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Tag again!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2019, 9:36 PM

Stolen from :iconclaireaimee:

1.  Pick one of your OCs (I’m picking 5 and you can’t stop me)

2.  Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that OC

3.  Tag 4 other characters


Once again, my lovely ladies from Ultra Space will take center stage: 

Violet challenges you! by DoctorEvil06     Azalea challenges you! by DoctorEvil06     Dahlia challenges you! by DoctorEvil06     Calytrix challenges you! by DoctorEvil06     Queen Malanite challenges you! by DoctorEvil06

Violet, Azalea, Dahlia, Calytrix, and Queen Malanite.

I don’t have any other OCs at the moment ^^;

1.  What is your name?

Violet:  My name is Violet

Azalea:  I’m Azalea

Dahlia:  The name’s Dahlia

Calytrix:  Calytrix is my name

Queen Malanite:  I am Queen Malanite, but you can call me Your Majesty.


2.  Do you know why you are named that?

Violet:  Mother wanted to name us all after flowers

Azalea:  And she picked out our favorite colors, giving us a flower name that matched the color we liked.

Dahlia:  My name means “femme fatale.”  Would you like a demonstration?

Calytrix:  My father picked out my name.  When I saw the flower I was named after, I thought it was pretty.

Queen Malanite:  I was named after a gemstone.  Apparently that’s a trend.


3.  Are you single or taken?

Everyone:  Single

Queen Malanite:  Though I have been married before.  Lots of times actually.  When my husband no longer satisfies me, I drain his soul and look for a new one.


4.  Have any abilities or powers?

Violet:  My magical abilities are beyond compare.  I can use any element at my disposal, and I can hit for lots of damage.  Flipping my hair gets people to fall in love with me and do whatever I say.

Azalea:  I have healing abilities and buffs at my disposal.  I can make my family stronger and tougher than ever, while keeping them healed.

Dahlia:  I’m a crack shot with my gun, and I can fight pretty well with my bare hands.  My strength is unmatched!

Calytrix:  I very fast on the field, and can hit like a truck whether I use magic or physical attacks.

Queen Malanite:  I can make potions to do anything I please; I’m a skilled fighter on the battlefield no matter what my fighting style is.  My weapon can become anything I want, and I can use it like a master.  In addition, all of us get stronger with everything we kill.


5.  Stop being a Mary Sue!

Everyone:  Make us!


6.  What’s your eye color?

Violet:  Thanks to my glamour spell, they’re a beautiful shade of purple

Azalea:  Her spell turns my eyes brown.

Dahlia:  Mine are green.

Calytrix:  I have blue eyes, just like my father.

Queen Malanite:  Black with red irises.  Yes, that’s my natural eye color.  That’s all my daughters’ eye colors as well without Violet’s glamour spell.


7.  What’s your hair color?

Violet:  Black as night.

Azalea:  Red.

Dahlia:  You seriously can’t tell that my hair is blonde?

Calytrix:  Auburn; a perfect mix of my parent’s hair colors

Queen Malanite:  Dark red.


8.  Have any family members?

Queen Malanite:  Each other.  They are all my daughters.

Princesses:  Sisterhood for life!


9.  How about pets?

Everyone:  No.


10.  That’s cool, I guess.  Now tell me something you don’t like.

Violet:  I hate whenever my makeup runs, or whenever I get a blemish on my perfect and beautiful face.

Azalea:  I hate when someone hurts my family.

Dahlia:  I hate a lot of things, but nothing pisses me off more than when my victim refuses to fall over.

Calytrix:  I hate the ones who killed my family in my world.  Yet it was so satisfying cutting them down.

Queen Malanite:  The Pokémon Senshi and their leader.  They constantly foil my plans to conquer Alola.


11.  Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Violet:  I like singing and dancing.  I’m also pretty good at ASMR. 

Azalea:  I like spending time with my sisters no matter what they do.

Dahlia:  I like to train.  Nothing relieves tension like beating up a punching bag until it bursts, or shooting things until they burst.

Calytrix:  I practice my swordplay a lot. 

Queen Malanite:  I like reading.  Usually I’m learning new spells, other times I’m reading romance novels, or anything else I can find.


12.  Have you hurt anyone in any way?

Everyone:  Yes.


13.  Ever…killed anyone?

Everyone:  YES!


14.  What kind of animal are you?

Violet:  I can turn into a snake.

Azalea:  Probably a bear.  Mess with my family, and you will die

Dahlia:  A lioness.  I like to hunt.

Calytrix:  I’m like a wolf; strong, fast, and protects the family

Queen Malanite:  Black Widow Spider.  That’s not a figure of speech.


15.  Name your worst habits.

Violet:  I cannot pass a mirror without looking at myself.  I’m very vain.

Azalea:  I trust no one dating either of my sisters.

Dahlia:  My temper is hard to control at times.

Calytrix:  Once I go on a killing spree, it’s nearly impossible to get me to stop. The thrill of battle and getting stronger with each fallen victim is exhilarating!

Queen Malanite:  I keep losing to those Pokémon Senshi and their leader.  Why haven’t I decided to attack a region they don’t live in?


