 Blue and Red do not mix by Jonatup00 Blue and Red do not mix :iconjonatup00:Jonatup00 4 0 TBW beast by Jonatup00
Mature content
TBW beast :iconjonatup00:Jonatup00 2 0
blacky and Kira by Jonatup00 blacky and Kira :iconjonatup00:Jonatup00 4 2
Furia Hanja: Guerreros espejos
Furia Hanja: Guerreros espejo
Antes que nada, un muy grande agradecimiento a mi amigo, el cual aporto muchas ideas para formar este proyecto. Ahora si expliquemos:
Inspiración: Leyendas de chima (personajes), El mundo de Sonic (principalmente Unleashed y los Mobian), Spyro 2 y 3, Boku no Hero, las culturas del mundo, el concepto de la otra vida,  la mitología de Hoenn y varios clásicos de Disney.
Preludio a la historia:
El universo es una máquina de sueños, de bien y mal, los sueños son el preludio a todo y a todos, cuando el sueño termina, todo ser vivo será capaz de ver desde todos sus espíritus.
En los orígenes del tiempo, en el universo vivían unos seres llamados Memorias, unos seres que eran la joven reencarnación de la vida del universo, destinados a purificarlo a él y a todo
:iconosoni-newyorker123:Osoni-newyorker123 1 0
Hanja Fury: Mirror warriors
Haniya Fury: Mirror warriors
First of all, a big thank you to my friend, who provided many ideas to form this project.
Now if we explain:
Inspiration: Legends of chima (characters), The world of Sonic (mainly Unleashed), Spyro 2 and 3, Boku no Hero, the cultures of the world, the concept of the afterlife, the mythology of Hoenn and several Disney classics.
Prelude to the story:
The universe is a machine of dreams, of good and evil, dreams are the prelude to everything and everyone, when the dream ends, every living being will be able to see from all their spirits.
In the origins of time, in the universe lived beings called Memories, beings who were the young reincarnation of the life of the universe, destined to purify him and all its inhabitants, were the protectors of the life of every living being. But at the same time they were youn
:iconosoni-newyorker123:Osoni-newyorker123 1 0
Two Filthy Things by VeryFilthyThing Two Filthy Things :iconveryfilthything:VeryFilthyThing 17 20 Another Dimension 1of6 by JayTee-FAArtist Another Dimension 1of6 :iconjaytee-faartist:JayTee-FAArtist 223 15 favorite gen 4 pokemon by TheforgottenSiren favorite gen 4 pokemon :icontheforgottensiren:TheforgottenSiren 5 0 favorite gen 7 pokemon by TheforgottenSiren favorite gen 7 pokemon :icontheforgottensiren:TheforgottenSiren 13 4



Dandy Andy the puppet master
an insane psychopath with a love of turning people into his puppets and playing with them, with a fashion scene based of the raggedy an dolls from the 80's

(i'll update his bio later when i get more ideas for him)
Rat King
if the stores are allowed to put Christmas stuff out during Halloween so am i.

i just wanted to make the rat king because i haven't before and i have no info for him at this current time, i will update his bio later.
Saber of the Arctic Fangs
a once great hunter of his tribe turned to a cold heart'd assassin. he once had a family a group of friends and a home, but one day after returning from a hunt he returned to his tribe to find nothing but frozen lifeless corpses of his tribe his friends and even his family and at the center of the frozen chaos was a grand Templar. they had battled hand and sword against each other until the fight ended with Saber having the sword of Everfrost being impaled through his heart by the blade and being left to die. unfortunately he didn't die, his face was frozen a constant reminder of revenge and his heart was a replaced by a frozen rock which could feel nothing but loathing and hatred that would fuel his world wide hunt for the Templar who left him to die.
(you know what's funny this is easier to draw then his original variation)

Night-Maro the dream demon. for centuries he tormented the land of the wake by bringing their nightmares to life and feeding off of their fears until he was defeated by the Willo-O-Whisp who had locked him away within the realm of dreams to spend the rest of eternity, however this still did not stop him from corrupting and feeding off the nightmares of those who slept. however once a year on the night of the green moon he is released upon the world to try to gain his freedom but only if he could put the world to sleep.
Madame Vixen
Madame Vixen is Big B's rival, she's the owner of a brothel directly across from a brothel owned by Big B. she is honestly a very cruel sadistic woman who enjoys watching to hope die from the people who she meets, an example of which would be putting her cigarette out on a child's eye, the real sad thing was that no one cared but that's not the important part. the important part is that she along with Big B work for me she originally worked for D-Jaun but a weird type of stripping street fight between her and Big B had resulted with her being fired and forced me to hire her out of guilt, she is one manipulative vixen i'll tell you that, and now there is almost always a daily spat or brawl between Big B and her, office Christmas parties are very awkward.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

greetings folks Doctoreye here i want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year or whichever holiday you celebrate.
i also want to say that you guys are amazing people i have been on DA for probably two years i'm honestly not sure but i want to say i have met a lot of amazing over the two years I've been on DA so i would like to say thank you for my watcher who have been with me from the begging to my watchers who I've met recently to the people who i chat with you people are amazing, i'm personally not very social person so it means a lot to me that i get chat with you guys you guys can usually turn my bad days positive so for hat thank you. in short terms i hope you all have wonderful holiday season.


Doctoreye's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
i'm a alright guy and i enjoy meeting new pepole but i'm not a very social character so if we talk theirs a good chance i will run out of things to say or i will say something wrong so if i do...sorry.

you can categorize me as a villain. even though i call myself a villain i try to be a nice guy as long as i can be. but if you got a problem with my friends we have a problem so please lets all try to get along.
i'm a pretty open person who can be categorized as a bit crazy but despite that i enjoy talking to anyone about anything so if you ever need to talk or just want to chat about stuff feel free to stop by and say hi.


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