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  • Listening to: Gettysburg
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I added a sequence from our training day activities. 

Just to show that we always work hard at keeping our sport safe. 

These classes are for everyone from student to 20K jump competitor.
  • Listening to: 633 Squadron.
  • Reading: From The Ashes of Sobibor.
  • Watching: Wunderland
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My surgeon is pleased with my recovery so far. He has a followup visit schedule for me in Early May. After that, I will likely be jumping again.
  • Listening to: Space:1999
  • Reading: Eichmann Interrogated
  • Watching: War and Remembrance
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I had to have my neck fixed. 

Growing old is great. Aging is another matter. 

I finally had to have a disc in my neck removed. 

My surgeon says If everything goes right, I will be jumping again in three months. 

At least it is off season!
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  • Reading: A higher Call
  • Watching: Orpheus In The Underworld.
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I got another jump today. 

Still muddy, but not bad enough to wade in. 

It was cold at altitude, but I wore flannel lined pants, and a lined shirt. I was comfortable this time.

Pictures coming.
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  • Reading: The Antiquities of The Jews.
  • Watching: The Great Raid
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Yesterday, we had some really great, warm weather!

Naturally, this was one of the rare times for great jumping this late in the season. 

It was a balmy 80 degrees for the day. Beautiful clear blue skies!

While I was getting set up I inquired from a jumper who just landed, how cold it was at altitude.

"It's great. Just like summer. I just wore these tights.." she told me.

So I figured on just wearing my normal shorts and t-shirt under my jumpsuit. 

We get up, and as we climbed, I figured her idea of summer must have been for Finland, not Texas. 

Okay, I follow a group out the door. 

I sure wished I had at least wore gloves!

After flying on my back for awhile, I realized just how not-summer like it was. 

To add insult to injury, The wind died, and I slid into the results of the last few weeks of rainy weather.

Despite the green appearance from the air, the landing area was a sea of mud. 

I left a large butt skid mark plowed deep into the soft earth. when I stood up, I found my foot in a fire ant mound. Fortunately, they were still very slow!

I gathered up my gear, and came back to the hanger with a ton of mud on my shoes. 

I left both shoes, and jumpsuit outside. 

I spent some time getting the mud off my toggles. The leg straps got some goo as well.

Oh well, I hope it stays dry and warm for at least a couple more weeks.
  • Listening to: Beethoven Violin Concerto
  • Reading: The Antiquities of The Jews.
  • Watching: Eichmann
  • Playing: Warbirds
  • Eating: Pork chops
  • Drinking: water
You can view some of my jump videos on my YouTube site.

  • Listening to: Beethoven Violin Concerto
  • Reading: The Antiquities of The Jews.
  • Watching: Eichmann
  • Playing: Warbirds
  • Eating: Pork chops
  • Drinking: water
You can view some of my jump videos on my YouTube site.

  • Listening to: Isadora's Theme
  • Reading: The White Sniper
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  • Eating: Pork chops
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Here are some videos:

  • Listening to: The Final Countdown Suite
  • Reading: This Perfect Day
  • Watching: City of Life and Death
  • Playing: Warbirds
  • Eating: Sushi
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I am starting up a Youtube page, where I will be posting my Air to Air videos.

Stay tuned!
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  • Reading: Thunder below.
  • Watching: Paul Apostle of Christ
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  • Drinking: Soft drinks.
Well, the American Revolution Boogie came, and went. 

I planned an ambitious number of jumps and did half.

My video was plagued by battery failures. 

I did add several minutes of freefall time, literally dancing in the clouds.

I will be posting a bunch of images soon.
  • Listening to: Wizards Run
  • Reading: Operation Thunderbolt.
  • Watching: Escape from Sobibor
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  • Eating: Sausage and eggs.
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..For jumping next Saturday!
  • Listening to: Symphony Number Five-LVB
  • Reading: The Trap with a Green Fence.
  • Watching: Live PD
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  • Eating: London Broil.
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I hope everyone enjoys the photographs with Luis.

I don't know how much aerial stuff will get made this winter.
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Pictures from the 2017 Okie-Tex Start Party coming up soon!
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  • Reading: Saturn V-Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual.
  • Watching: David
  • Playing: Warbirds
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Despite the bad weather, I managed to have some fun at the 2017 American Revolution Boogie near Dallas. 

I was able to thoroughly test my new camera suit.

Pictures are coming.
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  • Reading: You don't know Jack
  • Watching: Bomber Boys
  • Playing: Warbirds
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: soda
Weather should be good tomorrow.

Perhaps I will have new photos.
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  • Reading: MASH. An Army Surgeon in Korea.
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  • Playing: Warbirds
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What do you call a day of nasty weather, rain, and tornados, after five great days of warm blue skies?


I am going crazy to get some jumps in right now, but I can't seem to find a jumpable day. 

I have been spending time that I should be productive in, simply being tired, and doing nothing useful.

I need a change!
  • Listening to: Flightscape
  • Reading: Above All Else
  • Watching: Spartacus
  • Drinking: Juice
Lots has happened since my last entry.

After losing almost 25lbs, I have returned to skydiving.

I have also gotten back to playing with my airbrush.

Some things took a back seat, but they will be brought back soon.
  • Reading: Last Man on the Moon
  • Drinking: Coffee
A week from today the Okie-Tex Star Party begins.

I plan on being there!

I hope to get lots of pictures!
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We had an F5 tornado visit our town.

I have had no power for five days, and no net until thirty minutes ago.

I plan to catch up soon and post some images of the devastation!
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Well, the star party had some weather issues, but I got a few images.

I might publish a couple more soon.