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A villain a day will bring this Doctor your way.


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*for those who don't know i'm a big fan of japan...more specifically their legends and anime...but it was because of that my newest character loki was made)

to explain loki we need to go back to the day of Dark Jesters imprisonment, for those who don't know D.J was an incredibly dangerous demon who was essential powerful enough to single handedly start a world wide war against him and win single handedly but instead of that he chose to use his powers to make demonic deals...they involved curses,unwilling and usually permanent transformations, things that seem good but in the fine print of things ruin your life...he wasn't even stopped by ice he was curing out god who i'm pretty sure sent a lightning bolt down on him, while he was out we locked him up however when your an immortal force of chaos you plan for these thing, DJ apparently placed some of his powers in a few different living vessels to carry on his work even if he couldn't which brings us to loki...

Dark Jester combined a Tauki and a fox to create this mischievous deal maker giving him the power over contracts and his snake tongue and partial shape shifting, although this may not seem like much its quite a danger, Loki can convince anyone of anything and is quite a trickster enjoying the caos he creates then making deals to solve it or simply working to solve problems that already trouble those he meets, his ability to shape shift normally is limited to is normal form and the form of a striped fox, but if he injests the blood of any person he can temporary transform into them of course they will still have his tail whiskers and ears but everything else will be perfect. to make up for his lack of curses he works with magic potions and chemicals with transformation properties such as one which causes a were weolf transformation or another which increases size or the weird ones which turn people into fruit. hes not to be trusted.
Nexas is the god of games not to be mistaken for his brother dymenchio the god of chaos, he loves to put on a show and entertain dishing out some of the greatest pitzes to ever exist to those who impressive him which is easy to do honestly, currently hes running a inter dimensional battle competition in his pocket dimension to see which of 8 fighters is the most powerful and strongest for the chance to win a two minute trip back in time 
former vice admiral Vincent
Vincent is a banished bastion from the bastion empire. he was found three months after being adrift for a few months until he was pick up by one of the sea witches private naval ships where he was recruited into its staff and would later become a vice admiral of her army until he turned against his superior and broke his arm in 3 places and helped 20 dozen innocent prisoners escape. do to this he was arrested and tortured this was how he went blind in one of his eyes. fast forward a few months later to the day of his execution he managed to break the chains holding him down and he managed to escape... well he escaped after breaking his former bosses arm...Again this time in six different places. currently Vincent is said to be somewhere in the black forest i'm assuming because there are a lot of robots with their heads cut off.
Soul Collector Maulect
*Maulect was a concept i came up with as a DND villain or at least villains number one henchmen either way i think i did an alright job with his design*

Maulect a dangerous soul collector, its unknown who he was before he took up this position but whoever it was couldn't have been this dangerous, hes one of four grim reapers spread across the world and his sadistic tastes know no bounds when it comes to having fun, when he collects a soul instead of helping it pass along to the other side he imprisons it in a plastic transparent balloon where they struggle and can't escape, occasionally though while riding his scepter like a witch through the skies he will occasionally use it to force souls out of the still living and imprison them as a trophy. 
*first of let me say Depression is a very serious issue which shouldn't be joked about and is a mental illness which is hard for others to notice, its a serious issue and shouldn't be ignored if you do have it don't keep it bottled up go talk to a counselor therapist, doctor family friends or people that you can trust and rely on, it should be taken seriously i say this having experienced it before*

hes a demon who feeds off of pain and suffering and enjoys watching those he posses hurt themselves and often acts as only a physiological villain do to not having a physical form.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

greetings folks Doctoreye here i want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year or whichever holiday you celebrate.
i also want to say that you guys are amazing people i have been on DA for probably two years i'm honestly not sure but i want to say i have met a lot of amazing over the two years I've been on DA so i would like to say thank you for my watcher who have been with me from the begging to my watchers who I've met recently to the people who i chat with you people are amazing, i'm personally not very social person so it means a lot to me that i get chat with you guys you guys can usually turn my bad days positive so for hat thank you. in short terms i hope you all have wonderful holiday season.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
i'm a alright guy and i enjoy meeting new people but i'm not a very social character so if we talk theirs a good chance i will run out of things to say or i will say something wrong so if i do...sorry. but if you ever want to strike up a conversation please feel free i' love to talk about anything and i mean anything seriously even weird or disturbing things even or mature things or just simply have a casual conversation just chose your poison mates.

you can categorize me as a villain. even though i call myself a villain i try to be a nice guy as long as i can be. but if you got a problem with my friends we have a problem so please lets all try to get along.
i'm a pretty open person who can be categorized as a bit crazy but despite that i try to be a nice person. i like to design villains and hopefully comics in the future.


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