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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 25, 2018, 11:29 AM

I've been away from here too long.  I hate having a life outside dA sometimes.  So, here's some entertainment.    

Stolen from :iconpunisher2006:

    1.      Post these rules

    2.      Post 8 facts about your characters

    3.      Tag 8 other characters

    4.      Post their names along with their creator’s avatars

Violet by DoctorEvil06  Azalea by DoctorEvil06  Dahlia by DoctorEvil06  Calytrix by DoctorEvil06  UB:OC - Queen by DoctorEvil06

Left to right:  Violet, Azalea, Dahlia, Calytrix, Queen Malanite.

Want to know more about them that I didn’t post originally?  Here’s your chance!


Violet:  She loves drinking anything alcoholic, especially beer, and has a very high tolerance to it.  You’ll get drunk long before she does.  She likes hanging out in bars.

Azalea:  She is fond of drinking martinis and cocktails.  She does not prefer one over the other.  She also likes tea.

Dahlia:  She likes vodka, and energy drinks.

Calytrix:  She drinks alcohol only on dates, and also has a strong tolerance to it.  Otherwise, she’ll likely drink coffee.

Queen Malanite:  She loves drinking wine, often downing an entire bottle or two every day depending on her mood.



Violet:  Her favorite foods are fruits.  They enhance her magic power a little bit.

Azalea:  She likes eating salads.  They improve her defenses a bit.

Dahlia:  She favors meats of all kinds.  They make her more powerful than she already is.  She prefers killing it herself.

Calytrix:  She has no preference of favorite foods, but she does have a bit of a sweet tooth, and enjoys meat.

Queen Malanite:  She’ll eat pretty much anything, as long as it’s good with wine.



Violet:  She is bisexual.  Neither men nor women resist her when she flips her hair, not even when she asks for a kiss.  She can drain your life energy by inhaling it out of you once you’re close enough

Azalea:  She likes men, but she is not looking for romance.  She doesn’t trust anyone dating her sisters, and will protect them if they are being threatened.  She steals life energy by casting a draining spell on her sword.

Dahlia:  She’s interested in any man who can survive getting beaten by her.  Literally.  She beats them up, and takes their energy afterward from their blood. 

Calytrix:  She is bisexual.  Kissing either men or women allows her to steal their life energy.  Her perfume is mixed with an aphrodisiac, and it draws them to her like moths to the flame.

Queen Malanite:  Obviously she’s into men.  How else could she bear four children?  She’s been married multiple times.  She steals life energy by killing her victims, or it is given to her from her subordinates.



Violet:  She is very vain, taking longer than her sisters at putting on makeup.  She loves brushing her hair.  She believes her hair is her best feature, and goes to great lengths to keep it beautiful.  Otherwise, she can seduce them with her magnificent body.

Azalea:  She keeps all her hair bands on a rack on her vanity mirror.  She lets her hair down only when she’s bathing or sleeping.  She never has any hairstyle other than the ponytail.  She doesn’t want it in the way when fighting.

Dahlia:  She’s kind of a tomboy.  Other than her eye shadow, she hardly wears any makeup or perfume.  She keeps her hair short so it doesn’t get in her face when fighting.  She has a hair trigger temper.

Calytrix:  Her hair is the longest out of the family.  The color is a blend of my hair and her mother’s hair.  She is also the most buxom of her sisters.  She was very close to her father, as she was the only family he ever knew.

Queen Malanite:  She is also vain, taking longer than anyone when applying makeup and deciding which dress to wear.  She has lots more dresses than what I’ve drawn in her wardrobe.  Black dresses are her favorites to wear.



Violet:  She loves wearing high heels.  If they are five inches or higher, she’s happy.  She will not settle for anything less.  She can even wear her mother’s platform heels.

Azalea:  She favors wearing knee length boots, with a heel of four inches.  She prefers boots over standard shoes.

Dahlia:  She can wear high heels, like the ones Violet has, but she prefers wearing the smaller heels at 2-3 inches.  She likes sneaking up on her victims, which high heels would make very difficult

Calytrix:  She loves shoes of any kind, her favorites being over-the-knee boots.  Her preferred height for the heel is 4-5 inches.

Queen Malanite:  She wears platform heels, and always at six inches or higher.  She refuses to wear anything else on her feet.  She doesn’t even like going barefoot.  She loves the sound of her heels clicking in the halls of her castle.



Violet:  Her codename is Siren.  As such, she has a beautiful singing voice to put people under her spell, just in case flipping her hair or her body language isn’t enough.  If that doesn’t do the trick, she can dance around a pole.

Azalea:  Her codename is Protector.  She will defend her family from harm no matter what.  Her defenses, healing abilities, and her skill with a shield are not to be underestimated.

Dahlia:  Her codename is Huntress.  She has a gun, a short temper, great aim, and a lot of physical strength.  You do the math.

Calytrix:  Her codename is Warrior.  She is very aggressive on the battlefield whether she uses magic or melee, and is very fast as well.  She is driven by her father’s race, who loves fighting, and the Ultra Beast’s ability to get stronger with each kill.

Queen Malanite:  Her codename is Queen.  Everyone in Ultra Space follows her orders, or risks being obliterated.  She is easily its most powerful resident, just like how the queen piece in Chess is the strongest piece in the game. 



Violet:  Her name comes from not only the flower, but the purple colors on her outfit.  The flower is also used to make perfumes.  It is also used to show the love between women, hence why she is bisexual.

Azalea:  The flower she is named after comes in various shades of red and pink.  That was also her color scheme, so the same stuck.  The flower is also very poisonous.

Dahlia:  One of the meanings for this flower name was “femme fatale,” which means deadly woman in French.  She has a gun and immense physical strength.  This name was perfect for her.

Calytrix:  Her name comes from a genus of flowers, not the name of an actual flower.  The flowers that inspired her name are mostly bluish purple in color.  The flowers are native to Australia.

Queen Malanite:  Her name comes from the prefix “mal,” which means bad, and melanite, which is a black gemstone part of the garnet family.  Naming her after a gem was inspired by the villains from Sailor Moon.



Violet:  She is the eldest of Queen Malanite’s daughters, and was intended from the beginning to be the sexy one.  That’s why her outfit is a backless halter top that shows her midriff, a two layered miniskirt, and high heels. 

Azalea:  Her dress was inspired from Celestria’s Gown from Dragon Quest 9.  This robe greatly boosts your healing abilities, and also recovered your health a little each turn.  This inspired me to make her a supporter, and to give her boots.

Dahlia:  Her dress is based on a t-shirt style dress, lengthened to be at the knees.  She was intended to be the violently aggressive one.  She is not interested in looking for love, but she is very interested in spilling their blood.

Calytrix:  Her dress was inspired by some very beautiful off-the-shoulder dresses I’ve seen women wear, and had Calytrix wear it to hide her wild rose tattoos on her arms.  The dress is actually two layers, a miniskirt on the lower layer, and a showgirl skirt partially wrapped around the belt.

Queen Malanite:  Her dress was designed to be sexy, like any villainess should be.  It’s backless (which I love), it’s cold shoulder (which lots of women wear nowadays), it has a slit showing her long legs (and at 7’6”, her legs are beautiful), it comes with long gloves that go past the elbow, it shows a little cleavage, and it ends with a pair of platform heels.  Top that, America’s Next Top Model!

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Of the Princesses of Darkness, which one is your favorite? 

4 deviants said Violet (purple one)
1 deviant said Azalea (red one)
1 deviant said Dahlia (green one)
1 deviant said Calytrix (blue one)



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