16.  Do you look up to anyone at all?

Violet:  My mother.  I want to be just like her in every way:  tall, dark, and beautiful. 

Azalea:  My family.  I will protect them with my dying breath.

Dahlia:  My sisters.  I’m always in good hands when we travel together.

Calytrix:  My father.  He was always there for me since I was a baby, and gave my anything I wanted.  I miss him dearly.

Queen Malanite:  No, but I do love all my daughters unconditionally.


17.  Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

Violet:  I’m bisexual.  My victim’s gender makes no difference to me.

Azalea:  I like men, as long as they behave around my sisters.

Dahlia:  I also like men, but I’m not interested in a relationship.

Calytrix:  I’m also bisexual.  Both genders please me.

Queen Malanite:  I’m interested solely in men.


18.  Do you go to school?

Everyone:  *laughs wickedly*


19.  Ever want to get married and have kids one day?

Violet:  Mother cast a spell on us.  My sisters and I can never bear children.  She doesn’t want to be a grandmother.  Then again, neither of us want kids or a significant other anyway.

Queen Malanite:  If I can find someone powerful, I’d gladly take him.  The leader of the Pokémon Senshi is kind of handsome.  According to Calytrix, she actually is our daughter from another timeline.  I’m sure we could make more.


20.  Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

Violet:  They come running whenever I flip my hair or start singing.

Azalea:  Unlikely.

Dahlia:  Probably not.

Calytrix:  If I kiss or flirt with someone, they become my fans, no questions asked.

Queen Malanite:  My subjects are my fans.


21.  What are you afraid of?

Everyone:  Light magic.


22.  What clothes do you usually wear?

Violet:  A backless halter top or crop top with a two layered miniskirt.  I never leave the castle unless I wear high heels of at least five inches.

Azalea:  A tank top dress that is diagonally cut and knee boots with four inch heels.  I always wear my hair in a ponytail.

Dahlia:  A t-shirt dress with short boots.  The heel is 2-3 inches.

Calytrix:  An off-the-shoulder top with a miniskirt and a showgirl skirt over it, and over-the-knee boots with a 4-5 inch heel.  They’re not armored unless I’m fighting. 

Queen Malanite:  A backless cold shoulder black dress with a slit on the side.  It goes well with my six inch platform heels.


23.  What’s one food that tempts you?

Violet:  I like fruits.  They make my magic a bit stronger.

Azalea:  Salads for me.  They make me tougher.

Dahlia:  Meat.  It’s better if I’ve hunted and killed it myself.

Calytrix:  I’ll eat meat as well, though I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Queen Malanite:  I don’t have a favorite food.  If it’s good with wine, I’ll eat it.


24.  What class are you (low/middle/high)

Everyone:  High class!  We’re royalty!


25.  What are your thoughts on pie?

Everyone:  Meh.


26.  Favorite drink?

Violet:  Any kind of beer, as long as it’s from the top shelf.  I could drink it for days and not get drunk.

Azalea:  I like martinis, cocktails, and tea. 

Dahlia:  Vodka and energy drinks for me.

Calytrix:  I’ll drink anything alcoholic or coffee. 

Queen Malanite:  Wine!  I go through at least a bottle a day.


27.  What’s your favorite place?

Violet:  My bedroom or the bar.

Azalea:  The training hall.

Dahlia:  The shooting range or the gym.

Calytrix:  My bedroom, or the gym. 

Queen Malanite:  Anywhere in my castle.  I can see everything that goes on there.


28.  Are you interested in anyone?

Violet:  I’m interested in everyone.  One flip of my hair and everyone loves me.

Azalea:  Not at this time.

Dahlia:  Nope.

Calytrix:  Yes.  Once I enter a room, all eyes are on me.

Queen Malanite:  That young man who leads the Pokémon Senshi.  There’s something about him that gets my attention.


29.  That was a stupid question.

Dahlia:  You think?


30.  Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Violet:  Definitely the ocean.  I’ve got a bikini that will make everyone fall in love with me even without flipping my hair or wearing heels.

Azalea:  The ocean.  The beach is kind of relaxing.

Dahlia:  Ocean.  I love going for a swim.

Calytrix:  I love the ocean the most.

Queen Malanite:  I suppose the ocean.  There’s something about the sound of the waves crashing I love.


31.  What’s your type?

Violet:  As long as they’re beautiful, I don’t care what they are.

Azalea:  Tall, dark, and handsome.

Dahlia:  Someone tough enough to withstand my beatings.

Calytrix:  Anyone really.  Being bisexual has its perks.

Queen Malanite:  I like my men from powerful races; the stronger the better.


32.  Camping or outdoors?

Everyone:  No!


33.  Any fetishes?

Everyone:  No.

Queen Malanite:  I love tying up my victims in my webs.  They’re so cute when they’re helpless.  Restraining people is my specialty, especially when your bindings tighten the more you struggle.

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Of the Princesses of Darkness, which one is your favorite? 

4 deviants said Violet (purple one)
1 deviant said Azalea (red one)
1 deviant said Dahlia (green one)
1 deviant said Calytrix (blue one)



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