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Knockout Girl Profile

Knock Out Girl
Real Name: Kristen Bennett
Age: 22
Based In: Terran City
Supporting Cast:
Alice Bennett (mother)
Tristen Bennett (father)
Laura Bennett (sister)
Michelle Connor (Best friend)(Room mate)(Detective in the Terran City Police Department) (Secret Crush)
Angelica Synn (adversary/rival) (supervise)
One day like any other, Kristen Bennett was working with her best friend Michelle Connor, organize and support a charity event. It wasn't anything special, just a simple carwash to help raise funds for a local orphanage. Everything was going fine, nothing out of the ordinary and they even surpassed their goal of raising 500 dollars, or at least it was up until the point were an army of demons erupted from the ground and began to attack everyone in sight. Doing the same as everyone else she started searching for a safe place to hide from the madness but when she saw a young child at the mercy of a demon she really had no choic
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Doctor Awkward's Design-a-Hench Contest! has reached its climax!

Ladies and gentleman, you put me in quite a pickle with these submissions.  The quality of your henchmen, henchwomen, and henchthings across the board had me puzzling for quite a while who to choose, to the point where an honorable mention category would be just a full list of entries.

However, decisions needed to be made, and I selected my top three.  Such was the quality of these three, that I've decided to go back on my original rewards and improve them.  All three henchmen will be added to my universe, and the first place reward has been increased to allow for 5 characters instead of 4 to make up the difference.

In third place, we have ProtoyBonnie with his henchwoman for White Ibis, SECRETARY BYRD!
Untitled Drawing by ProtoyBonnie
Secretary Byrd scratched an itch from the moment I first saw her.  Her name fits White Ibis' own avian theme, her role as an assistant, and her preferred method of combat all at once.  It's easy to envision her as a personal assistant and bodyguard a la Mercy Graves, handling attackers and unruly minions as easily as finances and logistics.  It may be hard to find good help these days, but Secretary Byrd is one dependable henchwoman above all else.

In second place, we have 87ClawDark with his henchman for Apex, TRACKER!
Tracker Bio Henchmen of Apex
Henchman of Orbweaver (occasionally)
Real Name: Trey Trasser
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark brown, ear length, shaggy.
Eyes: Green.
Height: 6'2
Occupation: Poacher, Mercenary
Physical Appearance: Tracker is firm and muscular man with chiseled features and a stubble chin.
Powers and Abilities: Physically, Tracker is at the peak of human condition, and excels almost any non superhuman in athletic prowess. As his name implies, he is a master of tracking and hunting virtually any sort of prey, and makes it a point to know their strengths, weaknesses and abilities and how counter against them. He is also a genius when it comes to laying traps to ensnare, incapacitate, neutralize and halt his opponents. His gear is about as expansive as his skill set, including a reinforced camouflage suit capable of isolating most blows, a grappling hook, a net gun, various bolas, a blowdart gun, smoke bombs, claw-tipped gloves fo

First and foremost, Tracker fulfills a niche that I'd been avoiding for some time: how Apex gets his animal minions.  It's conceivable that he goes around raiding zoos and circuses, but he would no doubt find that beneath him.  With Tracker providing Apex with a steady supply of powerful minions, the villain is free to act on more grandiose plots.  Tracker has a good skillset, strengths and weaknesses, and a fascinating backstory that fits nicely into my own works.  As an added bonus, he gives off a similar "Most Dangerous Game" feel that Apex himself does.  All in all a good package henchman.

In first place, we have That1P with his henchwoman for Doctor Helix, ESCHER!

Mature Content

Escher by That1P

Escher is another intriguing concept with a lot of extra details that come together nicely.  Doctor Helix is an intricate schemer, and manipulating a powerful amnesiac would be a perfect plot for him, to say nothing of his acting the savior for a person who he personally damaged.  Escher's powers compliment Helix's own abilities quite well, and her name and theme connect in a way that paints strong imagery.  Escher has strong story potential with many disorienting battles to come.

Congratulations you three, message me about your prizes at your leisure, and an enormous thank you to everyone who entered for making this my most successful contest I've yet hosted!  Your creativity deeply impressed me!

I'll be making a new scientist side character who will provide something very valuable to superheroes around the world. What country should she be from? 

24 deviants said Japan
17 deviants said England
17 deviants said Egypt
13 deviants said Russia
12 deviants said South Africa
12 deviants said Argentina
8 deviants said Australia
7 deviants said The Netherlands
6 deviants said United States
4 deviants said Greece


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