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A villain a day will bring this Doctor your way.


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Kean the Hell Hound
Kean is a type of demon known pure and simply as hell hound. the hell hound species unlike most demons that live in clocktania are forced to wear large collars made out of brimstone which gives them the appearance of  humans to a somewhat degree because it also divides their literal fire power and strength by half, originally it wasn't like this but a incident a few years ago which involved a hell hound burning down half of sin was not pretty.
Kean is a bit of a hot head no matter which form due to his hell hound nature he loves picking fights drinking and smocking, he usually sticks to his human form because even in this form he can easily out match his enemies in combat and still control fire to a somewhat degree but when he gets pissed off he has no problem ripping off his collar and revealing his true form and completely obliterating his opponent with pure strength or by burning them alive in a giant fire ball.
(i may update this information later if anyone feels that its confusing)
Rory is a red oni from the Japanese district of clocktania, she was raised as a member yakuza as one of the yakuza's more dangerous associates her specific job was waste management which in the criminal business means getting rid of the bodies which you and the gang cause. she had no loyalty to any individual member of the gang until it was taken over by boss rat who placed in a few reforms for the gang but overall kept up the gangs brutal criminal image, she grew to respect and admire this and this soon resulted with her becoming boss rat's right hand man or should i say woman.
Fun Killer
 do to his name and his original appearance he was considered to be one clocktania's biggest joke of a criminal until he got a new body. he was built before the war as a baseball mascot and he was loved by all the fans until the incident only referred to as the glitch happened where all robots across the world either shut down or became quite violent towards humans the Fun Killer was one of them. he developed his own personality which involved him being violent towards people and just being a flat out dick towards people these actions led to him being removed from the stadium and being sent back to the factory to be reprogrammed and dismantled but while he was being transported back to the factory the bombs dropped and he escaped and joined the war. in modern times do to him constantly being ridiculed by his fellow criminals he fused himself with a skullmarine smasher armor, and because of his little upgrade he went from being the laughing stock of clocktania to one of the most dangerous mercenaries in clocktania despite having a lot of sports themed weapons and puns. 
Jersey Devil
for those who don't know i'm a huge fan of video games such as gta and saints row and because of that i thought it would be fun to bring my saints row character into clocktania. 

Jersey Devil was once the leader of the third street saints until his twisted and homicidal personality resulted with him ending up as a death row convict. while being transferred to the execution center his prison transport was abducted by a chaotic clocktanian who mistake the transport for being a truck full of gold and in doing so released another psychopath into our already chaotic world.  unlike most people who are abducted into our world he saw this as a opportunity to continue his murderous rampage and as a way to rebuild his criminal empire from scratch with the help of his fellow psychopaths. his current location is unknown but its rumored that he and his new gang are working as private mercenaries in the slums of sin city.
hello folks Doctoreye here I've just realized that I've been posting art for several hours straight so i would like to say two things one i will be posting the remaining 4 characters tomorrow and i will be replying to everyone who commented tomorrow and  two with that said i'll be seeing the lot of you tomorrow so good night everybody. and thank you for all the favorites!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

greetings folks Doctoreye here i want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year or whichever holiday you celebrate.
i also want to say that you guys are amazing people i have been on DA for probably two years i'm honestly not sure but i want to say i have met a lot of amazing over the two years I've been on DA so i would like to say thank you for my watcher who have been with me from the begging to my watchers who I've met recently to the people who i chat with you people are amazing, i'm personally not very social person so it means a lot to me that i get chat with you guys you guys can usually turn my bad days positive so for hat thank you. in short terms i hope you all have wonderful holiday season.


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i'm a alright guy and i enjoy meeting new pepole but i'm not a very social character so if we talk theirs a good chance i will run out of things to say or i will say something wrong so if i do...sorry.

you can categorize me as a villain. even though i call myself a villain i try to be a nice guy as long as i can be. but if you got a problem with my friends we have a problem so please lets all try to get along.


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