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DW_Santa Claus vs Twelfth by Smnt2000
Just The Doctor by Facenna
General, Gallifrey, TARDIS, Alt. Doctors
Broken Space and Torn Time. by ChasingArtwork
Great men are forged in fire. by sophiecowdrey
Bernice Summerfield by rainesz
Children of Time Book by KellyYates
Multiple Doctors
Doctor Who Artcards 2 by ginovanta
Doctor Who Artcards by ginovanta
Twice Upon A Time by sophiecowdrey
Tardis Day by JINNdev
13th Doctor
13th Doctor by tsbranch
Doctor Who - 13th by Miss-Pannacotta
13th DOCTOR Jodie Whittaker by MrPacinoHead
Breaking the glass ceiling by sophiecowdrey
12th Doctor
Doctor Who - The 12th Doctor Era by kelvin8
12th DOCTOR by MrPacinoHead
Some new world by MadelineSlytherin
Doctor Who sketchcard by whu-wei
11th Doctor
Doctor Who - The Matt Smith/11 Era by kelvin8
Amys Choice by MrPacinoHead
Clara Oswald sketchcard by whu-wei
Clara Oswald sketchcard by whu-wei
10th Doctor
Doctor Who - The David Tennant/10th Era by kelvin8
Doctor Who: Ten by Javadoodle
The Beloved Companion - Commission by AnnettaSassi
Don't Blink! by sophiecowdrey
9th Doctor
coward or killer by snakedaemon
The Doctor by MissAway
Doctor 9 and Rose by LKBurke29
Rose Tyler miniature by whu-wei
8th Doctor
Henrietta Street - A senatorial arena by JohannesVIII
Eighth time around. by sophiecowdrey
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street by JohannesVIII
The Year of Intelligent Tigers - Play-fighting by JohannesVIII
7th Doctor
 the contest begins anew - reworked by snakedaemon
Dreamtime by JohannesVIII
Ace and Karra by rainesz
6th Doctor
Bright as Sixth by Miss-Alex-Aphey
5th Doctor
5th Doctor by boop-boop
4th Doctor
Partners In Scarf by Loneanimator
3rd Doctor
The Th3rd Doctor by Hognatius
2nd Doctor
Starstruck Two by LauraQuiles
1st Doctor
Starstruck One by LauraQuiles
Master of the Galaxy by ladyyatexel
Davros and Daleks
Davros Resurrection by Marc137
Cyberman Mk II by Marc137
Aliens, Enemies
Genesis of the Krafayis by Smnt2000
Classic Aliens, Enemies
Robots of Death by Marc137
Artisan Crafts, Cosplay
Doctor Whaaaaaa??? by Awake2dreaM
Photos, Manips, 3D
Doctor Who: Masters of Time by Chrisofedf


Membership: Anybody is welcome to join. Note: Please do not join the group simply to submit your art and then leave if it isn't (or is) accepted. If that's your only aim, simply watch or note the group with links.


We do not give explanations for denied art unless denied for technical reasons. i.e. Art contains spoilers for upcoming stories. It just takes too much time to do otherwise.

Do not submit:

:bulletpurple: screenshots, posters, wallpapers
:bulletpurple: pencil doodles, messy sketches, or plain line art
:bulletpurple: icons, gifs, games, animations
:bulletpurple: original characters, chibis (plushies)
:bulletpurple: works in progress, memes
:bulletpurple: forms of goofy text, windows alert messages
:bulletpurple: sexual vulgarity, profanity, nudity, etc.
:bulletpurple: out of character art of the actors
:bulletpurple: adverts for merchandise

:bulletgreen: Submit only one or two pictures of each cosplay.
:bulletgreen: If you're drawing multiple Doctors, mash them up into one photo for the Multiple Doctors folder.
:bulletgreen: Submit only the first page of comics.
:bulletgreen: Oneshot stories only. This doesn't mean you condense your multi-chapter story into a small book and submit it.

:bulletred: Check out the About Us section of the group and read the Foldering System rules. It just helps organizing things.
:bulletred: Compliance with the above guidelines does not guarantee acceptance of art.
:bulletred: Duplicate submissions are automatically declined.
Doctor Who Internet brings you relevant videos, articles and fan projects of amazing, humorous, or historical relevance.

This entire update is all about series 9 and Big Finish!

Series 9 Trailer:…
S9 Promo:
S9 Interview:…
S9 Has 12 Eps:…
S9 Shooting:………………
S9 Info Chart:…
Doctor Who renewed to 2020:…
Big Finish New Series License = River Song on Audio!…

Also: Dalek Gary:…

This is the longest gap we’ve ever had for the DWI blog mainly because I’ve been compiling s9 news and ignoring most else. That's also why this is updating on a Tuesday.

:bulletgreen: I'm beginning to lose confidence for the first time in my life and that covers several thousand years.
~Doctor Who and the Silurians, 3rd Doctor
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DeviantChamber Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
I don't know why I'm amazed at the acceptance of my request within the minute. I guess it serves to exemplify the hugeness of the Internet, and extenuously, life itself (somehow).

Since I can barely draw stick figures, here's a haiku! Original by the way, and written by drunk-on-fatigue me.

Blue box appears
Joyous noise, joyous cries as
Door is thrown open
DoctorWhoOne Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018
Doctor Who - Whovians United by DoctorWhoOne   Doctor Who - Proud to be a Whovian by DoctorWhoOne  
Awake2dreaM Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I have written a journal on my personal site offering to note anyone who wants it a link to good quality scans of the artwork from the 1970's Weetabix Dr. Who promotion, for free if they want it. (Basically just to share the retro goodies with some true fans who would appreciate them. ) Would it be okay to show that offer here somewhere, and if so, how do I go about it?
With reference to the group's rules, I don't consider this as a "merchandise" item, simply some stunning give-away retro artwork to be used as reference material.
(1 Reply)
TheDawnbaronsGuard Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a story about a young Timelord, the Wanderer. May I join this group and submit my works about the Wanderer to your group?

By the way, I can not find the 'join' button.
(2 Replies)
Dynamic-Illustration Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Leaving.  As an illustrator (professional) or otherwise, no critique given is a slap in the face.  It doesn't help an up and coming artist know the reasons why it was declined.  At least other groups explain it was in the wrong folder or something.  
(1 Reply)
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