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For fans of the famous BBC show Doctor Who. We also allow it's spin-off shows, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures.
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Extremis Missy cosplay II by ArwendeLuhtiene
Haywire- Chapter 2In her periphery, Rose could see Jack being his usual charming self, smiling invitingly at anyone who caught his eye. When she smiled up at the Doctor, he seemed to be ignoring their flirtatious companion. He was too busy educating her about the history of Phoenix and the surrounding communities, the food and some of the game stalls they passed. She let his words flow over her for the most part, letting it all just soak into her as they walked along.One thing Rose noticed as she, the Doctor, and Jack went to find something to eat, is that the festival grounds were quite clean. The times she had been to a festival or carnival on Earth, trash from irresponsible and lazy humans was everywhere; however here on Phoenix, the isles were clean and the people wandering around were pointedly holding onto their trash until they found a receptacle.Rose had only been to a fair ground a couple times. The first time was when she and her mate Shareen had won tickets from a lottery. The other time she had gone with Mickey; she'd coerced him with the vintage car they apparently had on display near the grounds. She went to look around the festival, while he ogled the car to his heart’s content.This time was completely different, not only because she was on another planet, but because the Doctor was with her, holding her hand, lecturing her in his rather sexy Northern brogue about the history of the autumn festival and how certain games, rides and events were established.Rose had long since overcome her awkwardness at seeing so many aliens and differences in culture; instead seeing the beauty and wonder in every new landscape she came across, or learning how different cultures reminded her of something from her home planet.It was an incredible feeling, bubbling up inside her and she turned to face the wonderful man that was making it possible for her to experience another fantastic adventure. Rose couldn’t directly pinpoint the moment she knew she was in love with the Doctor, but regardless of when or how it happened, she felt her deep love for him swell inside her until it burst forth in a joyful laugh. She relished the tender smile he sent her way. His icy-blue eyes—so often intense, calculating and able to cut an enemy to the quick with a single glare— were now soft and twinkling merrily at her, obviously feeling chuffed that he could make her happy.The paths were not too crowded, but enough so that the Doctor kept her close to his side, not allowing passers-by to split them apart; and she certainly wasn’t going to complain about being so close to him or how his hand wrapped protectively around hers.Rose’s stomach chose that moment to make its empty state known, but even as she searched more intentionally for something to eat, she couldn’t help but let her attention be drawn to all the sights and sounds around her. This was what she loved and why she kept traveling with the Doctor; seeing things no one in her world could scarcely imagine, now right before her eyes!One particular smell suddenly captured her attention and she turned to find a quaint stall that had many different types of baked goods on display. Still holding the Doctor’s hand, they made their way over to the stall, and Rose’s mouth began to water at the delicious smells wafting about her. She looked up at the Doctor, as he was glancing over the selections. He smiled at her, giving her a nod. She couldn’t help but beam at him, knowing he was telling her the food was safe for her to eat.“Hello there, dearie. What can I tempt you with on this fine day?” asked the proprietor, a pleasant, grandfatherly gentleman with a twinkling eye and wide smile. He reminded her of her own grandfather, Granddad Prentice; though she was too young to have memories of him, other than the stories her mum told and the pictures in the photo album. This man had silver hair and a lavender tint to his skin; a rather eye-catching look. With his cheerful and buoyant demeanor, he endeared himself to her at once.“Hi! I’m Rose, and this is the Doctor,” she smiled, up at the Doctor, who seemed to be looking at something behind them with an exasperated roll of his eyes. “And this is Ja—.”She turned to where Jack had been mere moments before, now seeing him introducing himself to a couple, who were seemingly in a familiar state of dazed interest.“Well, looks like your friend has other things on his mind than food,” the man chuckled, extending his hand to Rose.“I am Jurrop, owner of this fine bakery. A pleasure to meet you and your husband. May I tempt you with one of my baked goods, all fresh baked today. I have be’rn batons, trelan aquanauts, keuts meat pies.”Jurrop gestured to each item he named off, some looking similar to earth foods, like various pies and fruit dishes, and other items that looked so alien she couldn’t even begin to guess what they were or might taste like. But she knew from experience not to let the look of something put her off trying it. One might be pleasantly surprised, as she often was.