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The Astro Base can get filthy.

My other desk... The two easels behind the desk I posted before.

Things to be disgusted/amused by:
1. Free standing ashtray. That is smoking-related furniture people. And that is what I call "dedication".
2. The fact that I only use the ashtray some of the time. Look at the floor.
3. Yes, that is a Krazy Glue package down there.
4. 1967 Les Paul Custom.
5. The gray disk being cut off at the top of the screen is a pop-filter for a microphone. Probably still set up from a last minute Venture Bros. dialogue read.
6. There is an awl jammed into the left easel to stop it from swaying.
7. My favorite: the the ashtray from my other desktop picture is now broken on the floor. look between the free-standing-ashtray and the stool for one half of it.

It's not unlike reading a Highlights magazine in so much waiting room. What can you find?
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Main is like that you are very talented artist, just please stop smoking !!
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i love this mess...its so freakin familiar when i m painting lol
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Do you stretch your own canvases or are they hardboard with back supports?
It is great to see a skilled traditional painter these days.
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yay! finally somebody with a dirtier studio than mine
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My family and myself respect people who have passion and dedication towards smoking.
No Joke! My uncles coffee table ,big box of machine made ciggys. Offered out like so much Hard Candy to whoever wanders through.
Smoking is encouraged and nonsmokers are made to go outside at times if they complain. I usually get him ashtrays for x-mas.
I'm sure with your success and millions of celebrity friends you now have it doesn't look this way anymore (sadly).
I would clean ASTRO Base! anytime so long as I'm allowed to listen to as much Morrissey as I need at that given time.
Or Alison Moyet, solo.
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im a big fan of your show,
and your work is so far the best ive seen before
and i hope to see you soon on season 5 this fall .
go team venture!!!!
That stool looks awfully uncomfortable. Doesn't it hurt your bum? Or is the pain relevant to art? Some artists are masochists like that, though, I'd be a bit surprised if you were one. Wouldn't be surprised if the Monarch was one, though.
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I don't sit on it that much. I paint standing up for the most part. That stool ends up being a makeshift table.
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Oh bah, I was hoping for a more specific answer to my question of who is responsible for the Bowie refs in the show. To be less vague, the "tin machine a little too late" line when sovereign was approached on his couch. I've just got to know__
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I wrote that episode... So you can blame, or thank me for that Tin Machine joke.
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Oh my curiosities have settled. I'd prefer to thank you cos I got some laughter out of it.
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cigarettes, krazy glue, guitars and scripts for late-night cartoons.

you're living the dream...
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its always interesting to see someones work space....
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seeing your work, and knowing you probably do it recreationally makes me want to throw in the towel with my work, which is pretty much trash in contrast.

oh well.

i think my trash is all i've got.
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Oh no, I don't do this recreationally. Yes, I also write, make music, and other stuff... But painting is not a hobby. I have dedicated many years of very intense study and thought into painting. It is absolutely central to my being. ya gotta trust me, I don't just "Toss these things off to relax." Painting is anything but relaxing to me. I care way too much about it for it to be a pleasant experience. It's gut wrenching...
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I'm extremely relieved to know that.
Because your work - it's excellent - like master level excellent (from what I have seen).

I had two friends in art school, both of which were amazing painters. One left painting to pursue film and ended up as a tv camera man. The second ended up teaching yoga in korea.

I always felt a bit let down that they left painting behind. They were awesomely good. I guess people find their own way into this or out of that. But for me, I just always held my stuff as the best of what I can do - and have felt kinda low about myself when I'm doing anything else creative (design/knitting/etc.).
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^_^ Guitar. BEAUTIFUL guitar. My guitar? Not so much. Majorly jealous.
So what kind of cigarettes sometimes make it into this ashtray...?
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Good Afternoon Doc. I was wondering if we'd get to see more of your fabulous paintings in the future soon.
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Ading Women? Agility of Ma? What do those posters say? That tool box looks like it's been there for ages, and lastly, what is that violet collar, belt, strap thing?

I feel like I'm violating you, it feels creepy, but kind of right.
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That says "The Fragility of Man", and it's from a huge poster I created that has How-To instructions for sewing a pocket onto your abdomen. The other one says "Trading Women", it was a poster I made for the documentary of the same name. The toolbox is a paint box. It's beyond filthy, mainly with it's contents all smeared on its exterior. And the blue strap is what the US postal service uses to lash things together. I have a friend that's a postman... He never rings twice, by the way. Anything else?
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Did you meet him before or after he was a postman? Joking, but really, thanks for answering my odd questions.
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Are those two fluorescent light bulbs in the corner on the right?
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