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Cleaner Desktop Skin1.5

Hi everyone

here is a revised version of my DocBerlinn77 Click Taskbar 1.4

all important information is displayed via Tooltip Info

such as:
when you go with the mouse on the speaker, you will be shown that by scrolling up with which the mouse can raise the loud and with scrolldown it becomes quieter , medium mouse button and you switch to mute

the taskbar is available in 4 versions, with music player and battery display and without music player and battery display

(the music player is for Winamp)

hope you like my work and wish you a lot of fun with my new skin

best greet your DocBerlin77 (Alex)

translated with Google translator
© 2021 DocBerlin77
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I have a problem with long Start shortcuts appear is long over the taskbar like in this screen-shoot

Screenshot (16)
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ps: you could still change the size of the font, but I think if you want to keep all the shortcuts you have to make the font so small that you can probably read it very hard

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Hello my friend

the problem is with your desktop resolution as it is only 1280 x 720

if you can set your desktop resolution, not to 1920 x 1080

then you unfortunately have to delete a few shortcuts in the ini file

i'm sorry my friend that I can't help you any other way

best greetings Doc

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