“Oh, it all looks so good. I don’t know what to choose.”She deliberately chose to gloss over the man’s presumption that she and the Doctor were married, cutting off the Doctor’s likely ready rebuttal, seeing his mouth close and his head turn to look at her quizzically. She was tired of correcting people and receiving strange looks when they refuted such claims. Though she couldn’t help the thrill she got whenever she entertained the idea of being the Doctor’s wife, impossible as it was.“What would you suggest Jurrop?” She asked the proprietor.“I’m pleased you asked, my dear. This,” he said, pointing to a small danish-looking item with a light brown center and white something-or-other drizzled on top, “is a ke'etti torte, a recipe handed down through my family for five generations; a delight to the taste buds, for sure, if I may be so bold to say so.”“Mm, looks very good. What do you say, Doctor?” She looked up at him, teasing him with a tongue-touched smile. “Want to try a ki—, uh, ket—… one of those with me?”“Looks as good as anything else I suppose,” he shrugged, studying the item in question.Rose chanced another glance at him, but he had his guard up, and though she could swear she had seen a tiny smile on his lips a minute ago, it wasn’t there now. She gave an internal sigh, wishing the Doctor wasn’t so difficult to read.“We’ll take two of those, please, Jurrop. Oh, do you have tea? Could do with a cuppa right about now.”“Well, I do have this Nelertoni. A smooth, spice flavored brew that is popular with many travelers. I have it quite often myself.” The older man gestured to a box of tea bags, next to a steaming teapot which sat under something resembling a hot plate.She felt the Doctor lean closer to her and whisper in her ear, “That’ll taste a bit like an apple-cinnamon latte. Might taste good with that treat.”Rose felt a shiver run down her spine as the Doctor’s warm breath tickled her ear, his face close enough she could feel his aquiline nose barely brush her skin, sending a tingle through her.“Yeah,” she whispered breathily, before clearing her throat and agreeing more loudly for Jurrop’s benefit. She sent the Doctor a side-eye glare as he stood up straight, chuckling softly. The git, he’d done that on purpose.Rose turned her attention to Jurrop, watching him pour hot water into two white ceramic mugs and dunking a tiny canister, presumably holding the tea blend, into each one. She made small talk with the grandfatherly gentleman, asking about his family and business while he set two of the sweets into a small oven-like device, stating they tasted best when warm. He seemed quite pleased to answer her queries, bragging about his children and grandchildren and the many people he got to meet with his business.When she noticed the Doctor looking at her, with an expression she’d seen before, yet still struggled to name—pleased, proud perhaps, though she wasn’t sure why that would be—she gave him a bright smile, then returned her attention to the proprietor and the meal he was now handing to them.Rose noticed the loss of warmth as the Doctor released her hand in order to present his credit stick, and accept the tray holding their meal. She accepted the credit stick back from Jurrop and slipped it into the pocket of the Doctor’s jacket.Jurrop directed them to a set of tables and chairs he kept outside his stall, thanking them and giving Rose a pleased, tender smile when she thanked him for chatting with her and for the food. Moments later, Rose was seated next to the Doctor at one of the two small tables built into the side of the food stall.Rose's first bite of the danish-like item was pure bliss. The sweet and tangy flavors burst to life on her tongue. She couldn’t suppress a moan of enjoyment as her eyes closed in rapture.When she opened them again, she found the Doctor staring at her with an odd look on his face. She couldn’t help but laugh. He looked puzzled, until she used her thumb to wipe the crumbs from his lips.Just as she pulled her hand back, his tongue slipped through his lips to remove the crumbs. She felt a shiver run through her body as the tip of his tongue brushed the sensitive pad of her thumb. She felt her face flush brightly as she tried to keep her mind from diving straight into the gutter.The tops of the Doctor’s ears grew red and Rose found herself drawn into his gaze, unable to look away from his irresistible, intense blue eyes.She felt herself lean forward, her head tilting up, her eyelids growing heavy. She saw the Doctor’s own heavy-lidded eyes glance down at her lips and back to her eyes. He turned back to his meal, rather abruptly, and the heat of the moment was broken like shattering glass.Rose turned back to her own food, confused and trying not to feel rejected; also trying to get her mind to think of other things than how badly she wished she could just say, “To hell with it!”, and kiss the Doctor passionately, with all the desire and longing she had pent up for over a year.But he obviously wouldn’t want that. If he did, he’d have taken the opportunity to kiss her just now…right?She took a big swallow of her tea, letting its soothing warmth distract her from all the swarming thoughts and emotions that were plaguing her.
RICK AND MORTY | I'M DR. WHO by lawkop
General Art, Digital Fun, Craftwork, Etc.
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