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Anfren, Wego, thanx for this time :D
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Eating: nothin' *sigh* hungry ><
So wet, little bit cold, but so adorable)
Mon cher Lestat, thanx & chu~, u rule XD
Hell... guys, remember this already: I'm a PHOTOGRAPHER, not a model! My friends are my models.
Hell, yeah!! It was just like we have a photographic studio! Die, Kyo, you were cool like Hell (what am I say..?)
Yesterday I have a great photosession with a friend of mine. Now, we have a few pics here))
  • Listening to: Gravitation OVA OST - Gravitation Theme
Today is my b-day. Yup. So, what? Absolutely nothing. my favourite leisure time. First time it was... Yami no Matsuei, I guess. Now, it's Dogs: Bullets & Carnage. Translate from english to russian, of course - 'cause it's all, that I can translate ^^;

Oh, I must draw Haine >.< But his damn hair...

Oh, now I have Equilibrium! I very long time search for it.
  • Listening to: Equilibrium OST
Yup, New Year... I hate pigs. Terribly awful mood. Diary won't loading >__< "Happy" New Year? Oh, sure. And so on, and etc...
  • Listening to: Marilyn Manson ~ Sweet Dreams
  • Watching: &quot;Sorry, the site doesn't work, 'cause bla-bla
Дожил сенсей до девика, наконец :D Впрочем, убогость моих творений вряд ли заслуживает размещения на столь масштабном ресурсе со столь великолепными работами :boo: