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If you've got some disposable income and are looking to buy some art you should head over to actuallyacorpse's page and check out their commissions 
They're looking to get a procedure done in the future and are currently trying to save up enough money for it.
here's some examples of their art <da:thumb id="683079111"/><da:thumb id="676806325"/><da:thumb id="675612724"/>
you can easily see that they put a lot of effort into their art. the line-work's always well done and the COLORS! hoooooooooooooooooo boy
I guarantee you'd be getting your money's worth 😀👌
I never know what to say in these shits like I have it in my head but the moment that I go to type it it's just gone
anyway, a quick update on my art
so I've been slacking on art a LOT recently but there's a reason for it this time i swear
I've just been mad frustrated with my art y'know 
like not the style or anything (i'm actually somewhat happy with the direction that I'm going with that) but like... the way I go about making the art y'know? does that even make sense? idk I'll just explain
the way that I go about drawing is guide lines> sketch> sloppy ass lines that take waaayy longer than they really should (part of the reason is probably bc I work on a 4000x4000 canvas but whatever)> base colors> sloppy ass shading that shows that I CLEARLY don't know what I'm doing
I don't like doing things this way, I used to, but not anymore
it's tedious af, nine out of ten times i'm not happy with the ending results 
or i just give up after finishing the sketch because I'm like "this is a real nice sketch and I know I'm going to ruin it with lineart" 
plus I'm not even a huge fan of doing the whole smooth af lineart with mixed soft and cell shading 
I can barely pull it off and when i do it looks generic as hell so um why not stop yea
though in the time of my absence I have been taking a chance to examine details and processes of the art that I'm generally more attracted to
and I'm using what I've seen to evolve on my own style 
I think I've come up with a new approach that could end up working better for me
all I have to do now is put it into practice 
it's gonna be tough to break the habits that I have now but I've got high hopes 
until then I may be going on hiatus
I'm either going to be gone for a long ass time then suddenly upload a ton of art or just upload stuff whenever i finish drawing 
lol who knows with me
until then tho
sad drake out
oh happy valentines day too
EDIT- bringing this back because they really need the money
if you got cash that you wanna spend check this out srsly

then u should check out frankjgr's commissions
like for real tho they're p nice
they've got a snazzy af style and a great sense of color
look at this i commissioned them to draw that one demon chick and it was quality af <da:thumb id="579039794"/> <da:thumb id="579039794"/> <da:thumb id="579039794"/>hot damn look at her
commission info here ---> <da:thumb id="571626795"/> they're cheap too so get em' while they're hot
srsly get them frank need the money for various important reasons 
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I was gonna actually make this a long and detailed journal but then I was like hey who cares anyway so I'll just make it brief-
A lot has happened during my time of absence that has changed my outlook of life yada yada yada things will never be the same blah blah whatever

Fortunately though I'm getting a new laptop soon which means that I can get back to drawing digitally

Lmao I know that in the previous journal o said that I didn't rly want to draw but scratch that 
At this point in time I literally care about nothing but art
And I've decided to take the whole drawing thing more serious in hopes that I can someday make a career out of it
That's basically all I wanted to say so peace I'll see you all later ✌ 
By this point some of you might have noticed that I haven't been active on here at all
Or maybe you haven't bc I'm never really active but anyway
This is due to the fact that my laptops been broken for a few weeks now and I don't know when it'll be fixed
So yea it may be a while until you see new art from me
Ngl though stuffs been happening and mental healths catching up to me so at this point in time I honestly couldn't care less about producing art
So even if my laptop does get fixed you're probably still not going to see much from me