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The Nose that Knows

That's the picture I used on the back of my brochure from my Oct. gallery show.

I like to think of my nose as a keel. As my face moves through space, it is my nose that steadies it. Were it not for my nose, my face would upend.
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It's how they used to choose leaders in Rome, based on the strength of the nose
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I JUST ADDED YOU CUZ OF THAT NOSE....i might be the only one but..i have a quite appetite for fine noses like yours <3
limabeen's avatar
a beautiful nose, indeed
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Finally! A nose that is ALMOST as big as mine. Although mine is crooked (and skewed, too), so I still best ya! :dummy:

P.S. You have +1 watcher. :love:
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Sexy and with skills that remind me of DaVinci. No more wondering who was standing first in line ;)
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you're such a gorgeous man doc...
I love the lighting of this picture...i love how there's a bit of shadow upon the painting..almost like a reflection.. :) very nice
RufflesnStripes's avatar
You are quite beautiful.......great shot!!
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I'm a fan of noses. No one likes an upended face.

Well, that's probably not true, but I'm sure it doesn't bear thinking about...
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I wish I had half of your talent instead of all your crazy. Do you have any idea how exhausting is it being you?
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Once I started reading the comments Morrissey's "Will Never Marry" started playing in my mind. To the point where I just finally put it on.
Something in the lyrics remind me of you. Yes, yes you are Gorgeous. I should just break down entirely and be the sycophant I apparently am.
Nothing to be gained necessarily. Not seeking to gain either.... I don't know what it is. I actually wrote this morning that I believed you don't like to smile only to moments later read it here. Well, one thing we have in common is that we both have a perfect Nose. Mine with more femininity than yours.
Mostly German as well. I also have uneven Breast... very pale and light pink colour in the nipples. Just in case you wanted to knows.
"For whether you stay. Or you stray. An inbuilt guilt catches up with you ..."- Will Never Marry
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gorgeous painter of gorgeous paintings
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My god, Doc, you have beautiful bone structure! I love your nose.
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Terrific pose there Damon Ocean.
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maybe 100 people have already said that but i like how the painting looks a little bit like your mirror image. like a symbold what art is about. :) don't know if that was inteded.
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doc hammer i challenge you to a nose duel you name the venue i shall show you the meaning of a massive nose
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interesting, like what youv done here btw, oh andc your paintings are amazing
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I'm pretty sure your nose is my nose's doppleganger. Well...maybe if mine went on a diet for a while...
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I realy like your art. Its different from what I do. I cant work with oils. If I could i know that my cat would get into it.
Oh and your nose is wondeful people liked Ringo... I dont meen that in a bad way. Plus it can come in handy for somethings.
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i love how the painting of the woman is a reflection of your inner woman<3
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Always so forlorn looking Mr. Hammer, can't you everyone wants you to be happy?
TheInvisibleFriend's avatar
I respect and adore your artwork so much...
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