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Happy Easter

Just decided to make a pic for Easter to show I'm not TOTALLY lazy... <<;

And now the dumb baby doll is crying... This could take a while to type...

Anyway, see the cute little bunny? ^^ Inspired by this old stuffed rabbit I got n_n I dunno if you caught it, but the egg's a bomb x3 Couldn't make it TOO innocent XP And it's always funny to see fuzzy little animals with bombs ^^

I'd type more, but this stupid baby's being a pain... So that's all ^^

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Hi! I'm one of the Editors from NewsErrado, a blog from Brazil.
I liked very much your work and posted it in a collection about the Easter Bunny, if it's ok to you.
If you would like to check the result you are welcome:[link]
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That bunny is illegally cute X3 If I hadn't just decided to boycott Easter bunnies for making me sick on Easter, I'd give it a hug :giggle: Such a cute expression, and those massive eyes are adorable! :+favlove:
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Thankya! ^^ Everyone likes 'em so much, I think I'm gonna make 'em into his own little character. ^^

Thanks again!! :glomp:
EASTER BUNNY!!!!! is cute and evil...but more kyoute!!!!!!!
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:giggle: Me hopes that the bunny bomb releases candy onto us. Awesome pic!
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Bunny: Heheh.. You might say that.. :plotting:

Thanks! :hug:
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:rofl: i love it! your description reminds me of happytreefriends XD great pic :clap:
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Thanks for making the egg a bomb... or my eyes would be burning right now from the cuteness... The bomb makes it plain radical! :XD: That's very cute and funny! Happy Easter and yay for egg-bombs! :XD: Awesome job! :+fav:
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You're welcome. XD I figured I'd have to or a lot of people's eyes WOULD burn. ;P There's somethin' for everyone. Anyway, thanks!! :glomp:
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omg i love this XD must fav =3~ happy easter!!! n_n
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Thanks! XD Happy Easter right back atcha!
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I like the easter eggs in thah grass!

And could we do an arttrade? can you draw Maye? *see new pic I drew*

HAPPY EASTER! And sorry I havn't talked to you in a long time.
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Thanks! x3

Of course we can! ^^ I'll go see Maye and draw 'er soon as I can =3

Happy Easter to you, too! ^^ And that's alright, I'm at fault too, getting too busy. ^^;
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I have to draw a pic for another trade too ^^; I need to get in contect with my friends more.
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Heh, that's alright. I've got loads of pics I need to get done. x_x; Anyway, could you draw my little bunny OC from my latest deviation? ^^ I'm gonna make him into my own OC soon, so can ya? =3
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very adora----THAT"S A BOMB?! xD
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But could we do a trade?
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