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My Night
The silence and dark weighs on my soul
the expanse of alone grows larger around me
like the room around me falls away like a black hole
leaving me, small, alone, afraid and weak
this isn't a dream
I am awake
scared to open my eyes
for fear that what I fear is REAL
This silence and dark heavy like a mist
its hangs thick on me like a drape
I cannot find a way to snap out of this
my silent prison I can never escape
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 3
The Beginning
This is not a story that starts out with some metaphoric line that is somehow ominous of the story to come. This is not the story of triumph over adversity. This is a story about evil. As kids, we believed in the boogie man, monsters, demons and anything else that makes ghost stories great. As adults, we dismiss these as myth or fables. We are wrong. There are no supernatural creatures however, or paranormal disturbances. But there are monsters, and there is evil. It just comes in an everyday package.
Joe left for work just like he did every other day. Fight the morning traffic to get to a place he didn't much like in the first place. He was an everyday, regular Joe, pardon the pun, with a wife, three kids, and the regular life. He worked a job he was good at, but always wanted something more. Unbeknownst to Joe, he was about to get much more.
I think everyone has a weakness, or a vice. Something that can make a man do more than he should, or even do things he dispises. Everyone has a
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 1
Rain falls upon the night
a rhythm for the soul
Lightning flashes its brave light
onto the world below
Rain drops healing the wounds
that only time can mend
Bringing peace later than soon
to the weakend hearts of men
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 3
Surrounded by sunlight
bright and cheery
Though with my soul's blight
dark and dreary
People walk by me
with not a clue
What lives inside me
haggered and blue
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 3
11a1 by docholiday1974
Mature content
11a1 :icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 0 1
The Score
I know you
though you don't know me
I know your charge
and the verdict is guilty
You may fool them
but I know far too well
that someday we'll meet
even if it's in hell
Then you will answer
for all of the pain
and you will pay
My hatred remains
Though you may walk
thou this life like the rest
unlike all of them
hate for you burns in my chest
I will not forget
though your judgment's deferred
I will not forgive
but someday you'll answer
Be it on this planet
or after this world
I swear on my life
I'll settle the score
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 2
Dread attaches to the goal
and drags it down to ruin
Slowly weighing down our soul
and leads us all to doom
Fear attaches to our hopes
and steers them off the path
Pulls our dreams down the slope
and all thats left is wrath
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 0 2
Empty space
would be bliss
Less to know
less to fear
Failure would seem
so much less
Self aware
is a curse
Funhouse mirror
distorting all
reality is
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 0 2
Rage against the powers that be
Rage against the evil in me
Terror that strives within us all
Terror that drives us to the fall
Fear that makes a stronger foe
Fear that makes us live in woe
Strength that fails us for false hope
Strength; a hallucination to help cope
Faith in others to keep us safe
Faith in weapons to hold the gate
Pain inside us we cannot lose
Pain from paying everyone's dues
Love that seems to escape us all
Love that is false and ready to fall
Hope that this isn't all life has
Hope we're not victims of our past
Dream of those who dream of you
Dream a dream than can't come true
End the pain and the strife
End the falseness of this life
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 0 2
Round and Round
All things that are there
things that I needed
All of the people that stare
when I was defeated
Leave me to be by myself
please, so I can think
Don't make me face that swell
please don't let me sink
I don't understand this life
but then it makes perfect sense
up and down, it goes round and round
we're just victims of circumstance
Tell me why it works this way
Seems to be simple
All the things that jump and play
ignore all the evil..
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 0 5
Untitled II
I am falling apart at the seams
Ghosts of things that might have been
Deeds wrought of ignorance and youth
How can a possibility burn so deep
How can a question cut to the bone
So many "ifs" to cause so much doubt
Shadows of the past turn to fires
Burning insides, signals of REGRET
Errors others pay for
How can things you didn't know you did
Cause so many storms
So far away from those places
Yet, right next to them
Right on top of them
Past and present mix together
Here and there
Now and then
What is wrong with everyone else
How can they get passed their wrongs
How do they find peace
What makes things hurt or fade
There is no answer
No peace - No rest
Peace to be found in someone else's life
A path, missed years ago
Fallen off of, and found far too late
A step missed, can never be regained
A maze, started in the middle
No chance of finding the end
A mirage of normal
Of life like all others-
A flame burning in SPITE of the fuel
Not because if it
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 6
Things II
Lightning strikes
the dark turns light,
showing things that should stay hidden.
Revealing secrets not meant to be seen.
Some things are supposed to hide
so that our days seem safe.
That is all that matters to us,
what seems to be thus.
No matter the reality,
just only what we can see.
Like sheep we will believe.
Lead us like the flock we are,
easy as sin to decieve...
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 0 3
Silence pierces the dreams
all that we wish would come
open mouths but no screams
we all seem deaf and dumb
Fork in the road for all
choices we all must make
one way leads to the fall
but which one is the fake
Both choices seem all right
Both choices seem all wrong
should i then choose to fight
or chose the journey long
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 3
Why do i
feel like this?
I can't see
why now, why?
After all
that has been
and of all
I have done
you hand this
all to me
all to one
so unworthy
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 3
Ripples in the water
Jarflies in the trees
Bicycle rider
Warm summer breeze
Sounds of the summer
Smells of the camp
Kids going under
Down by the ramp
Swimming and splashing
Fun soon will end
Seems to be ending
Soon as it begins
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 1 7
Black Hole
The steeley cold blackness that once was my heart.
A pain in my soul, a stab in the dark.
Wanting history to give me a new start.
Covering up all the hurting and scars.
Chances for vengeance that have come and gone.
Reckoning now is too far behind.
Should I hope things somehow are done?
Or do I try for a real ending this time?
I cannot hide behind this mask of stone,
the armor of my heart is rusted and pierced.
I functioned in love like a helpless drone,
instead of fighting with passion that's fierce.
There's almost no fight left in this man.
Sometimes I wonder why I even try.
Do I even deserve to make a stand?
Or have my chances for love all died?
:icondocholiday1974:docholiday1974 0 1


by peterku

Wow, ok here goes a 'Critique' from strictly a scifi fan, NOT an artist. I find the basic design very well done. Clean lines and a very...

Not sure I am qualified, but I will give you my opinions. I can comment on the concepts and appearance, but as I am not an artist I wil...

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I am not an artist, but a avid fan of scifi and every genre that applies to it. I am very honest and straightforward, however, so you c...


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Hey everyone, things are very difficult for me right now, and I want to thank everyone on here for the wonderful distraction all your great work is for me... it means a lot to be able to come here and get away every now and then. I found a beacon for my soul, and I hope she knows how much I love her... she is so special and saves my sanity every second of every day... and nothing will ever change that.


United States
Avid scifi nerd



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