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Oil, canvas...same sitter as Saint No. 33. She has irresistibly paintable features.

I guess this is basically a study, yet I worked it till a completion that kinda goes beyond what I would consider a true "study". What I was doing was playing with my fields of black. Trying to work into them without losing the heavier chiaroscuro effect, but getting rid of that student "This is shadow, let's just paint black and lose form" kinda trap. I wanted to keep the volume of the subject. You know what I mean.

I was also playing with brush work. Using a heavier impasto surface as the underpainting (mostly in the hair).

But, because I can't focus a camera, and both of the things that I was doing don't photograph well. This post becomes kinda stupid.

I don't care what anybody says... You can't photograph an oil painting and have it be anything more than a photograph. All of the depth, all of the texture, all of the "life"...GONE.
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Very good work.
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god dam every time I look back at your paintings i'm just in aw. like really dude, for one thing i effing suck with anything oil. i envy your ability to capture these things in traditional art so well. I love the subject.

lol eye is like fucking mind-blowing.
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wonderful work! Good info note as well.
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your a master - !!
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This is very, very good. Not just in the technical sense either. It's literally a wonderful painting. Unless it's been sold I might get to see it if the gallery lets me in to browse. I think possibly my favourite painting of yours.
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good work, but why picture is so shurpen& Is it an camera effect?
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It's the camera. Shot in low lighting to avoid glare off the varnish. There are no little colored dots on the painting. It looks like ...paint.
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very beautiful work!!!! It's a pity that camera gave some dots...
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Schon! Do you work from live models, or photographs?

Also I worship the Venture Bros.

( sorry, that just slipped out. )
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It is not the same palette but, I think it's the same effect we can find in some paintings of De la Tour. Or in some il Caravaggio's paintings...
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This is really good. When I was browsing the gallery I almost mistook it for a photograph of someone.
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Good work, all the hardship has payed of.
I am always puzzled and mistified by the play of light, what I had been working on lately.
It is so true what you say about photographing paintings. I totaly agree.
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You have a great sense of lighting and composition. The blend of the skin tones is done beautifully. I am going to asume you are a fan of Carvagio. Im not sure if I spelled his name right. Spelling is not my stronge point, thank gods for spell check.
You work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with the world
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she looks like that girl from LOST, you know ... the one that got a bullet in her head. love the Rembrandt-mood in the colours and all ...
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I love your paintings Doc. You are the most amazing portrait painter! they are gorgeous.

I loved your description of your nose too, you have an intriguing look about you.

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I tip my hat to ye. That is one impressive painting, *wishes he could paint like that*

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I'm speechless...
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gorgeous painting.. wonderful job capturing the gesture of the model that is uniquely theirs.
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