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Maud Pie Gala Dress

By Doctor-G
I was happy when I saw Maud at the Gala, and she looks so good in that dressMaud Pie 

Also Tree Hugger was a fun character, the whole episode was fun.
I guess I should expect that with Discord as the main character Discord Icon


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That dress sure looks lovely on her.

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Even Maud can look pretty in a dress, and plain dresses can be quite attractive.
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i noticed that pics like this look really accurate to the show, is it easy to emulate the art style?  i noticed a lot of people make these pics with the transparent backgrounds a lot, do people use these to make scenes or something?
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Yeah, the art style of the series is fairly simple so it's not too difficult to recreate. It also helps that most of the characters have the same body, and since they're flash puppets I can exchange any parts that I need.
For example, all my Maud Pie pictures are the same body just with some additions or modifications.

As for the transparency, I make them like that so that if someone wants to use them in scenes or in a wallpaper then they can. I always love seeing what people can do with them.
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ah okays ^_^ i see!  Maud is awesome pony, i hope we see more of her in the future <3
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They look more like pajamas.
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Ahh, just like Twilight's birthday dress!
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That dress rocks!
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She's so happy and cute!
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"You're the most basic of jokes."
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Discord got rekt.
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I think she looked lovely in this dress I saw the episode and all I could think when I saw her was my mouth dropped and I could not speak
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Her dress looks so bland and plain, it really fitting for her. :)
Love it.
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Yesh this episode was awesome! Maud is totally rockin' that outfit :D
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It suits her.
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Well, after watching "Three's a crowd", I can't say Discord guarantees a good episode, but this newest one was pretty funny.
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Maud may be deadpan, but at least she's way funnier than Discord. "You're the most basic of jokes" she said.
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P.S. Chew toy Discord is the best Discord.
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It was awesome to see her again :D
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rekt Discord
I like Maud now, she's really cool
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