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Sasha, Viviana, Shizuka and Lillian
So me and theepic627 in recent months decided to collaborate on a commission featuring our oc's and this is the grand end result. 

Shizuka and Lillian have become friends and eventually decided to concoct a scheme where they'd successfully be able to trade their "besties" Viviana and Sasha respectively and tickle the hell out of them and this is the end result. I imagine when they're finished messing around with their feet that Shizuka and Lillian are going to regret their actions but for the both of was worth it. 

This is one of the biggest colouring projects I've worked on to date, we both chipped in half for the lineart commission each from JonathanBN  and then I coloured the lineart in. My computer is old and isn't the greatest so the fact this actually came out as well as it still amazed me, not once did the computer crash....thank god. 

Shizuka Kouchou (c) DocHasegawa 
Viviana Miralles (c) DocHasegawa 
Lillian Killoran (c) theepic627 
Sasha Grace (c) theepic627
Art (c) JonathanBN 
Colouring (c) DocHasegawa 
Shizuka Kouchou-Tosai (Modern) OC Ref
I never did get around to posting these but I decided to start getting modern day designs for some of my oc's, it's why more more recent ones don't look as fantasy or medieval esque looking (cause i'm lazy like that), so I'm starting off with my ninja girl Shizuka. Special shout out to omegazero01 for designing her modern day design, i think he definitely helped made Shizuka really come into her in the most appealing way possible.

Shizuka as we all know in the fantasy realm is a often kinky yet friendly ninja girl with a huge foot and tickling fetish, in the present day most of that is still the same. Still trained as a ninja in her youth, in the modern age Shizuka works with her boyfriend Kenji Tosai in his health spa clinic, most of the time she's his receptionist, a perfect job as she doesn't need to wear shoes and she refuses to wear them. Shizuka enjoys being barefoot and even though most places would say no shoes, no service she has her ways to avoid that issue. She happens to live with Kenji in an apartment next to Soledad Miralles and eventually her younger sister Viviana moves in to room with her when she attends college. Shizuka and Viviana hit it off as friends hanging out whenever though it took a bit of time for Viviana to warm up to Shizuka's fetish escapades. Eventually Shizuka managed to convince Viviana to work part time as a fetish model, what she usually does on her days off when she isn't working at the spa. Shizuka is the ultimate switch working as both 'ler and 'lee enjoying being on both ends of tickling, worships, massages and whatever. Her foot size is a 9 and she is very ticklish. She always wear black toeless leggings as well loves wearing comfy yet snug jean shorts and a keyhole sweater (yes even in the summer, Shizuka is usually unfazed by the heat or cold). Aside from her fetish she's often a free spirited yet strange, quirky and enigmatic girl who loves people and animals and enjoys the companionship of her friends, she and Kenji are in an open relationship though she's really hoping he'll finally propose to her. she's currently in her early 20's. 

Headcanon Voice: Shannon Chan-Kent (English), Eri Kitamura (Japanese) 

Shizuka Kouchou (c) DocHasegawa 
Art (c) omegazero01 
Coloring (c) DocHasegawa 


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Just here for the feet.

I also learned how to colour drawings recently, so I'm not completely inept.


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