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A warm welcome to my small page.

I'm an amateur Sci-fi writer, loving Sci-fi and History. I decided to try the CGI comics as way to make comics.

Favourite Visual Artist
Jacques Martin, Osamu Tezuka, Hugo Pratt, Hergé
Favourite Movies
Lot of classicals movies, HK movies, classical japanese movies
Favourite TV Shows
Babylon5, Battlestar Galactica 2003, Slider, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek ToS, Wild wild west, Kojak, Land of Giants, A man called Sloane, Hawai five 0 1968
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Michael Jackson, Cantopop, Jpop (til 2000) Pop 70's, Pop 80's, Queen
Favourite Books
Conan of Cimmeria, The Berserkers cycle, Doc Savage, all of Leigh Brackett books, philip K dick's books
Favourite Writers
R.E Howard, Fred Saberhagen, Leigh Brackett, R Heinlein, Abraham Merrit, Poul Anderson, Alexandre Dumas.
Favourite Games
Doom, Street Fighter
Tools of the Trade
DAZ, photoshop
Other Interests
History, scifi novels, anime manga, writing sci-fi

Dina Z is back!

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I'm working on my current comic - 50 years later - and I hesitate about using a new style

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50 Years later... Testing page
50 Years later... Testing page
The new one, green
50 Years later... Page 05
50 Years later... Page 05
The old, red
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Average Joe DAZ artist here on DA takes a naked woman poses her in an alluring manor, renders it out and calls it art. You on the other hand, in my honest opinion, use the medium to create cohesive scenes through masterful posing, prop selection and placement, and postwork to create real art.

^^; You're too kind, I'm still a newbie with DAZ, there is better artists than me, for example, you have a great mastery of light and Iray rendering, I was never good with Iray rendering, even now with a more powerful computer I stumble on the light.

Where I manage to get by is in the exploitation of the basic rendering engine: Basicopengl, as it offers a better structure close to 2D, with photoshop I"m better, but in my first render with DAZ I had many problems.

As for the scenes, I understand what you mean, I always liked to place a nice model on a background that honors it.

and especially I love to magnify the characters via photoshop, I do not like to leave a DAZ studio render without retouching it, especially with a basicopengl render it is very dull, even with 3delight.

Thanks, I appreciate the compliment! I rely a lot on mesh lighting and using invisible walls to block out unwanted light and reflections, for instance, on Robot Dreams, I set up the scene and rendered it out only to find that her metallic skin was getting all kinds of weird reflections from the open wall area, in other words, the darkness outside was creating dark reflections that would not be there! I put in a bunch of small wall panels off camera and colored them to get the reflections that I wanted. On some of what I feel are my better ones I probably average at least 3 renders to get the ones I share! My post work skills are still limited so I spend a lot of time figuring out how to get what I want in DAZ. The key to Iray is it wants light, the more the better, so if you want to do a scene with less light you have to figure how to put light just where you want on your character with out projecting it onto your background.

:hug:Thank you for the very instructive informations about lighting an iray scene, I never thought about using an invisible wall to block out the reflective lighting, I'm going to test it on Iray and the basicopengl I'm working on.

I agree with you with the skin, even, for example last time my 3delight turned a mess due to bad skin render, and to postwork on photoshop those kind of bad skin is worst even with basicopengl render, so I was in the obligation to use a blank to the base color, it works, and now skin are much more "2d" looking than before.

Postwork with photoshop is a long story, but, with smart tutorials on youtube you can improve all of the skill, but, for a good postwork the best are render up to 3000px, with iray it's a very long process, for example all of my basicopengl render are 7000px X 3000px.

Thank you so much for adding my artwork to your collection.

Fujiko Scorpion 02

:hug:You're welcome FreeReef-sama.

I deleted that picture, so I answer here:

The regime in the USSR was no worse than in Western countries.

Communism was not there, communism is a social system, the basis of production relations to which is public ownership of the means of production, with which there is no division into classes, the opposition between town and country, between mental and physical labor has been eliminated and distribution is carried out according to needs.

The principle of communism: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.