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2015 - New Year, New Beginnings

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2015, 2:19 PM

2014 was a helluva year, and I don’t understand how January can feel like so long ago in some regards, and yet each month slipped by faster than I could keep up. Still, I have to say I’m content, both personally and artistically. 2014 certainly started off as one beast and eventually settled into another. And here we are in 2015, and me without any resolutions!


Last year, in terms of my art, I successfully launched/funded my first Kickstarter for WARBIRDS OF MARS. I’m loving how the first full-length issue of the comic is coming along, but it’s taking so much more time to complete than I had hoped. Still, I got my first Daily Deviation in the process.

WARBIRDS OF MARS Golden Age pg2-3 by DocRedfield WARBIRDS OF MARS Golden Age Pg4 Inks by DocRedfield WARBIRDS OF MARS Stories of the Fight! by DocRedfield


I feel as though I’ve honed my craft, style, and work ethic. I’ve got commissions on my plate, ideas for projects and books in process.

COMMISSIONS RATES - Pulp style by DOC by DocRedfield

COMMISSION static-writhing by DocRedfield Eronica Unbound - Book Cover by DocRedfield

Plus, I’ll have a classic SINBAD 5-page comic story published later this year by AIRSHIP 27, and I’m working on an 11-page comic of the classic pulp-character DOMINO LADY for MOONSTONE Comics. Things are picking up; just gotta keep the momentum. I’m excited.

Domino Lady and The Spider by DocRedfield SINBAD pg 4 by DocRedfield


On the personal side of things, life’s upheavals have calmed. I woke up one day and… well, let’s just say change was in the air as was understanding of the place of things. In any case, this summer I met The Girl I’ve Been Waiting For. The lovely Jenn and her daughter have come into my life, bringing so much of what I have been looking for… and they were already Doctor Who fans to boot (no conversions to my personal religion necessary)! Since then I’ve managed to wean off of my low dosage of anti-depressants and lost 5 lbs in the process. I should also point out that not being on medication is a money-saver. Surprise, I know.


The world – both at large and closer to home with friends and family – is worth the extra effort (and time, when you can take it) with the right person at your side.

For what it’s worth, balance in all things within as well as without is the most important thing in life. That’s my philosophy, anyhow.


Well, that’s it for now – work to do, chaps! I hope you all have a great year!


-Scott P. ‘Doc’ Vaughn


  • Reading: The Last Gunfight
  • Watching: Pirate movies
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: Pepsi Throwback
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faile35 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015   Traditional Artist
I'm just getting to this now, but it's still a very nice read. Congratulations on your personal happiness--you've been deserving of some of that for a while now, I think. :nod: And your art is getting ever more delicious and impressive. :thumbsup: Here's to a great year, and many more to come! :w00t:
DocRedfield Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks very much, Jeff... Most kind, my friend.
domino8888 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
Happy new years!
DocRedfield Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Happy New Year! Thanks!
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